Your competent ophthalmology practice in berlin-wilmersdorf

You will find our ophthalmological practices in Berlin-Schmargendorf near the Roseneck, one of the most beautiful corners of Berlin, where the districts of Zehlendorf, Wilmersdorf and Grunewald meet, and in Charlottenburg with a view over the roofs of the beautiful Kufürstendamm.

New rooms – modern equipment

We await you with a lot of heart, competence and state-of-the-art equipment in our new modern rooms. Among other things, our team of ophthalmologists uses OCT, HRT, Pentacam-, fundus-, Front Section Photography and the fluorescein for diagnostics. In our ophthalmologist practice in Berlin-Wilmersdorf we offer you reliable competence in all areas of general ophthalmology.

Ophthalmologist for children in Berlin – with a modern vision school

Even if you are after a competent ophthalmologist consultation for your children in Berlin, you are on the right place. In our vision school in Berlin-Wilmersdorf for children and strabismus patients you look after well-trained orthoptists. As an experienced pediatric ophthalmologist in Berlin, we particularly look after our smallest guests with great empathy.

Additional services

In each of us, the lens in the eye becomes cloudy in the course of life. Very long you can with a certain cloudiness you can still see very well, but with increasing cloudiness the vision always becomes worse.

This intervention is carried out in our ophthalmology practice on Elsterplatz. > read more

For several years, the administration of medication with a syringe has been established directly in the vitreous of the eye. > read more

In the assessment of the course of age-related macular degeneration and other macular diseases, this examination has become the gold standard. > read more

Images of the optic nerves are taken with the HRT (Heidelberg Retina Tomograph). These are compared to a database and an assessment is made of how far the findings deviate from the healthy general population. > read more

Sometimes it is necessary to accurately diagnose retinal changes by imaging the vessels with a fluorescent contrast agent. > read more

Vascular diseases reduce life expectancy and lead to drastic losses in quality of life. The comprehensive detection of vascular risks makes it possible to specifically prevent the occurrence of severe vascular disorders. > read more

All the measurement methods for intraocular pressure are based on the average corneal thickness. If the actual thickness of the cornea deviates significantly from the average, there would be errors in the measurement. > read more

For optimal adjustment of contact lenses as well as. Diagnosis for certain corneal diseases (e.g. keratoconus), it is necessary to measure the curvature of the cornea over the entire front and back surface. > read more

There are also parts of the retina that emit fluorescent light parts themselves. These can be recorded with a special autofluorescence camera. > read more

It is often necessary to photograph changes in the retina in order to better assess its course. > read more

It is often necessary to photograph changes to the lids, the cornea, the conjunctiva or the iris > read more

With us, the intraocular pressure can also be measured without contact using non-contact tonometry. > read more

In diabetics there are often changes in the vessels at the back of the eye. These are initially subtle and are only observed, but are important for the diabetologist to assess the course of the disease. > read more


Specializations – macula and glaucoma

Are you looking for an experienced specialist for macular degeneration in Berlin? Our ophthalmology practice has a special focus on Retinal and optic nerve diseases:

  • macular degeneration
  • and glaucoma(Green Star).

With our state-of-the-art devices, reliable diagnostics and targeted therapy is possible.

In our ophthalmology practice, we combine technical know-how and ophthalmological therapy based on current scientific knowledge with holistic approaches and an individual and personal doctor-patient relationship.

Minimize waiting times

That includes that Reduce waiting times to a minimum. In order for us to succeed, we ask you to make an appointment in good time. In an emergency, you can of course visit our ophthalmologist practice in Berlin-Wilmersdorf without an appointment.

Ophthalmologist with private consultation in Berlin-Wilmersdorf

For our private patients, we also offer a private consultation several times a week.

We look forward to your visit to our practice!

Your team of the ophthalmologist practice at Elsterplatz, Berlin-Wilmersdorf

Owner: Specialist for ophthalmology Dr. Jan Jerrentrup

Your advantages in our practice for ophthalmology:

  • many years of experience and high level of expertise
  • Vision school and ophthalmology especially for children
  • short waiting times
  • Private consultation several times a week.

Owner: Specialist for ophthalmology Dr. Jan Jerrentrup

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Rheinbabenallee 12, 14199 Berlin
Kurfürstendamm 33, 10719 Berlin


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