When should children start wearing jewelry?

At a certain age, many parents wonder when their children should start wearing jewelry. Earrings are a big topic for many, because extra ear holes have to be pierced for this. But necklaces are also often discussed and are not entirely harmless, especially for small children. Most children get a necklace for their baptism, which is a very nice tradition. Nevertheless, many parents are not sure whether babies or toddlers should wear them at a young age. After all, a necklace can be quite dangerous because of the risk of strangulation.

Since children at a young age cannot yet correctly assess dangers, the risk when playing and romping on trees and / or climbing frames is high. Even if many parents think that they have their little ones in view around the clock – this is not possible. Children are very erratic and inexperienced, which means that dangers can lurk everywhere.

There is an option for parents who, despite everything, do not want to do without jewelry for their children. Many jewelry manufacturers started making chains from a material that breaks quickly a long time ago. In this way, there is no risk of strangulation, since the chain will detach itself from the neck if you pull harder.

It makes most sense, however, if you simply take off the children’s necklace while playing and romping around, because you never know what could happen.

Jewelry is something special for children, which is why it is not necessary to do without it entirely. When buying the necklace, however, you should pay attention to the length and material of the necklace and adjust both to the age of your child. In addition, it is recommended to remove the necklace from your child while playing and romping.

When it comes to jewelry for children, there is a wonderful and large selection for both girls and boys. Necklaces for kids are also a great gift. Jewelry lasts a long time and can become a souvenir of childhood, which is why it would be a shame to avoid it altogether.

W ar children’s jewelry in the past rather simple and simple and should bring luck, it can no longer today colorful to be enough. Whether it’s platinum, silver and gold small Usually it doesn’t matter: the main thing is that it glitters, sparkles and, in the best case, is also pink. Chains have to be pretty, trendy and happy to be homemade. For this, beads can be drawn on cords, decorated with colorful pendants, feathers incorporated or lettering processed.

Necklaces with lettering such as “Love”, “Pink” or “Girl”, which are best covered with pink rhinestones, are currently the latest craze in girls and are particularly popular with kids aged 6 to 12. Pendants are particularly popular in the shape of a star or heart, but flowers or animal motifs are also trendy. If you want to give your child a special treat, give them a simple chain and let them choose a pendant and pull it on the chain. Your child will especially like to wear this necklace because it was made by them themselves and is proud of it.

Watch out for a chain for your child especially on skin-friendly materials and do not use cheap materials such as nickel. Many children are allergic to it and there is a rash and itching.

If your child likes to wear chains, you should make sure that the material breaks quickly so that it does not accidentally strangle when playing. When doing other activities, make sure that nothing happens to your child and consider the jewelry (such as a christening chain) as a nice souvenir.


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