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Through targeted care and prevention, teeth can be kept healthy into old age. Good and regular prophylaxis is always part of dental care. This helps to prevent diseases such as caries and periodontitis. However, you cannot remove all stubborn deposits and plaque with normal daily dental cleaning. Even hard-to-reach areas can be neglected in dental care. These problems are removed by your dentist in Leipzig as part of dental prophylaxis using professional dental cleaning (PZR). This not only helps with prophylaxis, but also improves the appearance of your teeth. In general, PZR is suitable for everyone. Because the better you care for your teeth, the longer they stay healthy. It is recommended to carry out a professional tooth cleaning two to three times a year. Exceptions are patients who have problems with their gums, whose teeth are very susceptible to tooth decay or who tend to form tartar quickly. Professional tooth cleaning should be used more often. Already from the age of 6 dental care programs are offered by the health insurance companies, so-called individual prophylaxis measures. These include services such as professional tooth cleaning and fluoridation.

What exactly is professional dental cleaning?

Professional dental cleaning is carried out in our practice by specially trained personnel. If the patient decides in advance to make an appointment for a professional dental cleaning, we ask you to mention this when making the appointment. Depending on the extent, professional dental cleaning takes between 30 and 40 minutes. This time should be carefully planned. And this is how the PZR works: In order to make the treatment as pleasant as possible, a surface anaesthetic (Xylonor) is first applied to the mucous membrane. Then the professional tooth cleaning begins with an ultrasound device, which removes the hard plaque. Then our specialist cleans the interdental spaces with dental floss. Afterwards, the teeth are cleaned with a so-called airflow, which allows a gentle removal of tooth discolorations. The tooth surfaces are sealed with a polish and the teeth are fluoridated. Once the treatment is complete, no coffee or red wine should be drunk. This is because teeth have an increased affinity for discoloration after cleaning. In order to give our patients a lasting radiant smile, our dentist’s assistant gives additional tips on how the teeth can be better cared for.

What costs will I have to pay?

Between € 65.00 and € 85.00 are due for professional dental cleaning for statutory health insurance patients, whereby the AOK (AOK PLUS) has paid € 40 for professional dental cleaning since 1 July 2012.

Private patients have to reckon with approx. 100 € for a professional tooth cleaning depending on the effort and regularity of the treatment.

Your dental practice Leipzig

Would you like to care for your teeth optimally and protect them from caries? In our practice rooms, the patient and his individual care are always in the centre of attention, so that we can preserve the natural teeth and thus their external appearance and perfect use for as long as possible. Since we want to convince patients with our knowledge and a confidence-inspiring atmosphere, it is a matter of course for us to inform patients about the individual treatment steps and possibilities and to clarify any unresolved questions. Since it is important to us to make our dental services accessible to patients from all over Leipzig, we are now available to you in two dental practices. You will find us in Gohlis and Leipzig Plagwitz.

In addition to the services we provide regularly, such as splint treatment and implant treatment, there is a specialist for bleaching in our dental practice team. Since our motto is “everything from one source” and we are well aware of the importance of dental aesthetics, we are very proud of our dental laboratory, which is located in the practice. Nowadays this is rare. Our professional dental technicians make it possible for us to offer our patients the all-round package of dentistry. Thus, one of our specialties is the production of individual dentures, crowns and bridges. Our specialists also place implants. We can also offer our patients a further special service: Since we cooperate closely with a physiotherapist in our dental practice, it is possible to take simple and effective action against joint pain in the jaw.

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