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Welcome to our website Whitening test on the subject tooth whitening! We have all the information about the most popular teeth whitening products. We also offer you all the information you need about the costs.

In our articles on the cities you will find a list of dental clinics in your area, where you can have a professional in-office whitening.

What exactly is whitening??

The word bleaching comes from English and means simply translated "bleaching". This is the method used to whiten teeth for aesthetic or cosmetic reasons. Other terms used in this context are teeth whitening, Teeth whitening, Teeth whitening or just tooth whitening.

White teeth have been an ideal of beauty for centuries and, thanks to modern medicine, are affordable for everyone. Where ineffective and dangerous acids were used to whiten teeth a long time ago, today there are modern remedies, such as tooth whitening gel! For a smile, as you have always wanted. Be sure to check out the Blend a Med Whitestrips and Crest Whitestrips tests.

The teeth whitening products that you can buy anywhere are pH neutral and have practically no side effects. Sometimes the teeth are a little more sensitive right after the whitening, but that’s about it. If you follow the instructions and don’t overdo the teeth whitening, you don’t need to worry about side effects or tooth damage.

How much does a good teeth whitening cost??

As Home whitening Products are products that can be bought in any good drugstore and can be used at home without the help of a doctor. These range from gel and pencils to toothpaste and are sometimes very cheap too to get. The prices for most products are between € 5 and € 60. Of course, there are also more expensive and higher quality branded products that promise a long-lasting result.

The teeth whitening costs are lower than you might imagine. You can get teeth whitening with visible results for less than € 10. There are a number of different products on the market with something for every budget. The products differ in that you need to use some products shorter or the result just lasts longer and you do less teeth whitening. In any case, you don’t have to do without a bright white smile!

In-office whitening, also simple Office bleaching or Power bleaching, is called teeth whitening at the dentist. Here the general price is around 200 € up to 600 € and more. The main advantage of the dentist is that dentists are allowed to use much more effective means. The brightening is done quickly, looks great and lasts extremely long. If you are interested in such a beautification of the teeth, you will definitely find a suitable and affordable dentist with us.

Whiten your teeth at home

gel is probably the best known method of tooth whitening. It is the main component of many whitening products and is used, among other things, in pens and in the rail. Depending on the product, the gel is applied to the teeth for a certain period of time and then washed off again.

Home bleaching is called teeth whitening that you can do at home. This type of tooth whitening can be done without the help of a doctor and is relatively easy to use. There are a variety of different products and we will show you briefly how they differ.

at strip are small plastic strips that are simply glued to the teeth. This method has become very popular through television advertising and remains one of the most commonly used methods.

The rail is a dental splint that is filled with gel and inserted. Some rails are worn overnight, others only for few Minutes. In some cases, dentists offer to manufacture individual dental splints for teeth whitening. These fit better and the teeth are brightened more evenly.

toothpaste is, as the name suggests, toothpaste that makes your teeth whiter when used for a long time. While this is the easiest and cheapest way to whiten your teeth, the effect wears off when you change toothpaste again. Powder works very similarly, it is only more natural.

Have a tooth whitening done at the dentist

In some cases, bleaching lamps are also used, which activate the gel used and intensify the effect. After half an hour the gel is removed and the first results can be seen. This whole procedure is repeated once or twice so that the teeth remain white for several years.

Power bleaching at the dentist can make teeth whiter than normal products and last longer. This is due to the stronger preparations and the professional application by the dentist or by a dental assistant. When in-office teeth whitening, the gums are covered with a rubber-like material to protect them. Next, the whitening agent is applied directly to the discolored teeth.

If you prefer the office to home bleaching, you may find the right dentist with us. We have selected clinics in the most famous and largest cities for you, so that it is easier for you to find a good dentist. For example, for teeth whitening in Munich or Berlin.

Methods for teeth whitening in the test

We have tested some products for you and offer you our results on this page. From the most popular gels to splints or pens. There is something in every price range. You can assume that we only present the best products here. Be sure to check out our test winner and our price tip.

Under the bestseller you will also find some top whitening products that you can have cheaply delivered to your home on Amazon.


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