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Adult orthodontics: Which dental insurance does it cover? Comparison of tariffs & test

Not every private dental supplement insurance covers orthodontics in adults. In our comparison, there are a few tariffs that provide reimbursement for this type of service. Firstly, the Dental ProZ100 tariff from ARAG Krankenversicherung AG, which also received a 1.6 (“good”) from Stiftung Warentest. Different tariff combinations from Inter Versicherung, which cover at least 50% of the costs, or AXA Dent Premium-U Dental Supplementary Insurance and ZahnSchutz Exklusiv from Deutsche Familienversicherung, both of which only provide orthodontic treatment if they become necessary due to an accident. Analyze the individual tariffs in peace by setting your date of birth and then clicking the "Compare" button. There you can study the secured services and discussed tariff conditions in peace by clicking on the tariff pages of the various providers.

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Not many dental supplements cover adult orthodontics

If interested parties looking for additional dental insurance cover orthodontics in adults, they are often faced with a difficult task. If additional dental insurance is to be provided by orthodontics, it is worth comparing the various tariffs and their guaranteed benefits in advance. Our comparison should help to compare the different tariffs and offers of the insurance companies in order to find a dental insurance including orthodontist for adults among the offers shown. In the following we have linked the few tariffs that also apply to orthodontics in adults:

How to find the right tariff in the test?

In order to find additional dental insurance for adult orthodontics, the data in the input mask must be individualized in the first step. However, since the list on the comparison page does not allow any conclusions to be drawn about the guaranteed benefits in orthodontics, people interested in preventive care should be clear about the additional features that their dental insurance for orthodontics should also include. Such dental insurance can include the following benefits:

  • Reimbursement for prophylactic measures
  • Grants or full coverage of denture costs
  • Assumption of costs for dental treatment

The overview page provides information on the intended services for this product feature. Once you have found a tariff that corresponds to your personal pension preferences, you can precisely analyze the scope of benefits covered by clicking on tariff details. When looking for additional dental insurance for orthodontic services, you should start with the product feature "Orthodontics". All extracts from the tariff conditions are included here. In addition, a detailed expert analysis provides information on the extent to which this dental insurance provides services for this product detail.

Few dental insurance plans provide adult orthodontic services

Tooth orthodontic tooth restoration for adults without restrictions is quite difficult to find. Most private dental insurance only reimburses adult orthodontics if the treatment required is due to an accident. Only dental insurance did not limit their adult orthodontic services in the past. The dental supplement tariff CSS.flexi + ZETop + ZB (dental health premium + dental prosthesis premium) from CSS Versicherung made no distinction in its tariff conditions with regard to the provision of orthodontic services, whether the insured person was already 18 years old accomplished or not. For this, however, sales were discontinued on June 1, 2014. Unfortunately, this tariff is no longer an alternative for those who are looking for additional dental insurance that will take on adult orthodontics. The following are some of the features of this tariff that interested parties can now find in a similar way with the two flagships of ARAG Zahnzusatzversicherung, the DentalProZ100 and the DentalProZ90 Bonus:

  • Reimbursement of costs under the GOZ or GOÄ, up to u the maximum rates
  • Reimbursement of 80% of the reimbursable invoice amount if there is no claim for reimbursement from the SHI
  • If there is no entitlement to benefits for orthodontic treatment from the SHI, 80% of the invoice amount, up to max. 600 euros per treated jaw

Another option is the tariff combination Z90 + ZPro from Inter Zahnzusatzversicherung. If the orthodontic treatment begins after the age of 18, this dental supplement insurance covers 50% of the costs incurred.

Should dental supplement insurance only cover adult orthodontics if treatment measures become necessary due to an accident, the DENT Premium-U tariff from AXA dental supplement insurance is also an option. This dental insurance regulates its services for this product feature as follows.

  • Orthodontics will be reimbursed to people over the age of 18 if the indication is due to an accident
  • 90% of the expenses for orthodontic treatment are reimbursed
  • The benefit limit of 1000 euros, which applies to children, does not apply to adults

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