Press releases, accessibility for software, websites and operating systems from the area of ​​reutlingen, tübingen and stuttgart – part 4

Press releases, accessibility for software, websites and operating systems from the area of ​​reutlingen, tübingen and stuttgart - part 4

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Laser show in Ostfildern, Germany, at Flammende Sterne 2014

Giant laser shows and impressive fireworks have literally set the sky above Ostfildern, Stuttgart, Germany on fire – 60,000 enthusiastic visitors were this year present at the success event “Flammende Sterne 2014”.
The international firework festival “Flaming Stars” in Ostfildern is a great and very popular event, which is already known far beyond the borders of Stuttgart. The event with goose bumps guarantee is taking place annually over a whole weekend in August. International specialists of pyrotechnics stage on each evening a breathtaking firework show to determine who is the best of the participants.
This year from 15th – 17th August 2014 the night sky over Ostfildern has already become the 12th time to an incredible and exciting scenery. So the professional pyrotechnicians offered at this year’s competition for the first place of “Flammende Sterne” truly incredible moments. As usual, there was for every single nation a night where it could take the visitors at 10:15 p.m. in a colorful paradise with exciting music fireworks.
Dubai, Costa Rica and Germany took place for the fireworks competition 2014. With an oriental show the participant Pains Fireworks LLS Dubai from the United Arab Emirates started on Friday evening with the motto “An Arabian Adventure”. As the first participating country from the Arab Nations, the company proved its talent for thrilling pyrotechnics. The second show on Saturday made the South Americans from Costa Rica. Considered as "old hand" of the industry, the family firm proved itself with over 120 years’ experience as highly professional. Their show entitled “Pura Vida!“ Has probably offered almost all facets by the prepared music choice. From romantic to pop up to rock, there was a great music hit for all music tastes. Also the synchrony between firework and sound was a delight for the hearing and vision of the many visitors. On the last evening of the firework festival “Flammende Sterne 2014” the company Innovative Pyrotechnik GmbH was representative for Germany. With experience of several decades, the German company offered an incredibly impressive firework show with the motto “Unique Pyro Romance”. With their charming presentation, probably almost every heart of the spectators is melted. They proved that even under the theme “Romance” a truly rocky and very harmonious firework show can be presented. The song “Engel” by the German rock band Rammstein rounded off the very elaborate pyro show with a twist and the company Innovative Pyrotechnik GmbH scored with their giant firework the deserved first place. With its harmonious show Costa Rica took the second place and Dubai was on the third place.
However, before each of this spectacle has started, a colorful laser show was presented. This fiery countdown sould have been get the visitors in a proper mood for the firework. Already the third year in a row, the company LPS-Lasersysteme from Ofterdingen, Germany, enjoyed the trust of the responsible to get the visitors with a music laser show as opening in a great mood. So the following firework was already expected with happy and sparkling eyes. With seven high-end laser show systems, including a LPS-StarLite RGB with double scanning as well as six LPS-Bax projectors, LPS put the heat on the thousands of guests on each three evenings at 22:00 p.m. with a total laser power of about 150 W. LPS presented for the first time four new beam shows during an event. The laser shows with the titles "The Unforgiven", "Faster", "Everdream", and "Eyes of a Stranger" had a truly amazing effect at the audience.

Press release: The "Kidshouse" crèche of the Free Church ICF Reutlingen was opened in July 2014

The Kidshouse is a crèche and offers 10 toddlers aged 1-3 years a day care from Monday to Friday from 7.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m..
The crib opened its doors in July 2014. The premises have been redesigned and the spatial concept adapted to the needs of children under three years of age.
A cozy corner and sleeping facilities offer an opportunity for rest and retreat. A garden and the movement hall are available for the urge to move.

On a creative wall and offers with informal material, the children can test themselves artistically and get to know different materials and their properties.

The play materials have a stimulating character and, in addition to joy, also promote the cognitive and motor development of the children.
The children are accompanied by two full-time specialists and a constant representative.

The crèche is sponsored by the ICF (international Christian fellowship). The ICF is a Christian free church in Reutlingen and part of the Evangelical Alliance. It is her wish to make the Church experienceable anew for people.

Church is interesting and attractive when people develop their potential and do their best. The ICF provides the framework for this.
Since the development of children is very important in the first few years, great value is placed on good cooperation with parents for the good of the child. This includes a regular exchange, celebrating parties together, development talks or offering themed parent evenings.
The basic setting of the crèche is to accept each child as a special personality and to promote it in their living environment. Therefore, all children with their families, regardless of their religion, gender, nationality, social environment or appearance, are received and integrated. The crèche sees itself as an institution that promotes social contacts between children, parents and educators.

The head of the crèche decides on the admission of a child in consultation with the carrier. Children with physical, mental or other disabilities can be admitted if their special needs can be taken into account within the facility.

It is very important for the crèche that the children feel comfortable and can develop. Every child comes to life as an independent, active and competent person. As open, curious little personalities, they actively explore their environment with all their senses and in independent research and action and organize themselves in the world. A child is a social being from birth, lets us share his feelings and communicates his needs. Every child, regardless of its origin and gender, is lovable and respectable in its own way.
The crèche sees its task in accompanying the children on their way into life and creating a stimulating environment with a wide range of experience in order to support and challenge childish curiosity and their thirst for discovery. In order for the children to grow into independent personalities, to develop their skills and abilities, they need constant and attentive people to accompany and support them on their way.

The game is an important activity for children, with which they can open up the world. The children are given space and time for this.
The attitude of the employees towards parents and children is characterized by a "loving" professionalism, appreciation and respect.

More information at the nursery of the Free Church ICF Reutlingen
If you have any questions or are interested, we look forward to hearing from you personally:
[email protected]

ICF Reutlingen "KidsHouse"
Marie Lamparter
Sickenhäuser Strasse 19
72760 Reutlingen
Telephone: 07123/3760932
[email protected]
Website: Nursery school of the Free Church ICF Reutlingen

Multimedia spectacle with laser show at the Pluederhaeuser festival

Since 1963, the Pluederhaeuser festival in the municipality Pluederhausen, Germany, is taking place annually. Also this year from July 24 – 28, 2014 at the 52nd anniversary, exciting days with numerous attractions were offered on the entire festival area for the visitors. An event which is customized for families, their acquaintances, friends as well as neighbors.

The public festival truly offers excellent entertainment for all ages. Among lot of other things the event also provided an exciting fairground for several days. It has included funny bumper cars rides, classical shooting gallery, a fascinating ferris wheel and many other exciting stalls, which have provided amusing moments. Inside the huge marquee many musicians had performed great shows, like for example a choir with 350 members. In addition to other brass musicians, also several bands were present, which ensures a good mood at the Pluederhaeuser festival. Further highlights was the “Punch and Judy show” for kids as well as the annually duck race with cult factor.
Also the culinary delicacies attracts the guests every year.
Beside hearty sausage and cheese plates, Tarte Flambée, classic roast pork with Swabian noodles called “Spaetzle”, gravy and salad, the popular grilled chicken “Festgoeckele” as well as Italian Pizza, the Greek Gyros, the Turkish Kebab, the hearty grilled ox is known as a very special highlight for all gourmets such as the beer from the barrel.
Since the grilled ox yearly is very much in demand by hungry guests, the ox is now even two times overnight grilled on a great fire, and not only one time overnight as usual, to pamper the palate of visitors over two days.

As a crowning conclusion there is a special eye-catcher for all visitors at the folk festival every year. Always at the last evening a breathtaking firework is shot. As the responsible organizers wanted to surprise the guests this year, they decided for more effects and special accents. That is why they offered to their visitors a new, totally unexpected finale show. The result of this great idea was the probably first-time use of laser shows at the Pluederhaeuser festival.
In cooperation with its very close partner for professional pyrotechnics from the German city Carlsbad, the company LPS-Lasersysteme from Ofterdingen in Germany projected a fantastic laser show on Monday evening, July 28, 2014.
Specially for this event, the LPS team has programmed an extraordinary laser show with its multimedia laser show software LPS-RealTIME Pro. To immerse the audience in a sea of ​​colorful laser beams, three powerful high-end laser projectors of the bestselling series LPS-Bax, produced by LPS in Germany, were used. During the 15 minute performance, the partner from Carlsbad has proven his professional hand by shooting the fireworks manually and music synchronously at the same time, and also contributed to a gigantic overall picture of the show. The harmonious combination of professional laser show, sound and pyrotechnics has guaranteed a magical multimedia performance at the Pluederhaeuser Festival.

Ski + Sport Brodbeck in Metzingen (Reutlingen area) now with a bike department

The sports shop founded by Hans Brodbeck 55 years ago is run by the children Dieter u. Uwe Brodbeck and Carmen Reimold. As a trained wagner, he produced skis in the winter season and fruit tree ladders in the summer season. All family members and salespeople are active athletes and bring along a lot of personal experience in addition to their specialist knowledge. In the family-run and friendly sports shop, great value is placed on professional, personal advice and good service.
In winter, the range includes skiing, cross-country skiing and snowboarding as well as the associated clothing. The Ski / Board service center with the Wintersteiger automatic sanding machine, which grinds over 1500 pairs of skis in the season, is well established.
In summer, the range includes sports and hiking shoes with clothing, inline skates, tennis rackets / clothing as well as fitness and swimwear. Brands such as Spyder, Kjus, First B, Fischer Vacuum, Powerslide, POc, Matter and MPC are also on offer.
In order to be able to provide all-round support for customers in the summer, the range with children u. Trekking bikes, mountain bikes and e-bikes from Prince, Conway, Victoria, Winora, Staiger and Haibike expanded. An expert bike service is of course offered.
The range is rounded off with the manufacture and sale of fruit tree ladders. The wooden ladders specially made for fruit growing are particularly popular with fruit tree specialists such as specialists.
It is easy to reach the sports shop in Metzingen-Neuhausen and the parking spaces are in front of the house.

Accessibility is also an important issue for smartphones / Android

Markus Lemcke, owner of the Marlem-Software company, has been working intensively on the topic of accessibility for smartphones in the past few months. For people with disabilities, a smartphone is not just a mobile phone, but an important tool.

Since Markus Lemcke has had a smartphone with the Android operating system, he has been enthusiastic about this phone. For him as a person with a disability, his smartphone is an important tool. Open up street maps and local maps was a big problem for Lemcke, because the paralyzed hand made it impossible to hold street maps and local maps. Today Lemcke uses the "Google Maps" app and always has an overview in a convenient way.

If he cannot click a link on the smartphone due to his disability because it is too small, the entire website is enlarged by spreading two fingers and the link is of a suitable size. It is very comfortable.

Because typing with one hand is exhausting, Lemcke is happy about the voice input. Mails, SMS or communication in chat with Skype or Facebook can be spoken by clicking the microphone. Google’s speech recognition is sometimes even better than the speech recognition of software that has to be bought.

Google naturally also thought of blind and visually impaired people. There are many apps, some from Google and some from third parties, that make the smartphone accessible for blind and visually impaired people.

There is even an accessibility installer app. The app helps people with disabilities to find and install all apps that can make it easier for people with disabilities to use their smartphones.

Markus Lemcke is convinced that the smartphone is an important tool for disabled people. That is why he offers advice for people with disabilities who want to buy a smartphone and need tips on how to buy and how to set up a smartphone that is barrier-free.

Ebeso will also write Lemcke on his blog about the topic of accessibility in smartphones in the next 12 weeks.

A well-known organic wine from Provence in the Tübingen wine house Hartl

The Weinhaus Hartl in Tübingen has only been selling organic wines from European wine-growing countries since 1983. From a well-known winemaker from Provence, Jean-Pierre Margan from Château la Canorgue, a well-rated organic wine has returned a few days ago. It is the "Coin Perdu" from 2009, awarded a gold medal at the Concours General Agricole in Paris. This natural wine made from Syrah grapes became famous for the film "A Good Year" by the director Ridley Scott and Richard Crowe in the lead role. In this romantic comedy that took place at the Chateau la Canorgue, this well-known wine was found in the far corner of the cellar – hence its name "Coin Perdu" – and its enjoyment sealed the happy ending of the film.
This organic wine with the simple label and the imprint "CP" is the result of a good vintage and a careful work of the winemaker in the vineyard and cellar.

Press contact:
Pure Wine – Weinhaus Hartl
Mrs. Ursula Hartl
Äulestr. 6

Telephone 07071/82011
Fax 07071/82013
Email address: [email protected]

Etiquette meets social media

An event on the subject took place on November 16 in Gomaringen in the Alznauer Hof restaurant " Etiquette meets social media " . image consultant and etiquette trainer Sandra Stein gave in addition to the basic rules of networking overview , how business person s correct in the worldwide network behavior .

The event “Knigge meets social media” began shortly after 7:00 p.m. The evening started with a buffet – the first opportunity to talk to your neighbor.

After the meal together, Sandra Stein, image consultant and licensed etiquette trainer, began her lecture. In the introduction to your lecture, Sandra Stein explained the origin of the etiquette rules. Today it is less about strict adherence to the etiquette rules than more about the respectful and interested handling of my counterpart. Adolf Freiherr Knigge already taught us this in 1788. In his book "About dealing with people" he makes statements about politeness and tact, such as: "You are interested in others if you want others to be interested in you! "

Everyone is talking about networking – in the long term it is important to develop a strategy of giving and taking. Benefit from each other, carry out joint projects, recommend yourself, make new contacts. Sandra Stein explained the "basic rules" in networking. On the one hand, this includes the appreciative and correct handing over and receiving of a business card. On the other hand, the right approach and an attentive greeting in a business email. Even a personal introduction with first and last name testifies to a skilful appearance today.

Ms. Stein then went on to discuss networking within social media platforms such as Xing, Facebook and Twitter. She gave tips and hints on how to behave correctly on these platforms and what you should avoid if possible.

Ms. Stein emphasized in her lecture that the right attitude is of crucial importance when dealing with people. Through many examples she has experienced herself, she has shown how valuable it is to treat one another politely, what wonderful experiences can be experienced with it and how this attitude can have a positive effect, professionally and privately. Ultimately, it’s about authenticity, which is particularly noticeable through the manners.

Marlem software blogs on accessibility and search engine optimization

Markus Lemcke, owner of Marlem-Software, who specializes in accessibility and search engine optimization has had a weblog under Marlem’s blog since the beginning of the year – accessibility, accessibility and search engine optimization

At the beginning of 2010 Markus Lemcke set up the weblog above. At the Leonberger internet agency "Symweb", Markus Lemcke learned how to optimize websites so that they come to the top of the search engine using certain search terms.

In order to be able to put his knowledge of search engine optimization into practice, he had the idea of ​​putting the Barrier-Free Mobile web portal online, in which he collects accessible hotels, restaurants, restaurants, pubs and disabled parking spaces. In the meantime, this web portal is among the search terms that are important for Lemcke, such as "barrier-free restaurants", "barrier-free restaurants", "barrier-free pubs" and "disabled parking spaces" on the first Google page and usually even in first place.

Lemcke is among others so enthusiastic about search engine optimization, because here his disability-related, somewhat slower working speed is irrelevant. When it comes to search engine optimization, what counts is a purposeful, well-considered approach and not speed.

Markus Lemcke discovered the world of weblogs through specialist literature and put the blog above online at the beginning of the year. The aim of the blog is to make the importance of accessibility and search engine optimization clear to the blog reader through specialist articles in a simple, understandable language. No previous knowledge is required to understand the specialist articles. If you start reading the oldest article in the respective section and then gradually work on the latest preparatory work, it should also be possible for absolute beginners in the two subject areas to read in the topic. Since Markus Lemcke is both private and professionally self-employed, he unfortunately cannot write a new blog article every day. However, there is definitely a new article every week to read about either accessibility or search engine optimization.

The web portal Barrierefrei-Mobil is looking for accessible hotels all over Germany

Markus Lemcke launched the web portal in June 2009 www.barrierefrei-mobil.infoput online. The aim of this web portal is to collect barrier-free hotels, restaurants, pubs and disabled parking spaces throughout Germany.

Markus Lemcke, specialist for barrier-free web design, handicapped software, accessibility and search engine optimization, has set high goals with the web portal

Markus Lemcke, specialist for barrier-free web design, handicapped software, accessibility and search engine optimization, has set high goals with the web portal "The aim of the web portal is to collect barrier-free hotels, restaurants, pubs and disabled parking spaces throughout Germany and to present them in a clear manner. In the meantime there are locations and parking spaces for the disabled from 6 federal states in Germany. The towns of Reutlingen, Tübingen and Pfullingen are also represented in Baden-Württemberg. The federal states are the main links in the navigation which are located on the left side of the web portal, ”explains Markus Lemcke.

In order for a hotel or a restaurant / pub to be included in the web portal, certain criteria should be met. Restaurants and pubs must be easily accessible for wheelchair users. You shouldn’t have stairs at the entrance or offer an alternative to stairs. In hotels, accessibility for wheelchair users is not sufficient. You must have at least 1 room which is large enough for a wheelchair user to maneuver and the bathroom / toilet must also be large enough for wheelchair users. In addition, each barrier-free restaurant / pub indicates whether there is a disabled toilet and a disabled parking space. Both are very important for wheelchair users and people with walking difficulties.

The contact details of the barrier-free hotels, restaurants and pubs can be found in the "Barrier-free destinations" section. There, a map shows the surroundings in which the barrier-free destination is located. After two mouse clicks on the map, an online route planner from Google appears, with the help of which the route to the barrier-free destination can be calculated and displayed.

In addition, there is a convenient search function in the "Barrier-free destinations" section which can be used to search by category and / or location.

Hotels that meet the above criteria are invited to join free to present on the web portal. More information is available on the web portal.

New web portal for barrier-free hotels, restaurants, pubs and disabled parking spaces throughout Germany is online

Markus Lemcke, specialist for barrier-free web design and software for the disabled, launched the web portal

The aim of this web portal is to build up a list of barrier-free hotels, restaurants, pubs and disabled parking spaces throughout Germany. At the moment there are data on 6 different federal states.

The most important criterion for the inclusion of hotels, restaurants and pubs is accessibility for wheelchair users. If a building is not accessible to wheelchair users, it will not be included. There can be exceptions for hotels.

As this web portal is all about accessibility, it was important to Markus Lemcke that the guidelines for accessible web design be implemented.

For every restaurant, pub or hotel there are 3 main criteria that are always checked and specified. Number of levels, disabled toilet and disabled parking spaces. Are there special services such as For example, reading the menu for the blind is indicated under “Comments”.

So that you can find the barrier-free destination, a Google Maps map is integrated in the addresses, from which a route planner can be called up by Google Maps. An address is set up for each municipality included, which also lists accessible excursion destinations and disabled parking spaces in the respective municipality.

There is also a list of links to websites with accessibility issues, a lexicon in which many terms are explained and FAQs in which important questions are answered and valuable tips on how to use the web portal effectively.

Since accessibility has been required by law since May 2002, the relevant paragraphs and laws can also be found on the web portal.

If you want to help Markus Lemcke collect barrier-free data, you can do so via the contact page. Markus Lemcke is also happy when other website owners set a link to his web portal.

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