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What are open jaw flights?

Open Jaw Flight (OJ) is a special form of outward and return flight in which two different routes are flown to or from the destination, which have only one airport in common. This means that a total of three airports are used for the journey.

What does single and double fork flight mean?

The “Open Jaw Flight” again distinguishes between a simple and a double variant. The characteristics of these flight concepts can best be explained using an example: A passenger flies from Frankfurt to San Francisco to embark on an extensive exploratory tour of the western United States. So he arrives in San Francisco, rents a camper or rental car and the adventure can begin. Since the passenger wants to see the most beautiful and interesting places in the American West, including the Yosemite National Park, the Death Valley and the Grand Canyon, the flight from Las Vegas back to Frankfurt would be much less expensive. This means that the entire distance from Las Vegas to San Francisco would not have to be covered, which saves transport costs as well as valuable vacation time. In such cases, open jaw flights are the optimal travel option. If the destination of the outbound flight differs from the location of the return flight, one speaks of a simple open jaw flight. These flights also work the other way round. Thus, air travellers can take off again from the airport of arrival, but arrive at a different airport than the airport of departure.

In the case of double open jaw flights, both departure and destination airports are different for outward and return flights. So if the passenger in question would like to visit relatives or acquaintances after his exploration tour and does not fly back to Frankfurt from Las Vegas, but instead to Munich, he uses the double variant.

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Book open jaw flights – What is there to consider?

If you want to use the open jaw option, you should book the return flight with the same airline. This is the only way to ensure that half the outward and half the return fare are combined at a special price. However, it can happen that one and the same airline does not cover both routes. In this case, you should book one of the two legs with an airline of the same airline alliance. This is because all airlines of the respective airline alliance often offer special fares for multi-stop flights. Usually the offers can be combined and passengers benefit from a preferential price.

There are currently three flight alliances: The oldest alliance is the “Star Alliance”, which currently has 27 members, including Lufthansa, United Airlines and Air Canada. Founded two years later, the “oneworld Alliance” currently consists of 15 airlines, including Air Berlin, American Airlines and British Airways. The third airline alliance in the alliance is the “Sky Team” with 20 partner airlines. The “Sky Team” includes Delta Air Lines, Air France and China Southern Airlines.

If no partner airline operates the corresponding open jaw routes, the only option is to book two one-way tickets, which are often only available at the normal price. With most flight search engines on the Internet, the search mask offers the option of “outward and return flight” or “outward flight only” as well as “open jaw flight”. This makes it easier for users not only to find their suitable flights, but also to check their availability with just one click and book them immediately.

When are open jaw flights really worthwhile?

The advantages of these split flights are inevitably obvious, but they are not always worth it. For passengers who want to explore the desired holiday destination with a rental car on their own and for business travellers who have to be able to move independently and mobile within the destination country, such multistop flights are a low-cost option. This flight is also often chosen by travellers on a cruise. Because often the ship journey does not lead back to the place of departure, so that holiday-makers begin then possibly from another than the arrival airport the flight into the homeland.

But for those who want to be completely flexible during their holidays, open jaw flights are hardly worthwhile. Because on these flights, the passenger is precisely timed, so he must also board the plane for the return flight booked accordingly. This also means that nothing unexpected should happen during the journey, as otherwise the schedule could shift. As with a simple flight ticket, the rebooking of flights can be very costly. For business travellers the split flight is also not always recommended. They are often forced to travel quickly from one place to another. Therefore, if time is the decisive criterion when booking a flight, the one-way solution should also be considered under certain circumstances.

Nevertheless, air travellers with open jaw flights have the opportunity to fly comfortably, flexibly and, above all, inexpensively to their holiday destination and back again. Whether or not this type of flight is suitable must be decided individually by each passenger. The experience alone is certainly worth it and the wallet will thank you.

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