Gifts for the 1st

Gifts for the 1st

Gifts for the first birthday

Every birthday is a nice reason to celebrate and the 1st birthday, of course, very special!
One year a little new earthling, who has been right since his first day as a tiny newborn “made” has, perhaps already tried at the first steps, the first words brabbelt and has become a real personality – more toddler than baby – developed.
Many good reasons to celebrate this day of honor and to send the birthday child a suitable gift.
But what is that “Real gift” in this age?

Think practical
Anyone looking around quickly realizes: The selection of clothes and toys, stuffed animals and other “baby accessories” is huge.
There is so much that can be given to a child on his first birthday.
In addition to the parents, of course, grandparents and other relatives have fun browsing through baby shops to buy a loving gift for the child. The question should always be: “What is actually needed?”

Anyone who gives a one-year-old child presents, above all, the parents.
Even though babies love to open rustling wrapping paper and marvel at the candlelight on the cake, the gifts will be of no secondary importance at this young age and most likely will not be appreciated to the degree that will be the case at later birthdays.

Presumably one makes the child in the longer term even more joy, if you give him just a little something and instead of expensive gifts some money “for later” donated to his savings account.
Also (a coupon for) the first pair of shoes is a gift that is practical on the one hand and so will make the parents enjoy, on the other hand has a great symbolic value for many and is thus a special gift despite all functionality.

Whether a great gift or a small souvenir: To avoid false and double purchases >be discussed with the parents of the birthday child .

All things new?
Most toddlers love colorful toys, a sufficient selection of picture and reading books on the shelf, and things to play and move around outdoors.
Whether brand new or well used, at this age (the children anyway) still does not matter.
If there are older siblings, many things may still be present and can once again lovingly packaged and given away.
For a child to enjoy their first birthday properly, great, new and expensive gifts are not the most important thing!
A party prepared with love, parents, grandparents and other familiar people who take their time on this special day, and the beautiful atmosphere should be in the foreground and later everyone will like to think back to their first birthday.

After so much “theory”, here are some gift ideas for the 1st birthday:

For inside

  • A rocking animal – no longer available only in the classic version “rocking horse”
  • A colorful Motorikschleife of wood, in it in many sizes and variants to buy
  • A wooden ball track with big balls or other suitable elements
  • The first doll or a nice stuffed animal
  • Large, colorful play figures made of plastic (available on all sorts of topics, eg farm)
  • “Sorting toy”, in which differently shaped blocks must be inserted into the appropriate holes or similar.

For outside

  • A “growing baby swing”
  • A slide car
  • Sand toys
  • A big, soft ball
  • A private fruit tree or a fruit bush with a practical harvest height for children

Bath time!

  • Age-appropriate bathtub toy
  • A nice stuffed animal especially for the bathtub
  • A bathrobe
  • A set of hooded towel and washcloth

For little builders

  • stacking cups
  • Building blocks of wood or plastic
  • Stackable fabric cubes

For little “bookworms”

Books all kinds…
… with “function” (mirror, crackle etc.)
… made of fabric
… as a companion in the buggy
… with all sorts of things to feel for
… for the bathtub
… made of sturdy cardboard with simple, colorful illustrations
… with topics that interest children between the ages of 1 and 2 (for example, animals, cars, everyday objects, etc.)
… for finger games like “The Little Fidgety”


  • If not already available: the first highchair
  • (Coupon for) clothes or a pair of shoes
  • Nice linen
  • A drinking bottle without sucker
  • A bar for the wall
  • Age-appropriate children’s crockery and / or cutlery
  • If needed: A new, larger children’s sleeping bag
  • Furnishings such as lamps, curtains, etc., when the nursery becomes a nursery room
  • A bag / backpack on the go, if a holiday is due or the start of kindergarten is not far away
  • A new photo album when the book is over the first year of life
  • Crafting material to make memorabilia, z. As a canvas and finger paints

Gift ideas were already a common topic in this blog. Here are suggestions for questions like
What do you give for the birth of the second, third, fourth … child?”
“What good can children use for their 2nd birthday?” And
“Which are suitable gift ideas for baptism ?

Gift ideas for all ages between 1 and 10!

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