Children’s christmas carols – listen and sing along

Children's Christmas carols - listen and sing along

Children’s Christmas carols – listen and sing along

Children’s Christmas carols – children in particular love songs such as ‘snowflakes, white skirts’ and ‘in the Christmas bakery’. There are more songs here.

Children’s Christmas carols – the magic of Christmas to sing along to

Children love Christmas carols. Why are Christmas carols so attractive to young and old? This applies particularly to children – and not just because of the gifts and school holidays. It is the solemn magic that surrounds Christmas. And that is also reflected in the Christmas carols. Christmas carols were originally church songs, until the Reformation they were mostly in Latin. Later influences from folk and lullabies were added, making the songs much more interesting for children. Today there are numerous children’s Christmas carols that often not only invite you to sing along, but also to join in, for example by playing with your fingers.

Strictly speaking, children’s Christmas carols could be divided into the following groups:

  • Christmas carols
  • Nicholas songs
  • Adventlieder
  • winter songs
  • children’s songs
  • lullabies

But children usually do not care about such categories, but decide spontaneously whether they like a song or not.

Christmas for children – Christmas carols increase anticipation

Christmas carols like "Snowflake, White Rock" or "Oh Christmas Tree" are not explicit children’s songs, but are especially loved by children. Perhaps because the songs are about winter and the text is easier for children to understand and understand. However, some Christmas carols are specifically aimed at children. A good example is "Tomorrow, children, there will be something" – a great children’s song to shorten the waiting time for Christmas. The little ones will particularly enjoy children’s Christmas carols such as "In the Christmas bakery" or "Santa Claus is coming (A moo, a mower, a perpetrator / When Santa Claus laughs at us)". Modern Christmas songs, including English, are particularly popular with children: "Jingle bells, jingle bells" some children can sing so fervently and persistently that you can get enough of them in early December. In such a case, it can help to tune in calmer Christmas carols like "From Heaven Up" – or just practice serenity. If your child is obviously enjoying singing: maybe a children’s choir is a good way to promote this interest? Whether your child can distinguish major from mole is not decisive.

Special fun for children – Christmas carols as a gift

A great idea is also a musical advent calendar for children: Strictly speaking, this is an advent calendar in book form, often with an enclosed CD, with a new children’s Christmas song hidden behind every door for listening and singing along. Musical advent calendars can also be found online, so make sure that they are available by December 1st. If you continue reading the calendar together and listen to and sing the songs together, everyone will enjoy it even more.

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