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Motor vehicle insurance

All-round protection for your car.

With the VHV we offer you a top provider for Car insurance at top conditions to. Book z.B. Add your discount protection without complications. In addition to low premiums, you can also benefit from VHV’s outstanding Claims PLUS service.

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One price. Everything that is important.

car insurance without hidden costs. But with full benefits.
We make sure that no financial drama occurs.

Motor vehicle insurance without hidden costs

Best coverage. Best performance. Top premium.

An overview of the most important facts:

  • Performance update guarantee
  • Sum insured up to 100 million. EUR
  • Damage due to animal bite incl. Consequential damage up to 3.000 EUR
  • New price compensation up to 14 months
  • Special equipment included in insurance free of charge

All information at a glance

Here you will find all important information as a PDF for downloading. download our information material and convince yourself of our products at your leisure. If you have any questions about special offers and benefits or would like advice, we will be happy to help you.

Even more good reasons!

The VHV modular principle: put your car insurance together individually.

Use additional available service modules – depending on what you need. You often travel abroad? Combine our product lines with the additional modules foreign damage protection and mobility protection to be optimally covered when traveling and always remain mobile.

Add-on benefit modules are:

  • discount protection
  • Free choice of repair shop or fixed repair shop for comprehensive insurance claims
  • protection policy (PLUS)
  • Driver protection
  • Foreign coverage
  • GAP protection
  • Telematics- save up to 30% on your car insurance premium

All modules can be selected individually in the tariff calculator and are also described in detail there.

Second car rating with 54!

Drive safely, save safely- TELEMATICS GUARANTOR

From 0 to 30 percent premium discount with the new telematics tariff.

All eyes on the vehicle we focus on the driver: with the VHV TELEMATIK-GARANT tariff, your motor insurance premium is calculated based on your driving style. This can be cheaper for you.

Those who drive safer and more carefully than others should also pay less. That’s why VHV TELEMATIK-GARANT exists. With this top tariff, you determine the premium yourself and can save up to 30%.

When you are best protected with motor vehicle insurance?

Trust VHV and enjoy unlimited mobility with your car.

Finally, the number that always helps in the event of damage or loss.

Claims information (24 hrs.): +49 (511) 6550 5020

Car insurance direct

What happens in the event of a claim?

Report your damage immediately to VHV via app: directly by phone or send an accident report. Step by step, the program guides you through all the important points.

Useful tips and advice on what to do in the event of an accident and helpful telephone numbers round off VHV’s claims service. Download the app to your smartphone now for free.

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