When is the best time to buy children’s shoes?

The right time for new children’s shoes? Weather, season, offers and selection are decisive.

Season and weather

Probably the decisive criterion for the appropriate one The search for shoes is of course the weather for the respective season. Those who cannot buy or reuse the children’s shoes "in stock" – almost all parents of toddlers up to 6 years – look and feel when the season changes. It is not always clear whether winter is actually over or exactly when it is time for the autumn boots.

Many parents hear and read about the question of when to buy shoes:

"I buy children’s shoes when it gets colder (or warmer)".

This is not particularly surprising, because it actually only shows that there is no more precise rule of thumb here than your own feeling for the weather. However, since the search for a shoe can usually take 1-2 weeks until you find the time and energy to search for a shoe and decide on a pair or two of good new shoes, it is advantageous to get through as soon as possible and do the search – maybe at the same time other items of clothing such as transition fleece, short and long-sleeved T-shirts or a new winter jacket – to tackle.

Offers and bargains

Often, the advertising posters and magazine advertisements are already set for spring in January or February. In fact, however, many parents are already playing with the idea that it can happen at any time and spring is coming soon.
If you browse here in time (e.g. in the well-known online shops) you will often find something suitable. In the case of online shops in particular, however, there is permanent advertising with sales. This is because offers still attract most parents permanently and the online shops therefore always offer something in the sale. Most offers can be found after the seasons, you can read more about that below.

So you can find the right time to buy shoes

With a little internet know-how, you can find out and buy something a little smarter. Because not only shoe stores and online shops know exactly when most parents want to get information and buy. Google reveals the current search trends and makes it clear when most parents feel the beginning of spring or the winter season.

When do most parents buy children’s shoes?

The overview shows when the most frequent search for the word “children’s shoes” is on the Internet.

Conclusion: Especially the March (perceived beginning of spring) and the September (Feels the beginning of autumn) for most parents most important When to look for new children’s shoes.

When do parents look for children’s shoes for spring, summer, autumn and winter?

Depending on how the season is, there are roughly the following times when parents (and of course grandparents and godparents) look for children’s shoes for certain seasons on the Internet. Not without reason, because often there is here the best selection, since the sales season of the online shops and on-site shoe stores is based on the weather and the advertising is in full swing.

Conclusion: If you want a lot of choice, you should look around for new children’s shoes at these times. Anyone looking for specific offers is more likely to buy something afterwards, because here the remaining models are sorted out.

What children’s shoes? When are most looking for? How long is the search?
spring Shoes at the beginning of March end of June
summer shoes early May end of June
autumn shoes end of August end of October
winter shoes the beginning of October At the end of November, also in December

Getting started

Those who are prepared for the rush of children’s shoes can usually plan their daily routine a little more easily, which is probably the main problem when looking for children’s shoes in addition to financial ones. If it is precisely these months when the shoe supply is at its highest, you can be a little better prepared to invest the time now and to align the daily parenting routine and children’s program with it.
Even the smallest can be prepared and inspired for good children’s shoes, e.g. by looking at the colors and models available here.

Are you looking for shoes right now??

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