Bed for three children: 6 rules for the selection of furniture

A bed for three children should be practical and functional Children are our luck. And the more children, the luckier the parents are. But more trouble. It’s good for the children to play. They are not bored, they talk to each other, find common jobs and practically do not distract mother and father from actions. But the games end and it’s time for everyone to go to bed. This is where the problems begin. The sleeping area is most problematic in the house, where there are 3 or more children.

Bed for 3 children: how to organize the room properly

There are many ways to decorate a sleeping area for three, four or more children. The choice depends on the parameters of the room that you can choose from the children’s room. If your family lives in a small apartment, this is the case. If you have an entire villa and a habitable apartment at your disposal, it is different.

A bed for three children is better placed near the wall or in the corner of the room

Bed for 3 children is one, this is an option for small apartments. If you have enough space, it is better to make a separate bed for each child.

Psychologists say that those who have had a constant space of their own since childhood have become more confident and promising in the future. In this case, the beds must also be separated. From the available options, you will surely find the type of combination that suits you.

Types of three-story beds:

  • Retractable beds;
  • Extra beds;
  • Beds transformers;
  • Suspended beds;
  • Stationary three-story beds.

The main rule of this furniture element should not be a combination, but the safety that they offer children.

Three-story bed for children: options for placing babies

In many ways, the combination of a children’s room for three children depends on their age. The greater the age difference, the easier it is to cope with the task of limiting space. It is a different matter when the population of children is almost the same age. Then the problem is on the first Look almost insoluble.

A three-story bed for kids is only suitable if the kids are different by age and you have someone to send to the top. Children under the age of 6 cannot be stacked on the upper levels, and it is dangerous and dangerous. It is better to place teenagers there. The three-story bed is very high.

A three-tier bed for kids should be safe first and foremost

If the children are not big and still need to save space in the room, then give the residents of the upper floors 100% security to fall in a dream at night. In this case you can also use the option like a pull-out bed. It takes up little space and offers 100% security.

The rules for a three-story bed in the children’s room:

  • Try to keep the beds away from windows, doors, and other noisy places;
  • If there is not enough space, then it is possible to choose a design of the bed that allows it to be used and as a playground with labyrinths;
  • With low blankets, it is not advisable to make a third step near the bed because the sleeper under the blanket will be stuffy and hot;
  • Provide an easy and safe ascent to the resting place;
  • Likewise, a child should be on the third floor "lives", being able to have his bed unhindered;
  • Those who climb upstairs shouldn’t bother themselves or those below.

To avoid conflicts between children before using a new bed, explain to the children competently who and why they are sleeping exactly in the place you have defined.

Children’s room for three children in a large house

A big family has to live in a big house. And if someone fulfills this requirement, it is the best and does not wish. Children, like everyone else, need a lot of space for complete development. Volumetric role-playing games fit in a small space. And when we talk about a full, peaceful sleep, it should be borne in mind that the possibility of a place to sleep, in which the child spends almost half the time, greatly influences the development of the individual. No wonder children turn in a dream. This suggests that they are not complex, open, and constantly perceiving. If you lock a child up in a narrow bed, the width of its creature will quickly close within the frame.

Children’s room for three should be wide, spacious and cozy. The beds in it are best placed exactly and equally. A brother or sister who sleeps a stick above it will subconsciously be the dominant figure in the eyes of those who sleep below.

size to have;
  • If one of the children is older and two are younger, then you can choose between two beds on the lower and the third from above vertically;
  • If the room is very small, you can arrange the beds around the perimeter and arrange dressers and drawers underneath them.
  • If the area allows it, every occupant of the room is able to separate a room that is identical to the rest, in which a sleeping place, a playroom and a desk are placed.
  • If the children are small or of the same gender, you can place three Ottomans in a row under the wall.
  • No matter how you arrange the beds, they should be as comfortable and safe to use as possible.

    What should a bed be for two children of different ages

    Modern design projects contain so many colorful models of children’s rooms that it is difficult to imagine how all of this can be implemented. You can. And even necessary. After all, living conditions sometimes give us a way out of the most desperate situations.

    A bed for two children of different ages is usually a bunk bed, one area larger than the other, or simply already.

    How to choose the right bed for two children of different ages:

    1. Measure the parameters of the space you are ready to assign under the bed;
    2. Ask the children what colors, shapes and compositions they have arranged more;
    3. Choose several models that match the children’s vision and show them to the children;
    4. You make a choice with them;
    5. Check the quality certificate for the product and make sure the bed is made of environmentally friendly materials;
    6. Check the product’s certificate of conformity with the safety requirements for use by children.

    Place a large entrance to the crib in the house and arrange a little vacation for the whole family on this occasion. Then your children will fall asleep quickly and immerse themselves in pleasant, delicious memories.

    Bunk bed for three children of different sexes: children’s room decoration

    In large families, an acute problem is having children on the basis of gender correctly. The beauty here is that no matter how many children you have after two, the genders are still no more than two. It’s easier to say. Of course, adults of different sexes have to settle in separate rooms. But we are talking about children.

    A bunk bed for three children of different sex will be saved in a situation where it is necessary to place three children in a small room. If you put the boy up in a bed and the two girls underneath or vice versa, you will solve the problem perfectly.

    To ensure that the room does not look monotonous, the bed should have a different color than the surface materials

    When you raise one of the berths on the second floor, you free up additional space for other functions in the children’s room. After all, this quirky room is the most functional of all. If you intelligently zonirovat the rest of the room, bring it to the ideal. Such a layout will make it possible not only to reveal part of the room, but also to decorate the room.

    Children’s room zones:

    • Sleeping area;
    • Play area;
    • Zone of hobbies;
    • Kunstecke;
    • Changing room;
    • working surface.

    Our young residents of the apartment are so active and demand that they have to have everything at once. To do this, furniture and accessories must be comfortable and practical.

    Bed models for three children (video)

    If you properly equip the interior of the children’s room, where two or more children live, you will help them avoid conflicts between themselves and the struggles for the territory and to raise worthy, active, determined people.


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