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The UKE offers a wide variety of apprenticeships that are tailored to your needs. With us you will find the perspective that corresponds exactly to your career planning.

We offer a variety of training courses in healthcare professions. The focus is on linking theory and practice.

The well-being of patients is important to you and you would like to actively contribute to a pleasant stay with us? Here you will find our offers in the area of ​​care.

You are interested in medical craft? Then let yourself be inspired by our range of medical professions.

Are you enthusiastic about the natural sciences? We also offer you opportunities here.

Are you interested in the logistics or IT infrastructure of our university hospital? Then our technical and manual training professions offer you a perspective.

Are you an organizational talent and think service-oriented? Then take a look at our commercial apprenticeships.

You would like to get to know us personally?

Talent! Campus 2019

That is care – #genuine care meets talent! Campus

Do an apprenticeship – or would you rather study? Or both? A look at everyday life can help you make the right decision.

The UKE invites all interested students & Students from grade 8 onwards discover the Talent! Campus UKE on September 10, 2019. The students receive in more than 20 different workshops & Students have the opportunity to get to know the UKE and to test their skills and inclinations in practice. You will learn how many different training courses and courses a hospital has to offer and what you can expect from us during your training or studies.

Under the motto "This is care: Really cared for meets talent! Campus", the focus of the upcoming Talent! Campus will be on care and care-related areas lie. Hardly any other professional field is as diverse as nursing. Here the young people have the opportunity to get to know the many different specialist areas of nursing. Whether it is outpatient care for the elderly or the care of children and adolescents – through practical relevance at eye level, we guarantee a first glimpse into the exciting and diverse job profile of care.

Events on training and study opportunities

The UKE is on various Trade fairs and events represented throughout Germany. If you are looking for suggestions and information around that theme "Career orientation at the UKE" you are sure to find an event near you here. We look forward to personal contact with you – just drop by!


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