Children’s alarm clock test 2019, the best alarm clocks for children

LEGO Star Wars 9002113 Darth Vader children’s alarm clock

The alarm clock has a long service life due to its stability. The price, the quality and the look are convincing. Due to the different functions, this alarm clock offers more than just the morning wake-up call.

TFA Dostmann children’s alarm clock

Due to its very child-friendly appearance, the children’s alarm clock can be used as a highlight in the children’s room. The shockproof watch case is also suitable for use by small children.

Children’s alarm clocks are an important purchase for starting the day. It is irrelevant whether you opt for a radio alarm clock, light alarm clock, radio alarm clock or analogue alarm clock, or purchase a combined alarm clock model. Signals are perceived completely differently by both children and adults, which is why it is very important how this morning beep can be individualized.

Whether you hear a boring beep in the morning as a child, or whether you are woken up by your own name song, definitely makes a significant difference. Researchers have found that the way you wake up in the morning determines the general mood of the day. Being woken up with music not only elevates the mood of children, but also of adults.

Children’s alarm clock test: alarm clock for children buying advice

Children’s alarm clocks are abundant on the product market. They differ not only from their design, but also from their different structures and functions. So you can choose between radio alarm clocks and standard alarm clocks with alarm tone. An analog alarm clock with ticking noise, for example, is less well received by young people. Radio alarm clocks that function digitally are more popular. Radio alarm clocks always ensure the correct time, even with digital clocks the time is almost never displayed incorrectly.

You can buy children’s alarm clocks with mains connection and models with batteries. Battery alarm clocks are portable and do not require a socket, but you have to change the battery occasionally. Alarm clocks with LED ceiling projection, which project the current time onto the ceiling or onto a wall, are very practical. Children’s alarm clocks with light that permanently shine bright at night are less popular. If you do not like light when sleeping, you should pay attention to a dimmable display.

Children’s alarm clocks with stand-up indicators are very practical. Small children in particular have such playful help and know exactly when it is time to get up.

Cheap alarm clocks for children can be bought from around 5 euros. Models with many functions or in a designer version sometimes cost over 150 euros.

Digital radio alarm clock for children

Alarm clocks for children with radio have a digital display. For a radio alarm clock, the power supply is an important criterion. Some models have a power plug, other products work with a battery. Batteries are sufficient for standard alarm clocks and usually last for a few months. When buying a digital radio alarm clock, you have to decide whether you need a radio alarm clock or if you want to be satisfied with an artificial alarm tone, for example a music song.

Digital radio alarm clocks are popular with children because they are silent and mostly have an integrated projector that can project the time of night onto the ceiling of the room. Some alarm clocks also display the sun, moon, stars and planets in a projected form.

Useful functions of a radio alarm clock are snooze function and sleep timer, several wake-up times and maybe wake-up interval settings, so that, for example, the alarm clock only rings on weekdays. Some radio alarm clocks also have an integrated temperature display.

Inexpensive radio alarm clocks can be bought from around 8 euros. But there are also children’s alarm clocks with night light and other innovative functions that are available for well over 50 euros.

Advantages and disadvantages of a children’s alarm clock


    Children can train to get up independently (school time) and set the alarm clock accordingly. Smaller children can independently orient themselves as to whether it is time to get up. Reading the time can be practiced They like waking up with their favorite music is more pleasant. Some alarm clocks can also function as bedside lamps. Getting up can be made easier with an alarm clock that the child likes


    Some analog children’s alarm clocks make a ticking sound, which can be annoying. Alarm clocks with batteries incur additional costs

Clock radio for children with projection

Clock radios are not only popular with adults, children also like to wake up from their sleep with their favorite music. A digital children’s alarm clock without ticking with projection also offers a small spotlight that throws the time on the ceiling or a wall. So you can tell the time in the morning or at night without having to laboriously sit up in bed or turn around.

Since many digital children’s alarm clocks have a very bright, bright LED or LCD display, the children’s alarm clock with lighting should be designed so that the time can be dimmed or even switched off. In addition, the projected time on the wall should be able to be switched off separately, even if it is designed to be gentle in most devices compared to the digital display.

Another important point is the noise generated by the alarm clock during operation. Some devices produce a constant hum, which can be particularly annoying when you fall asleep. A good children’s alarm clock with projection should make a quiet operating noise.

An integrated snooze function can also be very helpful. Such a function is particularly helpful in the morning of a school day. Another important function of a clock radio for children is to adjust the volume of the alarm tone. There are actually some clock radios where the volume of the radio cannot be adjusted to wake you up.

There are of course radio alarm clocks, which are particularly beautiful in design, have an integrated CD player or provide an interface for an MP3 player. The music stored there can be used to wake you up.

Alternatively, special children’s alarm clocks with natural sounds can be found. Inexpensive clock radios with a projector can be found on the Internet from around 15 euros. Of course, there are also high-end models that are available from 50 euros.

Clock radio for children with CD player

Clock radios with built-in CD players are very popular with both boys and girls. It is easier for children to get up if they are woken up by their favorite song in the morning. A children’s alarm clock with a fire siren is an absolute hit, especially for little boys. Clock radios with CD players naturally do not replace a separate CD player.

The alarm clock models have loudspeakers that have a low output, which is why the sound quality is usually only average. Many clock radios also have a weak amplifier. The ability to play MP3 songs from CDs is still a great function and is offered by some children’s alarm clock models.

Radio alarm clocks of this type are almost always provided with an LED display, which ensures that the time can be read well in the dark. Children’s alarm clocks with light are very popular with children and are sold with a color-illuminating LCD display.

A sleep timer and a snooze function should be integrated in the children’s alarm clock. A remote control for the built-in CD player is practical, but not absolutely necessary. Parents can buy cheap radio alarm clocks for children with a CD player from around 30 euros.

Another important criterion for the purchase of the children’s alarm clock is its design. The better the child visually likes the alarm clock, the better he will use it. It can be especially helpful for children who would like to stay in bed longer in the morning.

The more functions the child alarm clock has, the more expensive it is: Functional alarm clocks can cost up to 100 euros.

FAQs – Questions that are important for the purchase of a children’s alarm clock

What exactly is a children’s alarm clock?

Like a commercial alarm clock, a children’s alarm clock is there to wake children up in the morning for kindergarten or school. The difference between conventional alarm clocks and children’s alarm clocks lies in the ease of use and the often child-friendly design of the children’s alarm clocks.

What functions does a children’s alarm clock offer??

The different functions of a children’s alarm clock differ depending on the model. There are often different melodies that can wake a child up in the morning. Depending on the type of alarm clock, these are often thematically appropriate (for example, for a children’s alarm clock from Disney). The current time is also displayed and there are often other functions that are normal for other alarm clocks (e.g. a "snooze function").

There are functions especially for children?

Some children’s alarm clocks offer functions especially for children, such as melodies that are reminiscent of series or fairy tales and help people fall asleep. Some children’s alarm clocks even have built-in stories that can be listened to before going to bed.

Child alarm clocks have a ticking sound during operation?

Like normal alarm clocks, children’s alarm clocks are actually quite quiet and the ticking sound is hardly noticed, if at all. Of course, such a noise cannot be completely avoided, since the ticking sound of clocks and alarm clocks comes from the clockwork, which of course is present in every alarm clock. If this still bothers, there are also digital children’s watches, which of course do not have such a problem.

At what age does a child alarm clock make sense?

A child’s alarm clock makes the most sense if the child can not only use it himself, but also has to. Children’s alarm clocks are very good at making children independent. As soon as the child has obligations for which he has to get up early (kindergarten or school), a child alarm clock is very worthwhile, because then the child can set the time at which he has to wake up.

Different alarm times can be set?

Often you can actually set different "wake-up times" for children’s alarm clocks. This is never a problem, especially with digital copies. But even with old-fashioned, ticking and analog alarm clocks, you can often set several "wake-up times", which are then triggered one after the other. This means that, for example, a "wake-up time" at 7 a.m. and a "wake-up time" at 8 a.m. can be set problematically. Of course, you should inform yourself in advance whether the desired child alarm clock actually has such a function.

Is a digital or analog alarm clock more suitable for children?

It depends on the child and the alarm clock. Analog alarm clocks are more old-fashioned and usually offer fewer functions than a digital alarm clock, but are ideal as a beginner’s device for the child. If it is a little older and can operate several functions at the same time or set the alarm clock more precisely, then a digital device with many different functions is definitely worthwhile, because children will also be more technically advanced.

From what age can a child read the clock?

A child can read the clock from the age at which it can generally recognize words and numbers. The digital screen of a digital watch is very easy to read, it becomes a little more difficult with old-fashioned watches, but even these are actually not a problem for children.

Tips for product care of children’s alarm clocks

Alarm clocks are almost indispensable in today’s society, especially in a world where everything always has to be done quickly. Everyone has to be on time and always appear at exactly the right time. But it is certainly not that bad for children who have a little more freedom. Nevertheless, it is also very good for children to use an alarm clock to help promote punctuality, for later life. For this, there are so-called children’s alarm clocks that are completely tailored to the child. These often have very child-friendly designs and somewhat slimmed-down functions. They focus on waking the child up early in the morning, making them ready for the day, no matter what it is, be it school, kindergarten or meeting friends. Such a children’s alarm clock should of course be maintained and cleaned regularly so that you can continue to use it in the future without any problems. We have listed a few tips on how best to clean a child’s alarm clock.

How to clean and maintain children’s alarm clocks:

Before cleaning, you should always read the operating instructions first. Children’s alarm clocks differ from model to model. For example, there are also big differences between digital and analog, old-fashioned children’s alarm clocks. The electronics and mechanics are completely different for both alarm clocks, which is why it is advisable to pay attention to such differences when cleaning. In case of doubt, the operating instructions point out such differences and show how best to maintain such an alarm clock or whether there is something special to consider.

The actual cleaning of the children’s alarm clock is very simple and not complex. It is usually enough to simply wipe it off with a dry cloth, this frees it from dust and other non-stuck dirt. If there is a little more stubborn dirt, which can happen very quickly in the case of children’s alarm clocks near children, you should wipe it off with a slightly damp cloth. If that’s not enough, you can put a little washing-up liquid on the cloth. However, you should be very careful that the detergent is not too aggressive, otherwise the material may be damaged. A lightly moistened cloth is usually sufficient here to be able to clean the coarsest dirt.

With a children’s alarm clock, it is very important to always have spare batteries in the house. Children’s alarm clocks should always work. You should therefore check it daily by comparing the time with another alarm clock, if it is no longer correct or if the hands of the alarm clock no longer move, you should definitely check and change the batteries.

So children’s alarm clocks are very useful, they not only ensure that the little ones get up in time, but also teach them punctuality and a little self-responsibility. As long as the children’s alarm clocks are cleaned and cared for, or the batteries are always checked, this will remain the case in the future. We wish you lots of fun and success with your new children’s alarm clock!


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