Blessings for birth – blessings for baby

Blessing a newborn child is especially important for the older generation. junior People are mostly satisfied with more modern sayings when it comes to the issue of baby birth. Nevertheless, we have selected a few general and Irish blessings for the birth of boys and girls that can be considered for birth cards or similar congratulations. A first inspiration could be our baptism blessings, which can also be used for the new generation. The grandparents like to put the texts on a card from the grandchild, godparents express their blessings for the godchild. First of all, we want to clarify what a blessing is.

What is a blessing?

A blessing will frequently associated with religious and Catholic customs. The mass is often brought to an end with the words that the Lord will bless and protect you. The blessing is supposed to bring what you cannot buy with money. Humans have desires and needs, which often depend on a higher power or on "coincidence". It is about giving healing power to the person you want to bless give. He should be protected by God and give the human child what it takes to live with the pronunciation of blessing. More detailed explanations of the general definition of the word can be found at Birth blessings are usually not too gender-specific, so they are also wonderful for twins, for a son and for a daughter.

For the birth of a daughter

May God take time for you. We celebrate you as a silent miracle. Go out into this world and always be protected and reaffirmed. From us and through the Lord.

I wish you a blessed start in life. Full of confidence, strength and curiosity. There is so much to discover on Earth. Explore and free the depth of yourself. Live freely and in the company of those who do you good.

At birth I want to bless you my child. Oh mother of all, as a symbol. As a child, as a girl and as a woman. May God’s hand protect you and show you the way that leads you to happiness.

I wish you patience and impatience.

I wish you love and hate.

Because without anger there would be no love,
without love there would be no faith.

We all believe in you today and for the rest of your life.

The greatness of happiness sometimes begins on a small scale. May you grow and thrive. Discover and enjoy life in all facets. I bless you as a godmother and I always wish you a guardian angel by your side.

We also have responsibility as grandparents. Responsibility to accompany you on your way. To clear stones out of the way and build bridges where it goes deep down. From within our hearts these blessings from grandma and grandpa.

For the birth of a son

My son will grow strong if you want it.

My son will grow up if you want it.

My son will get rich if you want it.

God be with you on your ways.

We bless you, son of God. The Lord is with you as a father and as a friend. With angels and a warm hand that strengthens you in life and fights with you. That holds you tight and strengthens your back.

Today is the beginning of a wonderful life. You still have so many years full of hope and zest for action ahead of you. Accept these feelings and let them guide you, because then you will experience real happiness. Bless my boy, I’m there when you need me and let me find you when you’re looking for me.

May God provide you with what you need. Give you what is called stop in life. Illuminate dark corridors and lead you through bright valleys. Because life is a hike. With many obstacles and heavy rocks.

But we as a family will hold you. Firm your back. We want to be your walking stick as a support for the bad times. Laugh with you at good times, cry with you at bad times.

You shall have our blessings, my son. Grandma and Grandpa always want to show you the way when you lose the thread. Whenever you ask us we will be there.

With the greatest blessings,

Irish blessings on the birth of a child

Irish folk wisdom is particularly popular for blessing children. Hermann Multhaupt has a special book with the most beautiful blessings that can also be used for the birth of a child. Below are some nice quotes and sayings that are relatively well known.

Be your heart full of confidence and appear a rainbow after every thunderstorm.

May wonderful flowers grow from every seed you sow. May the color of the flowers reflect in your eyes and put a smile on your face.

I bless this house and all those who live in it.

May the force always be with you when all paths change direction.

Always take a moment to be happy because happiness is the melody of life.

May God walk with you on the path ahead of you and with this, my wish for your life journey, lead you to happiness and follow you.

Take into your heart what brings you eternal bliss!


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