Christmas poems for children

Christmas poems for children

Christmas poems for children

Christmas is a feast for the whole family. All relatives from near and far come together on the holidays to celebrate together. This time is always particularly exciting for the little ones in the family. The wish list is written lovingly and every day a door is opened, behind which small treats are hidden. Santa comes over at the beginning of December and together with the parents, delicious gingerbread, cinnamon stars and vanilla biscuits are conjured up in the Christmas bakery. When Christmas Eve arrives, the children stand in front of the beautifully decorated Christmas tree with big eyes and a shining smile on their faces and curiously unpack their packages. Christmas is full of magic.

A great Christmas custom for children is Christmas poems. Children don’t just enjoy memorizing. A Christmas poem can also shorten the wait for gifts and offer a little challenge that boosts self-confidence. Mom and Dad and Grandma and Grandpa are also happy to listen to the little ones during lectures and are very proud when a poem has been memorized. Whether simple, short verse verses for toddlers or more sophisticated poems for the older ones. Here you will find a nice selection of Christmas poems for children.

Christmas poems for children

Click through our Christmas poems for children. Here we go!

From the Christ child
Imagine I saw the Christ Child!
It came from the forest, the hat full of snow,
with red frozen noses.
His little hands hurt;
because it carried a sack that was heavy,
dragged and rumbled after him.
You want to know what was inside?
Her nose, her prank pack.
Do you think the sack would be open??
Tied up to the top!
But there was certainly something nice in it!
It smelled like apples and nuts!

Let it snow
Let it snow,
The lake lies still and rigid,
The forest shines like Christmas:
Rejoice, Christ Child is coming soon.

It’s warm in the heart,
Grief and harm remain silent,
Life’s worries fade away:
Rejoice, Christ Child is coming soon.

Christmas is coming soon;
Choir of angels awakes;
Listen how lovely it sounds:
Rejoice, Christ Child is coming soon.

Advent, Advent, a little light is burning
Advent, Advent,
a little light burns.
First one, then two,
then three, then four,
then the Christ child is at the door.

Advent, Advent, a little light is burning
Dear, good Santa Claus,
put on the long boots,
comb your white beard,
go on the Christmas ride.

Come to our house too,
unpack the presents.
Oh, you only wanted the saying?
Yes, I can, listen:

Dear, good Santa Claus,
don’t look at me so bad.
Insert your rod,
always wants to be good!

The baked apple
Children, come and guess,
what is roasting in the oven!
Hear how it bangs and hisses.
It will soon be served,
the tip, the cone,
the summit, the capsule,
the yellow-red apple.

Children, run faster,
fetches a plate,
gets a fork!
Locks on the beak
for the tip, the cone,
the summit, the capsule,
the golden brown apple!

They blow and blow,
they look and swallow,
they snap and taste,
they lick and lick
the tip, the cone,
the summit, the capsule,
the crispy apple.

Christmas is coming soon
Christmas is coming, how excited I am,
then the mother cleans up a little tree for us,
the apples shine, the stars sparkle,
how we all like Christmas.

Advent, Advent, a little light is burning
Advent, Advent,
A little light burns!
First one, then two, then three, then four,
Then the Christ child is at the door.
And when the fifth little light is on,
Then you missed Christmas.

Christmas Gifts
What is ringing so loud in the house? Egg, egg!
I believe that it is the Christ child!
It was the Christ Child! Be quiet, children
And hear what I want to tell you now:

It brought you a fir tree
Full of golden apples and dolls of foam,
Full of sugar; yes, child, think,
A rod hangs high up!

The Christ child thought of everything
And brought useful and beautiful.
There you see drums, soldiers of lead,
And a flag is hanging on the side.

See houses made of cardboard with a red roof
And inside a small, delicate room.
See shoes and clothes and towels and hat,
Sure, that’s good for the festival.

Even plates and pots made of bright tin
And gingerbread and almonds in it!
Here whips and wagons, a horse even wild,
There to put together a picture.

Here writing books; a little doll
Will be there in the cradle for sure.
There are also wonderful books,
Everything is illuminated by a thousand lights.

But only get from the beautiful things,
Who was good, tolerable and pious,
Who was obedient to good parents
And learned hard this year.

Who often thought of God,
The Christ child brought him many beautiful things.
Naughty children are not allowed in,
Only the tail will be for them!

So you want to be happy on Christmas Eve,
So I advise you, children, to always be good!

The Christmas snow
You children, open your noses,
It smells of Christmas cakes.
Knecht Ruprecht is at the heavens
And bakes the finest varieties.

You children, open your eyes,
Otherwise take the opera watcher:
The big sky rifle, see,
Do Ruprecht full of sugar.

He sprinkles – the cakes are already full
He scatters – well, that’s going to wake up!
He shakes the can and sprinkles and sprinkles
All the sugar down.

You children, open your mouth,
Fast! Sugar is snowing today!
Catch bowls! – You don’t believe it?
You are incredulous people!

Terribly bad
Father, father, Santa Claus!
He has just blown loudly,
much louder than the Postwagenmann.
He immediately went on again,
and has two terribly long noses,
they were all covered with ice.

And one was like a chimney,
and the other very small like a fly leg,
on it rode louder, louder angels,
they held a great line,
and his boots were like yours.
And on a leash, there was a gentleman,
really, father, like an old bear,
and the angels made hotteotts;
i think that was dear god.

Because he grumbled terribly with his mouth
Very terrible; really! And –

"But Detta, you’re dizzy,
these are all lies again!"

What harm does that make, dad?
It gives me so much pleasure!

In the winter
Fall asleep, my sweet child!
The wind sings out there.
He sings the whole world to rest,
Cover them with white beds.
And he blows her in the face too,
It does not move and does not move,
From their white blankets.

Fall asleep, my sweet child!
The wind is out there,
Pound on the window and look inside,
And does he hear where a child is still screaming?,
He scolds and hums and hums a lot,
Bring his bed full of snow
And covers it on the cradles,
If the child doesn’t want to lie still.

Sleep my sweet child!
The wind is blowing out there.
He shakes the Christmas tree,
A beautiful dream flies out,
It flies through snow, through night and wind
Swift, swift to dear child
And sings about funny things,
The Christ Child will bring him.

Fall asleep, my sweet child!
The wind is blowing out there.
But the sun calls: "Greetings to you God!"
He blows the child’s cheeks red,
And spring says: "Good day!"
It blows the whole earth awake,
And what was fine quiet
That’s why we’re happy.

So sleep my sweet child,
The wind blows outside!

In winter when it is stormy and snowing
In winter when it is stormy and snowing
And Christmas is not far away.

There comes from dark fir
Dear, good Santa Claus.

He is also named Knecht Ruprecht,
Well known to all children.
He comes with a big sled
Degree from the middle of the deep forest.

There are good things in his sack,
Make good children happy.
But the rod is also at hand
For children known as evil.

That may have been the case earlier;
Today there are only good children.
They quickly say their little words,
Knecht Ruprecht then opens the sack.

And apples, nuts, gingerbread
May try the dear child right away.
Knecht Ruprecht drives quickly
From there to the next kind child.

Dear good Santa Claus
Dear good Santa Claus
Don’t look at me so badly.
Insert your rod,
I always want to be good.

Dear, good Santa Claus
Dear, good Santa Claus
Give me a chocolate man.
Not that big and not that small,
But he should be cute.

When is it Christmas time??
When is Christmas time??
When it’s snowing hard outside,
when we crack nuts,
when we bake cookies,
when we sing with the mother,
when all the bells are ringing,
when everyone is happy,
then it’s Christmas time!

Christmas carol for the little ones
A thousand angels fly today
Funny through the city,
And a little tree in hand
Every angel has.

One looked at me kindly,
Came close to me with a smile.
Oh, and laughed and looked
Just like mom.

And I see his little tree here
Stand on the table,
And I hear the angel quietly
Go every now and then.

Put down his pair of wings,
When he came into the house:
Still like mom
The angel looks.

Santa Claus, I want to be good
Santa Claus, I want to be good,
give me something in my bowl.
Apples, nuts, one, two, three,
and a doll too.

Christmas mail
There is a lot to do in the kingdom of heaven
Just before Christmas.
Hand and foot shouldn’t rest there,
Christkindlein is plagued.
The little angels fly
The sky climbs
Rushing up and down.
They bring quick
The wishes on the spot.
And scurry! they are gone again. –

"I have you, dear Christ child,
Wrote a letter here.
It says what Fritz and Peterlein
Love as Christmas gifts.
You bring a horse,
A small stove,
How happy we would be.
A couple of dolls,
A booklet with fairy tales –
But not a Christmas rod.

I put the letter very quietly, very gently
Here on the window sill.
And you, Christ Child, bring him to the night,
Then I’m already in bed.
And greet everyone
In heavenly hall,
The angels, the big and small,
Let what we desire,
Give us graciously,
That Fritzchen and Gretel don’t cry."

So begging for the good little Christ child
The smallest heart below.
And everyone wants to please,
We are all satisfied.
The Art’gen is considering it,
It gives what you want,
And rarely does the rod bring it.
So there will be a life,
To cheer,
And the children feel happy.

When the honey candle burns
When the honey candle burns
And I smell Advent,
I open the first gate,
Get the star out of straw.

Cut out butter cookies,
Looking forward to Santa Claus,
Find my gray cuddly toy,
Pack it in glossy paper.

Find waiting terribly difficult,
Marvel in the sea of ​​Christmas lights.

Dear Santa Claus
The donkey, the donkey,
where does the donkey come from?
From Wesel, from Wesel,
he wants to go to the black sea.

Who has, who has
So packed the donkey?
Knecht Ruprecht, Knecht Ruprecht
with his rattle sack.

With nuts, with apples,
with toys all sorts,
and cake, yes cake
from a fine bakery.

Where’s baking, where’s baking
Servant Ruprecht his food?
In Iceland, in Iceland,
that’s why his beard is so white.

The rod, the rod
he burned it;
Today the children are good
all over Germany.

Oh Ruprecht, oh Ruprecht,
dear santa claus:
come to me with yours too
Sack up!

In front of the Christmas tree
Look what happened last night
Christ Child brought everything to me:
a nibble,
a wagon;
a cap
and a rook;
a bag
and a pack;
a little book
full of sayings;
the sachet when I study hard,
a little slide, I don’t like doing it,
and now even the Christmas tree,
there is hardly a more beautiful one in the forest.
Yes, just look and just look
and see how happy I am!

On Christmas Eve
On Christmas Eve the mouse, the fox, the bunny went out.
They went through the winter forest and soon their nose was cold.

They came to a hostel, the mouse, the fox, the bunny.
The innkeeper called out to the window: "Come drink a glass with me!"

An old man with a white beard was snoring under the barrel.
"Isn’t that Santa there??", cried mouse and fox and bunny.
"So wake him up! So wake him up! His way is still so far.
Oh hurt! Through forest and field and alley"

That he still came reasonably on time to uncles, aunts, little boys,
this year we owe (and this is true) to the mouse, the fox, the bunny.

Knecht Rupprecht was there!
Listen, about seven o’clock last night,
Mother was just over there at the merchant.
Then bumps and rumbles up the stairs,
knocks on the door and tears it open!
It was Servant Ruprecht, he came in
and you guys think I was all alone.
He was grumbling something like "Christmas carols",
I quickly slipped down from my chair
and sang the song of the "Silent night",
but then he made eyes!
He gave me nuts and gingerbread
and growled:"I’ll visit you again.
Farewell, greetings to father and mother"!
I said cheerfully:"Good-bye".

Christmas eve
Juchheisa, juchheisa!
Santa is coming today,
and father is stuck when it gets dark,
the Christmas tree lights on.

I’m very happy, I’m singing and jumping
and dance on one leg.
And make it klingklingkling three times,
then we can go inside.

I want a gold helmet
and Fritz a rocking horse.
Oh, if you want to ring three times!
Haven’t you heard anything yet?

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