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A family wants to be on the water. Here is the collected information about potential yachts.


US Only: Norsea 27

And yet they do exist: very neat-looking little yachts. The Americans call it "Pocket cruiser", because despite their small size they are seaworthy and also offer plenty of living space below deck. And the norsea even has an aft cabin with two bunks. So children’s or guest rooms. But le >

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The beautiful one: Vindö 32

Hm. This ship is just too beautiful not to take it into account: the Danish Vindö 32. Incidentally, 8.90m long, but 32sqm sail area.
Also long keel, hull made of GRP, all superstructures made of wood.

Positive: beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Very stable. Very good quality. Very calm sailor. And beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.
Negative: price 25-30K, wood construction must be maintained, no dog bunk.

Conclusion: I would like to watch live at least once. :-)

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Offer: Fellowship 28 from private

Fellowship 28 from 1976
VB 22,900

Positive: Apparently good condition, some new sails, 2004 underwater ship renewed, Winter bok incl.

Negative: condition still unclear, price at the upper limit, "just" the original 10PS Faryman Diesel, unclear equipment (self steering system?, windlass / anchor ?, spinnaker device ?, cockpit tent?), display older

Conclusion: self-construction with U-seat. Nothing for us, we’re looking for a dinette.

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Fellowship 28 original catalog part 1

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Fellowship 28 original catalog part 2

The original catalog of the shipyard De-Kloet from the late seventies.

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Three candles >

LM 27
Motor glider from Denmark, built 1973 – 1948, approx.1,500 pieces

Pros: plenty of space outside and inside, good protection in bad weather, deep cockpit and companionway suitable for children, inside steering position, additional space thanks to large cockpit tent, little draft (less than 1m), very solidly built, large range of ships, good-natured, hardly any heel when sailing , Cockpit and salon look like a coherent space

Cons: price on budget, only a sleeping cabin with tight bunks in the bow, with 4 adults you also have to sleep in the salon, poor sailing properties

Unsure: How good / bad is she really sailing? What is the feeling of sailing out of the cockpit? How do you like Bettina?

Midget 26
Sailing yacht based on the Danish pointed gate, approx. 1983 until today

Pros: real sailing ship, sea-going, cute look, deep cockpit, high construction quality, long keel, good-natured, gentle, large class association, very popular ship, great interior layout with two separate sleeping cabins + salon !, very stable, sleeping cabin also great nursery

Cons: Peris on budget, a little more draft (1.25m), steep decline, thereby "normal" Separation between cockpit and interior, wanted ship, less offer on the market

Unsure: the salon is too dark?

Fellowship 28
Sailing yacht with a moderate long keel, approx. 1980 to 2004

Pros: low purchase price, good sailing properties, yet gentle and good-natured, manoeuvrable and manageable, excellent division with dinette and sufficient bow cabin, dog bunk super suitable as cot and playroom, draft only 1.10m, known sailing characteristics, from the dinette and the pantry you can look out

Cons: quality somewhat poorer, narrower ship with a larger heel, with 4 adults you have to sleep in the salon (dinette becomes a double bed), good ships difficult to find

Unsure: Heel under sail too big?

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