A movement game on the subject of pets

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A movement game on the subject of "pets". As a basis is a story…

You can play the game in different ways, depending on your preference and the composition of the group.

Version 1: The group receives one animal from each of the below (made of plush, plastic, Duplo …). These are distributed in the round. If an animal occurs in history, there is one who mentioned it in the story hand has to its neighbors on the left. (With the variant, not every participant has an animal in hand at all times)

Variant 2: If the group is small, each of the participants gets an animal. If the animal is mentioned in the story, it is held up by its ‘owner’.

Variant 3: If no animals are available, you can also use cloths in previously agreed colors … e.g. brown for dog, black for cat, pink for pig, etc. Here can also each participant has a scarf in the appropriate colors and must then hold up the right thing for the named animal. Another option is pictures or photos with the animals shown accordingly. You can find suitable wipes here at Amazon. *

In all variants if the word ‘pets’ or ‘animals’ all animals / towels are held up or a place is passed to the left!

My grandpa had a farm with many animals…Two dogs, three cats, cows, pigs, two horses and Chicken. "These are all mine Pets!“, He always said. He had even given names to some. The dogs were called Bello and Jim who cats Elli, Micki and Leo. On pig was called Elsa.

Every summer I have the whole vacation with my grandpa and his animals spent. In the morning I got up early for that Chicken to feed. The horses had to be mirrored and led to the paddock. At that point my grandfather was awake for a long time cows to milk. The milk tasted sooo delicious! And the freshly laid eggs Chicken first!

With pets you’re really busy all day. You need a lot of time and responsibility. With the dogs I went for a walk three to four times a day. They needed food and lots of water. Elsa, that pig, was a very cozy contemporary. She was really one domestic animal! While the cats Spending the whole day outside, she preferred to go back and forth between the kitchen and living room … Now and then she came chicken over there.

Opas horses needed a lot of exercise and hay. This animals grazed with most of the day cows in the pasture. Once I got one horse and the two dogs made a trip – that was a really nice day! When we got home we all loved each other animals greeted with joy. Above all the Chicken! They crept in the background cats around that cows effortlessly, Elsa, that pig, stepped out of the kitchen and left behind horse was happy that his ‘pasture friend’ was back!

In the evening we all have animals brought back to your barn. Elsa too, that pig, had to sleep in the pits with their peers. The cats sneaked into the hayloft and the dogs Bello and Jim retired to the house. The horses and cows ran slowly from the pasture back into the barn and the Chicken tipped back and forth between her legs until she was in hers too Chickenarrived.

It soon became quiet and everyone animals fell asleep… After all, everyone would get up early tomorrow and start the day with Grandpa and me.
I liked ours Pets very!


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