Action “new chance”

Action 'new chance'

View of the Old City in Jerusalem © Oded Balilty

On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of its independence, Israel has announced a partial amnesty and wants 300.Delete 000 criminal records. Mainly cases should be closed "for lack of evidence or for lack of public interest".

This is what Israeli media reported on Tuesday. Those affected should include, for example, persons who were suspected and could not disprove the suspicions, or certain one-time offenders. In this way they should get a "new chance". However, the amnesty would not apply to serious violent offenses, serious sexual offenses, security offenses, murder offenses and offenses that could not be revoked under current law.

"This is very good news for civilians who have been interrogated on suspicion of criminal activity to clear their past," Public Security and Strategic Affairs Minister Gilad Erdan stressed.

Also 34.000 minors get "new chance

The "New Chance" campaign is supposed to be for 339.000 investigation files of 300.000 citizens of the State of Israel, residents of the region, foreigners and tourists apply, including about 34.000 minors. Implementation of the measure should begin next week, media reports said.

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