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We were allowed to test the personalized book “Oh, you fright, my name is gone!”. A cute idea in which the child plays the leading role and goes in search of the letters of his name. Imaginative, sweetly illustrated and best of all, you can win a book like this! I knew personalized books from my childhood: I simply used my own first name as the protagonist name in a story. If this was a really well done book, then the protagonist would still have the same hair color or happen to live in exactly the same cowboy as you. Sounds simple – but I remember that I was totally excited and really proud to be the main character in a book! But today such books are even more refined…

Personalized in this case means: individually tailored to the name.

Personalized children’s book, tailored to your individual needs

When I heard about the book “Ach, Du Schreck, mein Name ist weg!” (Oh, you shock, my name is gone), I first had the book from my childhood in mind again. Spontaneously I said yes. Of course, let’s have a look! A story like that, in which the main character has the same name, would have inspired my boys a lot. But it came even better. Because with this personalized children’s book, the name is also searched for by the main character. More precisely, the book is different for every name. So really individual.

Stop, stop. This is going too fast. You only understand station, don’t you?!

Let me explain how this works:

The book can be ordered online directly from Lostmyname on the website. Enter the child’s name, click on whether boy (then the book is blue) or girl (then it is purple) and add the address – off you go. You can even have a look at the book online. Delivery could take up to a week, it was said, but after two days the parcel was already in the mail.

A sweet Christmas present for children

What do you want me to say? The whole thing is really cute! A great gift idea, just for Christmas! It’s about a child (in this case the child for whom the book was ordered) waking up in the morning and oh shock – the name is gone! The search for the letters of the name is a little fairy tale. And what this search looks like, who the child meets and collects the individual letters – that depends on the respective name. Because always persons or animals are met, who begin with the in each case looked for letter. So a king when it comes to the K, a troll when it comes to the T, a hedgehog when it comes to the I – and so on…

The K finds the main character with the help of a king. Logo, right?

So our boys got – even if the cover looks the same – two different books. With two different stories, because of course they both have different names.

Uh yes, dear normal mum, that was masterfully explained again :-)

The child in this picture book thus experiences a personalized adventure and finds all the letters and his name at the end. Reading it, you will learn how to spell your own name. The story is very sweetly told, in rhymes that are also beautiful. Perhaps you know these children’s books with totally annoying rhymes, according to the scheme “rhyme-me-or-eat-me”? It’s definitely not this category of rhymes, I think the text is written very nicely and is pleasant to read out (as a mom, I always find the pleasant reading out very very very important). The pictures are also sweetly illustrated, there is a lot to discover even for small readers.

We really liked the books – the children are proud and excited that it’s all about their own names. And if you make it clear to them that the whole story is tailored to them and their name (if you have two children, it’s very easy, because they realize that they have two different stories) – that’s even more exciting.

I think definitely: A super sweet idea, a nice present, not only for Christmas! From the age I would recommend it to children from 3 years, who then already understand what it is about. And up to preschool age they will certainly find it very exciting! But also for older children it is a nice gift idea – yes, I would even say that you could make adults happy with it (at least I would be happy about it).

By the way, if the child has a very short name, there are filling pages (so not empty, but filled with history, of course). I think that’s a good solution, because otherwise a little Bo or Jo would be a bit sad! So the personalized books have a minimum number of pages.

The only drawback: I find the books quite expensive (26,99 Euro) (but the shipping is free). Sure, they are printed extra and fast. But if you expect a glossy book or a hardcover for 26,99 Euro, you might be a bit disappointed. The book is as big as a normal picture book (like a DIN A 4 sheet in landscape format), but like a paperback made of reinforced paper and cardboard. But it’s so thick that it can withstand children’s eagerly leafing through their hands.

If you want it a little more elegant, you can opt for the 49.99 Euro expensive deluxe version: The book has a hardcover cloth binding, which is of course a good thing, but it is sent in a gift box with a DI A 5 print by the illustrator Pedro Serapicos.

So and now the best thing: You can win a personalized book! Hear it right! That’s exactly what happens before Christmas. I’m raffling here on the blog a specially for you personalized basic variant copy of “Oh, you scare, my name is gone”.

The hedgehog brings I. So the children learn to write their name at the same time, quite a nice side effect, I think.

Sweepstakes – the conditions of participation

Conditions of participation: What do you have to do? It’s simple. Comments here under this blog post. If you follow this blog (via email, WordPress or Facebook), you will get an extra ticket, so increase your chances! Just write me in the comment where you follow me and zack come two lots with your name in the lottery pot. (But even if you don’t follow me, you can of course take part in the draw – just comment, then you have a lot!)

Closing date for entries: All comments received by 8.15 p.m. on 6.12. (i.e. husch husch still before the scene of the crime) jump into the lottery pot, from which my big guy then draws a lottery ticket. I’ll announce the winner here under this article and write an email. And already on Monday. For the winner there will be a voucher code by mail, so that a personalized children’s book can be ordered from Lostmyname just before Christmas.

Disclaimer – There is no legal recourse, the prize cannot be paid out in cash and there is no connection between this competition and Facebook.

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