Magic run weekend: my 1

Magic Run Weekend: My 1st Half Marathon through Disneyland Paris!

Disney Run: Everything you need to know about the Magic Run Weekend or the Half Marathon through Disneyland Paris!

Do you still remember my Blog post about: Running for beginners ? I published it in January after I made the spontaneous decision this year my 1st half marathon by the Disneyland Paris to run. Meanwhile, I successfully completed the run – and now I would like to share my experiences with you. Among other things, I would like to answer the following questions:

  • Disney Run – what can I imagine?
  • How does it work with the registration?
  • How much is the participation in the Disney Run??

In addition, you will learn in this post why we are decided against taking the kids to our running weekend and in which Hotel good and cheap stay can.

The Disney Half Marathon at a glance

At the Disney Half Marathon it is a total 21.0975 km long run through both Disney Parks (Disneyland Paris & Walt Disney Studios Parks) as well as the adjacent villages. The goal of the run is in the Walt Disney Studios.

At the end of the run an absolute highlight awaits every finisher: this medal! &# 128578;

Our Disney weekend in quick transit:

We are at Saturday morning at 5 clock in Duisburg started and were in ours at about 11 o’clock Hotel in Chessy Affiliate Link, which was only a 5 minute drive or 1 train stop (= 2 minutes) away from Disneyland and a very good price / performance ratio bot. Because it was too early to check in, we only have ours for a short time Baggage delivered and then with the free Shuttle bus of the hotel to Disneyland hazards:

After security check in front of the park we are the Run Disney signs followed and by that Disney Village to about 5 minutes away Expo at the Disney Event Center ran. Here we have ours Starting documents picked up:

  • The start number incl. Safety pins for fastening (this is also called “BIP”)
  • The transparent bag for personal items including stickers
  • The run T-shirt

Then we have a quick one Photo pass for 29 € Bought. In the course of the race, photos will be taken that will be used by the runners on the basis of the start number be assigned and a few days after the run to download stand by.

Then it went from the Train station Marne la Vallée Chessy, which is located next to the Disneyland, in about 35 minutes with the RER in the Paris city center, where we spent the rest of the day.

The evening before the run

Since the run already around 7 o’clock at the Sunday morning should start, we have already prepared everything in the evening:

  • The start number with the safety pins attached to the running shirt
  • Running shoes provided
  • Running belt + some money, train ticket, insurance card, ID card, smartphone, headphones and handkerchiefs (!) Ready
  • Rescue blanket laid out as cold protection before the race (you can also cut it in 2 parts and share it with you).

Drinks and snacks There are during the run, so you do not need to pack them.

The right starting block

For your morning planning you should note in which group you start (A, B, C or D). This in turn depends on which expected running time you during the Registration angebt. Group A starts first and is intended for professionals who presumably in 1:30 hrs or faster break up. To belong to this group, you have to prove that you are actually able to walk so fast.

For the Groups B, C and D this is not required. So, if you are 1:35 hours before the run, you should probably end up in the B group. We were greeted with our optimistic estimate of 2:15 hrs Group D allocated and are thus started last.

That had that Advantage that we did not have to leave so early. Our “Coral” (-> that’s the name of the 4 start zones in which the runners wait for the start) Closed at 7:35. That was also the start time. If we had started in Block A, we would have at the latest 6:40 clock need to be on site:

  • Block A: Start time: 7 o’clock, start block closes: 6:40 o’clock
  • Block B Start time: 7:10 am Starting block closes at 6:55 am
  • Block C Start time: 7:25 clock Start block closes at: 7:10 clock
  • BLock D: Start time: 7:35 am Starting block closes at: 7:35 am

Disadvantage of the late start time: The snakes at the Photo stops were extremely long (about 20 minutes wait during the run). We have refrained from hiring ourselves. If you value the Photos with the Disney characters it might make sense to start in the B block and initially accelerate.

The process on the day of the race

In the morning we are at 6.45 clock with the Rail (RER) one station in the direction of Disneyland driven and to the starting point next to the Expo tent / Eventcenter run. Before the start, the runners were there over one big screen to chat. The mood was good and there was enough time left for the Costumes of the other runners to admire or again to Toilet to go:

The run itself then led first through the two Disney Parks, which was really great:

Before then out on the fields went. This stretch of road then pulled pretty much and it would like more Anfeuerungs groups may give:

The full kilometers were on the way up Disney posters displayed. There was also regular Food stalls with water, isotonic drinks and cereal bars:

The Finish line of the barrel was then in the Disney Studios. Here were also the Passing medals to the finishers. I was so happy to have made it just under 2:30 hours (2:29 hours) that I actually forgot one Take a photo of the finish.

After the run we have a small one Snack package get and used the opportunity to souvenir photos close. If one of these official photos Something has become, I will complete it here in the next few days.

At 11 o’clock we are with the train (RER) who drove one station back to the hotel, showered quickly and then checked out relatively punctually at 12 o’clock. After one Pizza stop Then it went home again. I would definitely plan that differently next time and one 2. Book overnight accommodation on site. Fortunately my husband was relatively fit after the run – I would definitely not have been able to drive the 500km.

Because me -> Here on Instagram so many questions to sign up for Disney Half Marathon 2020 at the 09/27/2020 I would like to briefly explain the process.

Registration for the Disney Run Weekend

There are basically 2 ways to participate in one of Disney runs participate:

1. You book Combination ticket including tickets for the race and one night at the Disney Hotel. Advantage of the combination tickets: The sale starts earlier and you can secure your tickets without stress. Disadvantage: These tickets are much more expensive than the combination of start number + self-booked hotel. For this reason, I have also decided to sell the Single tickets waiting.

2. You wait until the “BIP only tickets“(BIP = start numbers, single tickets) for the Magic Run Weekend go on sale and book your accommodation separately. Advantage of BIP only tickets: They are günster! Disadvantage: They are often sold out in a few minutes! In order not to miss the launch, I would recommend that you subscribe to the newsletter and log in on time on the website Info at a glance:

  • The Magic Run Weekend / Disney Run 2020 weekend will take place from 24-27.09.2020
  • In 2019, the sale of “BIP only Tickets” started on April 2nd at 4pm
  • The tickets for the 5 km run were booked out first
  • For 502 Bad Gateway error messages, the regular refreshing of the page helps
  • If you missed the appointment, in June (2019 it was the 18th) there is a chance of one of the few remaining tickets.

Entry fee and conditions for runs during the Disney Run Weekend:

In addition to the half marathon, there are a number of other runs:

  • 5 km run: Minimum age: 5 years, children under 12 must be accompanied by a registered adult. Cost: 40 €
  • 10 km run: minimum age: 15 years. Cost: 59 €
  • Half marathon: Minimum age: 18 years. Cost: 77 € medical certificate required*
  • 31 km (half marathon + 10 km run): 156 €

The bib number, the medal, a T-shirt, drinks & Snacks during the race are already included in the ticket price for all races.

Kids races:

  • 100m: 1 – 3 year old
  • 200m: 4 – 7 year old
  • 1 km 8 – 12 years old

The kids runs cost 15 € per child. Children aged 1 to 5 years may be accompanied by a parent.

The medical certificate for the half marathon through the Disneyland

At the half marathon you need one to participate Certificate from your doctor, which certifies that you are fit enough for a run >-> here. I got an appointment with my doctor in April and had to go there Exercise ECG as well as one Lung function test do. The costs for these examinations are not covered by the health insurance and have about 75 €. Note: At the time of the race, your certificate must not be older than 1 year.

Planning and Timing:

If you would like to participate in Disneyland’s Half Marathon 2020, I would recommend the following procedure:

  1. As early as possible: one Book a hotelBest of all, including a free cancellation copy, in case you do not get tickets. -> You can find hotel tips here.
  2. Approximately in April: -> Here Your start number book!
  3. May: date for one checkup see the doctor.
  4. August: copy of yours to upload a medical certificate and complete your registration.
  5. 2 weeks before the race: “BIB” coupon print in your Disney Run account.
  6. The day before the race: Pick up the start number in the Expo tent.

That tasted our participation in the Disney Magic Run Weekend:

  • Starting numbers: 77 € p.P.
  • Hotel: incl. Wellness area & Parking (without breakfast 166 €: 2 = 83 € p.P.

That results together 160 € p.P. and is much cheaper than the Disney packages.

Of course there are the costs for this medical certificate of 75 € P. P. as well as the Fuel costs from Duisburg to Paris: about 100 € (or 50 € p.P.). That will give you one Total price of 285 € per person.

Q. Q: Questions I’ve been asked in recent days:

Well, that was the summary of mine Disney Run information. I really enjoyed the run and I would say it is for beginners > -> Keep my own running tips for beginners here and prepare more long runs complete. My exhaustion after the run was pretty extreme. Anyway: If you have any questions or feedback, please write to me!

PS: More information about staying at Disneyland Paris inc. You can find saving tips> here on my blog. Besides, I have reported here like one -> New Year‘s Eve celebration at Disneyland Paris expires.

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