All about children

It is a big challenge to be good parents for children. Again and again mothers and fathers ask themselves whether they master this task well. Whether with a baby, a toddler or larger children – each phase of the children’s life places special demands on all family members. And no day is like the other.

All About Children

The first year of your baby’s life is mainly about difficulty sleeping and eating problems. Here you will find valuable tips on these topics.

And everything you need to know about crying, baby’s body language, separation anxiety, strangers and more.

small child

At the age of 1 to 4 years, a child goes through an enormous emotional and physical development. Think about speaking, learning to walk, getting clean / dry.

It is not surprising that the little one can get angry / aggressive at times if things do not go as they want!

Everything about children – Other interesting topics

  • What is attachment parenting?
  • delicious recipes for children
  • FAQ: get dry / clean and don’t want to go to sleep
  • and much more….

Family adventure – a particularly big challenge

Everyday life with small children fills parents and gives them a new sense every day of wanting to plunge into the "family adventure". At the same time, life is with small or larger children associated with adversity and a high waiver for mothers and fathers. Many events cannot be planned, as events such as illnesses mostly occur unexpectedly. Parents have to put up with the fact that large parts of their everyday lives are determined by others over a longer period of time. Parenting is a special challenge that often pushes parents to their limits and is still a lot of fun. Because there is nothing better than receiving a bright smile or loving words from your own children as a "thank you".

The perfect upbringing of your children – listen to your heart and follow your intuition

But the demands on perfect parenting are great. Most mothers and fathers have different ideas about the perfect upbringing of their children and set their priorities in different areas. There is little advice in parenting that is 100 percent right or wrong. Correct parenting is often a matter close to the heart, based on intuitive decisions by mothers and fathers.

Pregnancy – an unforgettable time

Incidentally, living with a child does not begin at birth, but a few months earlier. You have come to the right place if you want to find out all about your pregnancy. We are happy to give you helpful tips on healthy eating in pregnancy or to deal with complaints. We give you insights into the do’s and don’s that you should consider when you want to have children. Follow our portal closely to see how the fetus develops in your stomach from week to week. We are also there for you if you would like important information about childbirth or the puerperium.

From baby to toddler – overview of individual development stages

Your everyday life with a baby is often accompanied by problems that take a lot of strength out of you. We are happy to provide you with answers to open questions that relate to the screaming or body language of your children. When do the children suffer from separation anxiety? Is strangers a stage of development that affects each of the children? Our guide will answer these and other questions, as will dealing with eating or sleeping problems. At the age of one to four years, the boys and girls experience strong physical and emotional development. The youngsters can learn to walk and speak within a few years. In addition, the children take a big step by loosening the diaper and becoming dry. At this stage it is completely normal for the children border try out. Moments of disappointment are inevitable when parents or children fail to achieve their goals.

Everything about children – we are at your side

From the desire to have children to the completion of infancy: it is an exciting time to see your own children grow up. Spend this time with us by receiving important information from us about every stage of your children’s development. We are your point of contact if you would like to find out more about various methods of fertilization or the initial equipping of a baby. If you would like helpful tips and tricks for breastfeeding or switching to solid food, we are also at your side with advice and action. "Everything about children“Is at your side if you are planning further family growth or if you want to find out about puberty from your toddler. If you throw yourself into the child planning carefully and even better informed, you will surely enjoy every day with your family.


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