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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for both children and adults. It has to include everything so that the child is satisfied and mentally fit for school or kindergarten. Time is a big problem, usually the children get up too late to have breakfast in peace.

The best tips in the overview:

  • bring some time
  • Healthy ingredients for the muesli
  • Sausage bread and cheese
  • Let the child decide
  • Don’t force yourself to eat

Tip 1: schedule time

Enough time must be planned for breakfast. The children should rather get up a little earlier than having to eat breakfast under time pressure. The parents too, at least one parent should look with the Sit child at the breakfast table. There is nothing worse than letting a child sit and eat alone. Depending on the age of the child, it can help with the preparation. Children like to be allowed to chop fruit. Then it tastes much better. This way you can make the children unloved vitamins. If the child is still too small, fruits or vegetables in the form of faces or the like can be draped on the plate. The saying that the eye eats with is true in children. Bread that is cut without love is not so much eaten as one that is used to make a smiley with sausage and ketchup.

Tip 2: Healthy ingredients for the muesli

Children love colors, that should also be reflected in the healthy breakfast. This can be combined particularly well with muesli. Children will definitely have fun eating a cereal with the colors of a traffic light. A banana, strawberries and a kiwi are required.

The fruits are cut into pieces and placed in the muesli. Smaller children also get to know the colors of the traffic lights. But it doesn’t have to be cereal his. A fruit salad that is sweetened with honey not only looks good with these 3 types of fruit, it also tastes delicious.

Tip 3: sausage, bread and cheese

Not every child likes Sweets for breakfast. Many prefer to eat bread, sausage and cheese. Whole wheat bread should be used for bread, preferably one without preservatives. Cheese and sausage should be lean. The breads can be garnished with vegetables. This gives the children the necessary vitamin boost in the morning. This also ensures that the many parents are too well known morning fatigue disappears.

Paprika contains a lot of vitamin C. In order to garnish the bread nicely and to make this vegetable tasty for the children, a flower can be formed from the paprika cut into rings. Cocktail tomatoes are very healthy and can be used as eyes for bread with a face. Biscuit cutters are ideal for giving breakfast breads a special look. Even children who don’t like to eat bread will love it.

Tip 4: Let the child decide

Children love to go shopping with their parents. They should be allowed to choose what they would like to have on their breakfast bread or in the muesli in the morning. This is an additional motivation for the small, also eat healthy fruits and vegetables. As a parent, you always have the argument that the child chose exactly that in the store. However, the parents should pay attention to the quality of the goods. It is always better to buy seasonal fruits and vegetables. Long transport routes should generally be avoided for ecological reasons. who Organic buys, knows that they contain far fewer pollutants. It is highly recommended to buy the fruit and vegetables directly from an organic farmer or at the weekly market. The advantage is that the children get a small sample of the selected variety in advance.

Tip 5: Don’t force yourself to eat

There are Children who don’t want to eat in the morning. Usually only milk or cocoa is drunk. There is also a solution for this. smoothies are a big hit at the moment. This is done quickly and contains all the necessary vitamins that the child needs in the morning. Alternatively, a strawberry or banana milk can be offered for breakfast. Drinking more water may also be advisable.

This is of course freshly prepared. The ingredients are quickly shredded with a mixing stick. If necessary, sweetened with honey. This increases blood pressure Tiredness after getting up is blown away.

Why a healthy breakfast is so important for children

After the body has worked in sleep mode at night, it must be made fit for the day. This is only possible with a good and healthy breakfast. The body needs the energy to get up to Break in school or kindergarten to be able to work. It is proven that children who have breakfast in the morning are in a good mood and not irritable. With the right nutrients and vitamins, the brain also works better.

The children are more receptive, which is also reflected in the achievements in school. This attention begins on the way to school. Children who have had a good breakfast are more aware of the traffic and therefore take good care of it. As a result, they run less risk of having an accident on the way to school. A healthy breakfast is therefore essential in many ways. However, the healthy break bread does not replace an extensive breakfast.


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