Watch out! New childcare info portal launched

Braunschweig. The city of Braunschweig is launching the information portal and the campaign this week "ATTENTION!" for day care in Braunschweig. The aim is to inform mothers, fathers, expectant parents and families in a well-structured manner about the high variety and quality of the offers for childcare until school starts. This is reported by the city of Braunschweig.

Fast access to contacts

Head of Social Affairs Dr. Christine Arbogast says: "With a fresh and modern look, we answer all of these and many more questions on the new web portal ‘Pay attention!’. It offers a compact overview of all care fields and quick access to contact persons and contact details. It was particularly important to us during the creation to highlight the special offers and the high quality of the daycare centers in Braunschweig." In the future, the administration will also use the portal to inform about news and changes such as the expansion of daycare centers, qualification courses for day care workers and much more.

A colorful banner with child-friendly graphics such as white clouds and a stylized jumping jack welcomes visitors to the portal. The cheerful jumping jack can be seen in a colorful advertising campaign and on posters in the city and draws everyone’s attention to the new website. The campaign and design were developed with the support of Braunschweig Stadtmarketing GmbH.

The daycare finder, which was launched in the summer, is also integrated into the portal. It gives an overview of the 140 daycare centers – from the small parent-child initiative, through the offer of independent providers to childcare in an urban daycare center. The parents could the fitting Select a daycare center and register your child online.

Quality and variety

Together with the independent providers of daycare centers, the numerous childminders and childminders and the city, there is a total range of over 9,000 childcare places available for children until school starts. There are more than 4,000 places available for school childcare. Quality and diversity are the core features of the childcare options in the city of Braunschweig. All offers help the children to develop and develop in the best possible way outside the family.

The city Braunschweig has been investing in the quality of daycare for many years. The structure of the information portal and the media campaign are part of the Council decision on quality development in daycare centers.

The city of Braunschweig will provide around five million euros in 2020 for special measures for quality development. "This is an important investment in the educational work and future of the children", emphasizes Dr. Arbogast. "Braunschweig is a child and family friendly city. So it is only logical that all daycare centers are seen as places of education. As places where each child is supported individually and according to their needs. We would like to inform the parents about this." The portal shows which programs are supported by the city of Braunschweig.

The expansion of family centers remains a priority

One focus is and remains the expansion of family centers, which the city supports with around 720,000 euros a year. In addition to childcare, the family centers would offer additional counseling and education for all families in the district. This is now being implemented at 17 locations in the city. The portal shows where the family centers are and which concepts they work with. A film made on site provides information about this. This gives parents a good insight into the everyday life of family centers.

Another important component of quality development in daycare centers is language education. In addition to the federal and state governments, the city is involved in the financing. The portal explains to parents how language education and language support are implemented in the 32 language daycare centers and daycare centers. The city also supports the daycare centers in the procurement of necessary materials and equipment so that the children receive as many suggestions as possible for speaking.

As a new building block for quality development, the so-called honey pot was added last year to promote smaller projects in all daycare centers. It was introduced on the initiative of the City Parents Council as part of the catalog of measures for quality development. Every year he gives the daycare centers and parents the opportunity to put their own ideas and projects on quality into practice in the daycare center. A total of around EUR 100,000 is available for this each year, which is divided into EUR 200 per day care center group and day care center year.

Specialists are to be won over

The city has made available a good 1.2 million euros for the deployment of additional staff in daycare centers with special needs. "The existing offers and programs cannot be implemented without a well-qualified and sufficiently large number of specialists", says Barbara Reinmüller, department head of the 33 municipal daycare centers. She is pleased that the daycare centers and above all the children and families benefit from the city’s additional programs and projects. The new web portal for the recruitment of skilled workers should be expanded further next year, so that future interested specialists can also get good information about the work in childcare in Braunschweig.

Further links can also be found on the new portal, for example to the central family service office (FamS) for day care for children. Over 250 day carers offer families a family-oriented childcare offer. In order to maintain the attractiveness and offers of day care for children, an adjustment of the performance fee for child minders and child minders was decided in 2018. 4.80 euros are currently paid for each hour of care provided, with a particularly high amount of care, a surcharge is granted. To ensure that sufficient day care staff are available in the future, regular qualification courses are held at the family and German home Redden Cross offered.


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