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What are children’s fears? How do you deal with these fears? The only way to find answers to these questions is to listen to the children. Although many parents and educators know that children have different fears, they do not know these fears as well as they do. They therefore do not attach the necessary importance to the topic. However, if you do not deal with the topic (especially in young children), you endanger the mental health of the children. Remember that!

It is natural for children to be afraid. However, it should be borne in mind that the constant and intense feeling of these fears damages development. It is therefore very important to identify the causes of these fears as quickly as possible and to take the necessary precautions.

Research on this topic showed that the vast majority of children are not afraid of real threats (earthquakes, floods, fires, etc.) (with the exception of trauma), but of extraordinary beings (monsters, ghosts, etc.). Experts attribute the main reason for such fears to the children’s developed imagination and point out that the situation is normal. However, there are children who are strongly influenced by these fears and who have the problem of not being able to be between the real world and the To differentiate dream world. It is an important task for families and educators to help children overcome their fears, to become aware of this danger and to take the necessary measures if necessary.

Factors affecting fear:

Many studies have shown that the child’s temperament and feeling of freedom effectively overcome their fears. Therefore, it is necessary to take these two factors into account when questioning children’s fears and helping them deal with them. We can briefly explain these factors:

The child’s temperament is very important: The child’s temperament plays a big role in coping with their own fears. According to a 1973 study by Mary Ainsworth, three different types of temperament can be observed in children. According to these temperament types, children are called "difficult children", "light children" and "slow children in harmony". If your child is in the category that we call a difficult child, they may find it difficult to deal with their fears and may need expert help. If your child falls into the category that we "easy child acak" name, it will be able to deal with its own fears better and achieve a positive result in a short time.

A feeling of freedom is necessary: The feeling of freedom is as important to us as it is to our children. Children learn the world at an early age based on their own experiences. The more freedom we give them at this age (freedom that is free from danger), the more possibilities we will discover. These discoveries give them different information about the world and with their help they get realistic information about what is right and what is wrong. In this way, they can see that the horror elements they have constructed in their head are not real and are able to distinguish between the real world and the dream world.

What should you do?

Try to understand his fears and show that you are with him.

Try to find the causes of his fears and if your child’s fears are a lot of People appear (darkness, size, being alone), tell them that they are normal and make them feel that he can overcome them.

Read books about other people’s fears and feelings of your children.

Help him overcome his fears and help him overcome these fears with creative and entertaining activities.

Some of your children’s fears may be television-based. Therefore, pay attention to their programs and their duration.

What to doYou made?

Don’t expect fears to go away very quickly. This process can take a long time, however the result is important to you. It is not the fears that disappear in a short time, but the fears that are completely lost.

Never be ashamed of your children for their fears. In such a situation, children feel guilty and cannot overcome their fears.

Do not force your children to overcome their fears.

Children don’t make you feel like you love them more when they overcome their fears.


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