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… or also known as functional beds, are, as the name suggests, beds that are intended for teenagers or larger children who have just started school. The changed living conditions in the everyday life of the children / adolescents naturally also create new requirements for the selected sleeping quarters.

The top rated youth beds:

In order to avoid a wrong purchase, you should think early on which purchase criteria are important. We have therefore put together a few of the most important points for you:

Everyday usability

A mostly underestimated but very important point is the everyday suitability of the desired youth bed. Since there is usually little space available in the children’s and youth room, the youth bed is ideal as additional storage space for all kinds of things. For this purpose, many youth beds have additional storage space in the form of under-bed drawers or integrated shelves and storage space.

scope of delivery

Often, neither slatted frames nor mattresses are included in the scope of delivery for youth beds. Therefore, before buying, you should urgently check whether everything Needed with it. This may include the popular bedside table, which is usually not included in the scope of delivery.


In terms of safety, it should be ensured that the bed has rounded edges to avoid worse injuries in the event of a fall.


The processing of the youth bed should be clean throughout. The built-in material should not be of inferior quality in order to achieve an acceptable durability. In the case of youth beds, a distinction is made between solid wood, partially solid or MDF boards. Beds made of MDF boards often have a shorter lifespan, but this is not always the case. You should also carefully consider (and maybe even test in a furniture store) whether you prefer leather or fabric.


As always, the small price is not always the best choice. You should therefore take a close look what one expected from the youth bed and whether maybe a few euros more in accessories or better quality are worth their investment. You should also not save on the lying surface. After all, we humans spend a large part of our lives sleeping. Therefore, the bed should offer enough space to relax and not be less than the general size of 140 x 200.

What exactly is a youth bed ?

In principle, a youth bed is the next bed after a child’s bed. These beds are intended for the age group of approx. 7 – 16 years. Since the most popular size is a 90 × 200 cm youth bed, there is no difference in size compared to a normal bed for adults. The main difference here should be in the design, since larger children and adolescents naturally have a different taste than that of adults.

Often you will find the type of folding bed among the youth beds, because children’s rooms are usually not quite as big as the parents’ bedroom. On Youth bed size 90 × 200, which can then simply be folded into a cupboard has of course absolutely advantages.

How wide and how big a youth bed should be ?

In general, for economic reasons, you should consider whether you should buy a bed in the adult size 90 × 200 instead of an intermediate size such as 90 × 180. such an intermediate size actually only makes sense if there is not enough floor space.

The size of 140 × 200 is also best suited for a youth bed. The mattresses are a little more expensive, but young people (especially in smaller children’s rooms or youth rooms) usually spend some time in bed in the day. Starting with reading, chatting on a tablet or cell phone, to watching TV … all that young people do besides sleeping in your bed. Especially if the children’s or youth room is not big enough to insert a sebarate couch or sitting area, it makes absolute sense to buy a bed for young people of the size 140 × 200. Because children and adolescents get heavier from a certain age onwards, it does then also It makes sense to pay attention to more stable beds. That is why many parents dial in Solid wood youth bed, which offers the appropriate stability.

From when should you switch to a youth bed ?

Well, the answer to this question is of course also somewhat dependent on the individual circumstances. On the one hand, the height of the child plays a role, on the other hand the weight, but of course the available space in the children’s room. You also have to consider whether you have a loft bed, a folding bed or a normal bed youth bed would like to have.

Often, the switch to a 90 x 200 or 140 x 200 youth bed between the ages of 7 and 12 is due to the fact that children and young people of this age start to occupy themselves in their rooms. On the other hand, it is also the case that baby beds are often bought in the size of 70 × 140, and the children then simply become too big for them.

Which mattress is the right one for a youth bed ?

The same rules apply for a youth bed mattress as for a mattress for an adult bed. This means that the mattress should correspond to the weight of the child or adolescent. If the mattress is too hard or too soft and not suitable for the weight of your child, this can lead to back damage. Especially in adolescence, children often grow very strongly again. If the child is in a wrong position in bed for 8 to 12 hours every night, this can cause serious back damage that your child will have to deal with for the rest of his life.

One of the best mattresses for youth beds is the following model. More mattresses and a comparison can be found on our page on mattresses.


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