Baby monitor reer, baby monitor review

  • 95% reduced electromagnetic waves (radio radiation)
  • Range up to 75 m
  • 2 channels with digital pilot tone for interference-free reception
  • battery alarm
  • sensitivity control

Packing unit: 1 piece. Free of electrical and magnetic fields, 95% reduced electromagnetic waves, sensitivity control, volume control, child safety device on the battery compartment, incl. 2 power supplies and 1 battery pack for receiver, color: white / blue; Range: 75 m; Power supply: battery / mains; With transformer plug: yes; With charging station: yes; Number of channels: 2

  • Range up to 250 m
  • 2 channels with digital pilot tone for interference-free reception
  • battery alarm
  • sensitivity control
  • Volume control

  • 40 MHz equipment
  • Range up to 400 meters
  • with pilot tone – for improved radio security and freedom from interference

H + H baby call baby monitor baby monitor MBF 1213 The baby call MBF 1213 is ideal for monitoring small children, babies or people in need of care. It consists of a transmitter, a receiver and two power supplies (230 V / 50 Hz). Your baby pager works on two different frequencies (channels) in the 40 MHz frequency range and thus offers the convenience of optimal transmission quality. You can operate the transmitter and receiver independently of the mains with batteries. The transmitter and receiver are operated with four AA batteries (not included). Features of the baby monitor: with pilot tone for improved radio safety and interference-free up to 400 m range depending on the local conditions. Automatic switch-off a

  • 864 MHz wireless technologies
  • Range up to 800 meters
  • Digital coding for interference-free transmission (16 different freely selectable digital codes)
  • with vibration alarm

  • B abyphon with digital, noise-free radio transmission …

digital baby monitor with noise-free radio transmission, ECO ZONE – radiation-free monitoring (in the room …

The baby caller&auml, t BM 862 from H + H is ideal for &Uuml, surveillance of small children, babies or nursing&uuml, needy people.

The baby monitor works on two different frequencies (channel 1: 27.145 MHz, channel 2: 27.195 MHz). Thanks to the range of up to 400 meters (depending on &ouml, local conditions) it is easily m&ouml, resembled, in all Quiet work in the garden&uuml, listen or relax in a deck chair on the terrace without the acoustic control &uuml about losing your baby. The recipient&auml, nger available&navigation use gt &uuml, via an optical reception indicator, which is also via LED chain&auml, lights up as soon as Ger&also received.&nbsp, Am Rec&The longer the devices&auml, usche acoustis

  • Low radiation: maximum 10mW
  • Range: 1000 m
  • No interference thanks to 16 subchannels
  • 3 alarms: acoustic, visual and vibration function
  • Acoustic distance alarm

Babyphone Expert Care

  • Nature sounds have a calming effect
  • Ease of falling asleep
  • The sound of the sea, rippling creek, Bird chirping, mom’s heartbeat
  • no electric smog
  • small and handy

Baby egg from Reer. Babies sleep thanks to soothing noises. 4 sounds of nature: the sound of the sea, the babbling of streams, mom’s heartbeat, birdsong. Adjustable volume. Switches off automatically after 10 minutes, switch-off function can be selected. No electrosmog thanks to battery operation. Batteries: 3x AA batteries (not included). Weight: 110 grams …

  • no more cell phone adapter needed
  • Unlimited range
  • Trouble-free, secure connection
  • location independent

100% free of electrosmog :: unlimited range :: with intercom function :: optionally also operable via mobile phone network

clear signal transmission thanks to the latest digital technology
up to 300 meters range
interference-free and bug-proof thanks to 2.4 GHz technology with FHSS
switchable night light and sleep melodies
automatic battery monitoring with charge level indicator
temperature monitoring


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