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We have campers that are fun for children. Click through and find the perfect VW bus for your camping holiday for you and your children!

Camping with children is too stressful for you? nonsense! Children love camping holidays because they can be designed much more freely: Breakfast is available when everyone is awake and hungry. And not when the hotel says it! There are a few things you should be aware of. We give you a few tips on what these are!





Advantages: camping with children

Children love being able to move freely and carefree – sometimes exploring the world without mom and dad. They are open to new encounters – this is a great advantage at a campsite, because the little rascals can quickly make new friends here. Even faster than at home! Why? Of course, everyone is outside, the neighbors are just a short distance away from their own place. The inhibition threshold is simply lower to approach new friends. And in the group is the rascals then also really confident!

Many campsites are designed for families with children: a playground, sports fields or even a pool are among the many attractions. Once your children have explored the territory, the advantages for parents on the campsite begin: Your children will be busy themselves. If you then have a good pitch with a view of the playground, nothing stands in the way of relaxation. So: mom, dad, put your feet up!

Rent a camper with children and discover the world

Camping helps children socially and intellectually: They experience nature, the weather, changing temperatures and smells every day and train their social behavior in a relaxed and relaxed environment. If you leave them on the long leash a little, they will quickly get in touch with the neighboring children. And who knows? Maybe they’ll even snap up a word or two of a foreign language! You will be amazed, in the evening your sweets will already wish you "Bon Appetit!" Or "Buona notte!"

Our roadsurfer campers offer up to five beds as standard. For small children, a hanging bed can also be hung in the passenger area. On tent you don’t actually need it. However, children love nights under the open sky, so it’s worth packing one anyway. So you can move a night outside, or the tent serves as a play castle for rainy days! Also very practical: you can also stow the child seats in the tent, because if you want to eat on the bus, you need space there!

There is no bad weather …

The basic equipment for all weather conditions is important when camping with children! So belong Sunscreen and sun hat in the luggage as well Wellies, mud pants and rain jacket. Since clothes, once wet, can only dry slowly, it is better to take a little more change of clothes with you than usual. Our roadsurfer tip: Fleece fabrics keep you warm, are light and dry extremely quickly! Whether in the morning or in the evening, they are the best choice, especially in windy Atlantic weather.

The right sleeping bags are worth a lot

The pajamas should be a little warmer than at home. And of course open to the public! Finally it’s fine in the sleep robe also like to go to the toilet house (a popular play station by the way) across the square! The Sleeping bags should suit the temperatures be purchased. By the way, two sleeping bags of the same brand can be easily connected, so that nothing stands in the way of a cozy night. There are age-appropriate sleeping bags for children that are not too long so that they can disappear (and suffocate) in them. Some brands even offer extendable children’s sleeping bags so that the kids didn’t grow out of it right after a summer. But still: If you drive in midsummer, a normal cotton sleeping bag from home is sometimes enough …

Would you like to spend a night in a tent? Then it applies Insulate the floor well. The best thing to do is build a camp out of sleeping pads and connect them with a fitted sheet. So nothing slides apart and suddenly no child is lying on the bare tent floor! A lot of heat is also lost through the head. So it doesn’t hurt, especially with children, one Hoodie or hat ready if the temperature suddenly drops.

Not only for night trips to the toilet, but also for short night hikes or searching for lost items at night Flashlight indispensable and belongs in every camping equipment. Our roadsurfer tip: Children love headlamps. These are already available at 10 euros.

"Mom, I’m bored" – employment for children on camping holidays

"When are we there?", "Daddy, I have to go to the toilet!", "I’m hungry", "I’m bored" … Everyone who has children has heard these sentences from their little ones. Long car journeys are not always easy for children. So here are a few tips and ideas on how to keep your kids busy on long trips in the car or camper van and at the campsite!

Camping games on a long trip

Games that have to do with observation are a great activity for children when traveling – logically, after all, the environment is constantly changing! Travel Bingo is such a game, for example: All people in the car – except perhaps the driver – choose one color (each one a different color). Now it’s about discovering as many cars or other objects with this color as possible. Whenever you discover your color, you shout “Bingo!”. Alternatively, you can choose other groups instead of one color, for example buildings such as churches, tunnels, castles or car models such as convertibles, trucks and buses.

The classic "I can see what you can not see" is still a great game for long journeys, but more suitable for the little ones, because the environment is constantly changing outside and there is not enough choice in the camper bus for older children to have long fun. Better there "Who or what am I". You think of something your child knows, for example the name of their favorite cuddly toy. Now your child has to ask questions that you answer with “yes” or “no”. Bit by bit, it feels like solving the question "Who or what am I?". Of course, it works the other way around!

Words can also be a lot of fun. Forms, for example, lines of words from compound nouns, Example: Motorway – train journey – luggage – baggage carousel – etc. Or collect as many words as possible from a group, for example animals, which begin with the first letter of the license plate next to you. On this occasion, your child can also guess which license plate belongs.

Are you also getting sick when reading in the car? Then why don’t you and your children invent some stories yourself? Start with a sentence that your children then add one piece at a time and alternately have to. For example like this: "Suddenly Indian chief Red Feather had a great idea …", "… he caught a chicken in the bushes …", "… ‘Should I roast it or give it a name?’, He thought …", etc. Our roadsurfer tip: Such stories are also a great reminder of the old days when you write them down!

And by the way, your children will remember it better later than a DVD or an ipad game. Ok, one music CD or one CD with stories you should definitely have it with you!

Play at the campsite

Children can have a lot of fun on campsites with both parents and alone. Of course, it doesn’t hurt in the classic way, one or two Board or card games pack. These are also a good alternative for indoors if it should rain.

Many campsites offer one Bicycle and scooter rentals on. This way your child can also explore the camping lanes wildly on their own if their own bike has stayed at home. Football or badminton racket naturally belong in every camper game box.

Should your Campsite don’t have a pool or your kids are still too small for it, it’s worth a small one inflatable swimming pool to take with you – that ensures a little cooling in between and also magically attracts the neighboring children.

Many campsites offer campfire sites for the mild summer evening. Here you come into contact with other campers and enjoy Stick bread and glowing potatoes an exciting dinner for the kids. Then you take out the flashlights and make one Mini-night walk – The little ones are guaranteed to fall asleep happily and quickly after so many exciting experiences! Face painting on the road! Children love to dress up! Of course there is no space for the carnival suitcase when traveling. The carnival make-up always fits somewhere in between. There are numerous instructions for face painting on the net. You will quickly become your child’s star and the first point of contact at the campsite.

Make a campfire, eat stick bread, experiment with the embers. Learning to live in the open air – that’s camping!

Vacationing with children at the campsite is and remains the highlight of the year for the little ones and the biggest. Just let five be straight, let the filthy sparrow be a filthy sparrow, go to bed with sandy, black feet and get up again in the morning. Letting go and letting go is good for everyone, not just the children!

Have fun and we look forward to you! Be free. Be a roadsurfer.


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