Tine – co: february 2010

to my girlfriend’s new sewing room – it has really become really beautiful.

Her dad made the spool holder and the ribbon holder from Sweden is also a great idea, isn’t it??

I’ve finally finished the book on the right, but I found it a bit strange.

Now I have an audio book "Opposites undress" read by Mirja Boes,
very funny! Just the right thing for my (still) work trip :)

Monday, February 22, 2010

goodbye winter

well we’ll see!

Boah, what did we stink!

After the big wash I sewed a pencil case today – that now travels in my pocket – and no one steals my coolies * yes *

Since other employees are sitting at my place, many things evaporate, and I no longer have a calculator, but today the stapler has at least reappeared!

* hihi * and because the days are numbered, I put in a pen from the new AG!

Sunday February 21, 2010

the winter "cast out"

we will still be tonight.
The spark is lit at 7:00 p.m., and the Little daughter asked me whether the snow would be gone tomorrow when we got up?
Well, it won’t be that fast;)

I haven’t sewed much in the last few days, only this U-book cover has finally been finished and I have re-sorted my fabric cupboard and my husband has installed another floor for me. Let’s see how long the order lasts.

Thursday February 18, 2010


how nice, we no longer have to shiver and pull our hats over our ears!

The little man has been ringing for days "I don’t want to see snow anymore!"
"When do we go swimming??"

Then it’s time to think about planning your summer vacation, very difficult. where should it go – I think from north to south and again in circles.
I will postpone Denmark or Sweden / Norway again, Mr. Fuchs is already raising his eyebrows when I talk about 10 days. even if I was very enthusiastic about Ann’s pictures!

My loved ones want to go back to where we were last year. They have already forgotten the rain.

Where are you headed??
You book now, drive indiv >(after all, it’s her job;)) because of the fixed price for children and such.

And when I looked out of the kitchen window today, I quickly picked up the cloth: O

Tuesday February 16, 2010

quite spontaneously

the little daughter gave a small carnival party today.

with the Americans from Ms. Balancing and
a little handcrafted decoration.

Vampires, flower girls, geishas and a witch were guests.

We have animals guessing, balloon dance, hot lava, commando Pimperle, I pack my suitcase, stop dance, which animal should I be. played.

For such game >

Sunday February 14, 2010

it’s nice.

. when you come home after 2 days and so many new entries with you read can!
. you can pick up a package from your neighbors, tell Mr. Fuchs that you didn’t order anything and it was after all for me!
Thank you dear possum, how nice!!
. that we were bargain-hunting on Saturday, and I’m now ready to start jogging (I’m happy to take tips!)
. that I have new readers :)

was not that nice
. my cold, which is now gsd on.
. that I forgot my photo for the 12of12!
. and the most unpleasant thing was that yesterday afternoon a young driver had given me the right of way and * humming * – he was doing it to me then >

Thursday February 11, 2010


there is still enough, the little man said today:

"Mom, I don’t want to see snow anymore!"
Oh, I still! Better than brown slush!

That’s why we reached into the purple paint pot!

A birthday present for my dear (still) colleague, a big Ratz-Fatz, inside also with oilcloth. I don’t do it anymore, the turning was a fight!

I have not yet figured out how to get the stitches nicely sewn on, outside or directly at the seam. Or just like here directly on the embroidered edge?
How do you do this? I just have to be more beautiful, more even sew!
Caro has already given me tips today, I will try this BSN film and hope that it will withstand the little man!

Tomorrow then 12 of 12 in February!

Wednesday February 10, 2010

what to laugh about.

at first I didn’t have the sleigh ride with the ones – phew! If you were to lose weight with adrenaline rushes, I would be 5 kg lighter now! Maybe they whizzed down there.
they know nothing * laughs * I stood at the tree as a living shield!

but here’s something to laugh about, Mr. Fuchs is leaving tomorrow as a panda – so my cut-out bags still have to wait.

Monday February 8, 2010

very curious

I am on what will come!

And today was my trial day – it was great, I still have to internalize a lot!
Of course, I typed something wrong into the till and threw woolen balls around me. But everything wasn’t that bad;)

Wednesday morning continues * happy *.

Sunday February 7, 2010

Sewing day with Mrs. Possum

whether I could infect her?

Since she has a master quilter for her mother-in-law, none of this should be a problem.
After the sick situation is going so far today in calm, recovering ways, it was time for the girls to sew a little Ratz-Fatz and Ms. Possum sewed a make-up bag.

got great! (only the photo is not a hit, the fabric has no stripes!)

Unfortunately she didn’t see any of our town this year either, only she knows another doctor here with us;)
Let us continue to hope that there will be a meeting without anyone being sick! Not like the last 3 years. but probably nobody believes us anyway;)

Thursday February 4, 2010

I know.

many can no longer see the snow! But it is also common to have to bend around on smooth roads.
I still think it’s beautiful, but today it was wonderfully beautiful here. And everyone has reached for the beautiful, almost warm rays of the sun! There was no shivering today, but the white splendor is dripping away and the mud is safe for us. and I don’t like that at all!

Tuesday February 2nd, 2010

there is something to celebrate!

I have one or almost 2 new jobs *
One is in an office here in the town, which means I save the annoying journey time of over 1 hour per working day! And it is no longer in the evening but in the morning and I will be back home in good time before the end of school and school.
For the first time in my working life I am in the office in 5 minutes!

And the other one is, so to speak, a wish of the heart – I can help out from time to time in the pretty shop (where my bags can also be bought).
The next Monday I go for a trial session and then we’ll see.

Oh, I’m happy, I just have to quit my old job today and that’s a bit hard, but only because of my colleagues – it’s my training company and everything is so familiar, nice working atmosphere, always something to laugh about and also the agreement, who always worked which days when, really always fit.

But you have to try something new, too?


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