Candlelight films for children: august 2007

Candlelight films for children: august 2007

The natural science professor Habakkuk Tibatong has developed a method to teach animals to speak. Because of the envy and attacks of his fellow professors, he has to leave home and deal with Tim inkblot, a little orphan boy and the talking domestic pig Wutz on the small island Titiwu settle.

Wutz takes over the task of his housekeeper, the other animals on the island have to regularly take part in language classes Prof. Tibatong compete. One day an iceberg is washed up with a large egg, from which after a few weeks of hatching urmel (to Prof. Tibatongs Theory hatches the link between dinosaurs and mammals), which then by Wutz is raised and also learns to speak. In the course of his childhood, this must urmel different adventures exist, in particular is Altkönig Pumponell from Pumpolonia chasing him as a big game hunter. Ultimately, it gets lost urmel in a cave and after an elaborate search by Tibatong and found the animals again.

A winged word from this story is the "Mupfel", like the penguin Ping calls a large shell in which Wawa, the monitor lizard likes to lie down and relax (like all talking animals it has a small language problem). There are also other animals on the island: the elephant seal Soul-Fant, who sings all day and the shoe beak Schusch.

FSK: no age limit
My recommendation: from 5 years

"Urmel from the ice" is a sweet story by Max Kruse that has been lovingly implemented by the Augsburger Puppenkiste. For all children and adults who have a love for puppet theater, this is the right place.

Simply click on the link and you can already watch a small trailer of the puppet theater. Have fun.

Sunday August 12, 2007

The Funny World of Animals (1974)

The film cheerfully describes the fauna of the African Namib Desert, the Okawango Basin and the Kalahari Desert. For example, you can see the desert animals searching for food and choosing a partner, weaver birds building community nests and lions taming their rebellious offspring. It also shows how a brave duck mother saves her offspring from a hyena by pretending to be injured, thus attracting the hyena’s attention. Ostriches are not only busy with the bridal show, but also to protect the new-born offspring from native humans in the desert. The bream in turn accommodates its offspring in the protective mouth. After enjoying the fruits of the Marula tree, various animals are foggy, while the female hornbill can be “walled in” in a tree cavity to raise the offspring. Bushmen can also be seen foraging for food and teaching their children. Finally, the film shows how the animals suffering from a dry season can be released by a cloudburst.

Fsk: from 6 years
My recommendation (There are also sad scenes, e.g. little pelican babies die of thirst in the desert, so my recommendation: from 8 years)

Really a beautiful film that combines funny animal scenes with classical music. Particularly funny: the animals that have eaten too much of the delicious fermented fruit and are just a little tipsy afterwards!!

Thursday August 9, 2007

Three hazelnuts for cinderella (1974)

Since the father’s death, Cinderella has lived as a maid on her own farm. She is smart, funny and charming. Although she has to do low maid service, she takes her skills into her own hands. The stepmother lets the girl do the dirtiest work, but she remains friendly to everyone and the animals are also fond of him. When she meets the prince, she falls in love with the brother Leichtfuß. She would love to see him again. How should she face him? Should she wait for chance at the stove? The coachman of her yard gives her three hazelnuts that contain wonderful gifts: a stately hunting costume, a charming ball gown and a magnificent wedding gown. Cinderella bravely and cleverly uses the gifts to conquer the prince’s heart. Then she escapes and he has to go on a quest to find the beautiful owner of the golden shoe. One of the most beautiful love stories in Europe takes its course and when the dream prince finds Cinderella after some turbulence, he recognizes in her the clever and lovable girl he had already met in the forest. He chooses her to be his queen and if they haven’t died …

FSK: n.a..
My recommendation: from 5-6 years

One of the most beautiful fairy tale films that I know! I have picked out a trailer for the film that shows the lovely presentation of the film very nicely.
In addition, I discovered a great website for the film that I don’t want to keep from you:
Three hazelnuts for cinderella

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