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Maybe you know my airplane wonder bag. If not, be sure to check them out. My daughters get this special goodie bag on plane trips. So children are well occupied and that WITHOUT multimedia. Last year we drove with the car to our summer vacation in southern france. This meant a total of four days of long car trips. There it needs of course more in occupation. This year we’re going to croatia, the drive time is similar.

Why without multimedia?

An excerpt from my contribution to the airplane wonder bag:

For me, a trip includes the arrival and departure and not just the actual stay. My children should see where the journey goes, where we pass and so they learn something besides. It is not always easy to keep them happy. Boredom comes at some point or quarrel between siblings. Most of the time, you unpack your classics, which vary from family to family.

Each family should decide for themselves how they travel. What fits for us, does not have to fit for others. But maybe I can inspire one or the other of you.

Children car travel box activity car ride LCD writing board

What must be in the car travel box?

What should be in it depends on how old your kids are and what they like to do. However, it is important that the content offers variety and appeals to different senses/abilities. So it remains interesting over a longer period of time. A puzzle pad, a pencil and a lollipop will not keep a child busy for seven hours&

Make sure you put something creative, something to think/tinker with, and something to "fiddle" with for your hands in the box. In addition I put special provisions.

Children car travel box activity car ride swing exercises

The blanket or. We’ve had the travel pillow in the picture with us for years, I wrote you something about it in the post "tops and flops for summer vacation with kids".

The box

As storage is suitable much. Last year I chose the silkone buckets, this year a classic cardboard box from ikea. The is still perfect for self-design, at least in my imagination, I will report& edit: my middle and small have painted them creatively on a rain morning& you can also put the things in a bag or a seat organizer (*). An organizer is practical for smaller children, who can not yet reach far. Generally I recommend a storage, so you can put the things neatly back and everything stays together. The boxes I now put back for the next vacation or the next longer trip.

The content

Depending on the child, the contents differ with us.

Last year:

Kids car travel box employment car ride bucket

    (*) choose a bright color, in it you can see the beach finds better& (*) for older children (MP3 player (*) was available) (*), also available in a 2-pack (*) (*) from 9 years old (*) from 8 years old

The rainbow ball was the cracker. The principle is simple, but it’s a lot of fun. For my little daughter I have made the tasks easier than for my older daughters. After the vacation, a ball should definitely end up in your handbag, it is the perfect boredom killer&

Sorry for the poor picture quality, have the bucket last year only shown in my instastories and now made a screenshot of it&

This year:

I recently bought the puzzle blocks for my older daughters at aldi. There were special pens for this. Other pens I still have in a pencil case with me.

Children car travel box occupation car trip

In front of the boxes are still a few things from the last years. This I had in front as a joker with me& the rainbow ball I have linked you above (banger!), the ball game can be found in the contribution to the airplane wonder bag, spinner and magic cube are known and the suction cup man is an oogi (*) (unfortunately not cheap, but funny for the car window and several can be folded together).

You can get more suggestions for the contents in the article about the airplane wonder bag.

The handover

There is no real handover. I put the boxes on the seats of my children the night before our trip. The moment of surprise is just nice when they get in the car&

Children car travel box employment car travel

I wish you and your children many pleasant and relaxing hours in the car. Feel free to leave me a comment if you like the idea or if I could inspire you&

Here again the products as image link (*):

(*)amazon partnerlink: if you order something through this link, i get a small commission. You support my work for this blog, nothing changes for you.

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