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Volunteers in Australia & Oceania can get to know the completely different wildlife in Down Under while they support a project in the outback, or relax on volunteer work on the wonderful South Sea beaches of Oceania. There are many social projects, but also initiatives in other areas, such as education, Nature and animal protection. In addition, local volunteers have the chance to improve their language skills, because English is not only the official language in Australia and New Zealand, but also on the Pacific Islands. There is also a large selection for leisure activities, for example discovering the impressive landscape, because whether beach, outback or green expanses, there is something for everyone here.

Volunteer projects in

5 good reasons to volunteer in Australia & Oceania

  • improve English
  • Project diversity – nature conservation, wildlife, social projects, teaching
  • Get to know a completely different animal world
  • Support island developing countries in the Pacific
  • Visit impressive world heritage sites

Diverse selection of volunteer projects

Volunteering in Australia and Oceania is made easier by a large selection of projects in a wide variety of areas: teaching English on the islands of the Pacific, such as Fiji or Samoa, engaging in an animal welfare project, supporting nursing staff in social projects , etc. Volunteers are also sought in Australia and New Zealand to support projects in social areas, often in large cities such as Auckland, Sydney or Melbourne.

English language practice gathering while volunteering

Volunteering in Australia offers the opportunity to develop language skills, because volunteers communicate with the organization, colleagues and locals in the respective national language or English. Since English is the official language in New Zealand and Australia, as well as on the islands of the Pacific, volunteers have the opportunity to use their language skills during the project and during communication with the Expand locals.

Marsupials of Australia – animals that do not exist anywhere else

A special highlight of Australia is the very different animal world, because down under live mainly marsupials, such as kangaroos, koalas or wombats, which we only see in Europe if at all. Many volunteers are therefore taking their chance and are doing a wildlife project on the fifth continent in order to be closer to the special animals.

Another continent, different climate

For those who want to escape the European winter (or maybe the rainy summer?) Volunteering in Australia and Oceania can be a big plus, because the geographic location lets the sun shine almost all year round. If you want to spend Christmas under palm trees on the beach, you can do this here and leave the Nordmann fir at home, because the summer months go from November to April. So it means – adorn the palm tree.

Support the Pacific Islands as a volunteer

Projects in the Pacific islands, for example on Samoa or the Cook Islands, offer volunteers the opportunity small To support island developing countries with volunteering. Among other things, the rise in sea level as a result of global warming and the isolated location make these small countries particularly hard to fight. A good reason not to feel guilty about volunteering under palm trees in Oceania.


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