Children’s dentistry cologne (mülheim), dentist for children

Children's dentistry cologne (mülheim), dentist for children

Pediatric dentistry in Cologne (Mülheim)

The course for permanent dental health is set in childhood. From proper brushing of teeth to conscious nutrition, regular check-ups with the dentist and individual prophylactic measures – numerous factors are important so that teeth can develop in the best possible way. Other important aspects of good pediatric dentistry are the social skills of the dentist and the atmosphere in the practice.

If children feel comfortable in the unfamiliar environment right from the start and can trust their dentist, no problems due to fear of the dentist are usually expected later. As sensitive and experienced dentists for pediatric dentistry in Cologne (Mülheim), we help your children develop a good relationship with their teeth and internalize the fundamental importance of thorough dental care at an early stage.

Advantages of good pediatric dentistry

  • Proper brushing
  • Prophylaxis against tooth decay
  • Trust the dentist
  • Straight tooth growth
  • Awareness of healthy tooth development

The first dentist appointments

At the latest as soon as the milk teeth have fully grown, a first check-up at the dentist is strongly recommended. Because caries can occur in the first few years and irreparably damage individual teeth. If individual teeth fall out or have to be removed, this can have a negative effect on the firm hold of the neighboring teeth. A good dentist for pediatric dentistry explains this and much more in child-friendly language and helps you very much to make your children understand the importance of brushing your teeth.

Especially in early childhood, additional prophylactic measures against tooth decay are often useful. For example, as part of children’s dentistry in Cologne (Mülheim), we can seal the fissures in the young teeth: These are the smallest irregularities in the tooth enamel, in which caries bacteria can settle well. It is also often advisable to additionally protect the growing teeth with a fluoridating layer.

Healthy tooth development right from the start

As experienced dentists for pediatric dentistry in Cologne (Mülheim) we can recognize growth disorders of teeth and jaws early and correct them permanently. Otherwise crooked teeth or jaws cause great trouble in adulthood. When carefree childrens romp around, it quickly happens that a tooth breaks off partially, but this can be quickly repaired by a good pediatric dentist.

Your friendly dentists for children’s dentistry

In Cologne (Mülheim) we are very familiar with all areas of children’s dentistry and can ensure the healthy development of teeth with little effort. Make appointments early – by phone and online.

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