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Children’s and youth emergency service


Ringstrasse 4, 04209 Leipzig
Fax: +49 341 4120921
Email: kjnd [a]

children emergency

Team leader: Uta Görlitz

youth emergency Service

Team leader: Benedikt Geppert

Connection to public transport

Tram: Lines 1, 2, stop at Stuttgarter Allee
Lines 8, 15, Schönauer Ring stop
Train: S1, S-Bahn station Allee-Center



  • Care offer according to § 42 SGB VIII (including in conjunction with § 50 SGB VIII)
  • 16 places, 8 places in child emergency service at the age of 0 up to 12 years and
  • 8 places in the youth emergency service between the ages of 12 and 18,
  • Implementation of the sovereign protection mandate according to § 8a SGB VIII for the general social service of the Office for youth, Family and Education (AfJFB) of the city of Leipzig during its closing times,
  • Supervision and support services to ensure the individual basic and protection needs of children and young people from the city of Leipzig and unaccompanied minor refugees (etc.)

Conceptual focus

The child and youth emergency service looks after children and adolescents after they have been taken into care and offers them a shelter to avoid further dangers and emergency situations. The aim is to promptly clarify the crisis and emergency situation, which also includes supporting the family and social environment in the specific crisis and emergency situation by means of a systemic, holistic methodology. The children– and the youth emergency service can be reached by phone and locally around the clock, so that children and adolescents, parents and relatives, but also neighbors and other people can contact the facility at any time with questions, concerns or information about a child or adolescent in need.

Specifically, the range of services is divided into 3 main areas:

1.Supervision and support services such as:

  • ensuring security, shelter, care, hygiene, clothing and food,
  • Promotion of child-friendly and social skills and needs,
  • Game, instructions and advice,
  • Protection of social contacts and dealings between child / adolescent and family system,
  • Securing medical and therapeutic care as well as attending daycare, school and training, networking and
  • Devotion, consolation and support in leisure activities.

2. Services during the closing times of the General Social Service of the AfJFB:

  • Acceptance and confirmation of incoming reports on suspected child well-being in accordance with the agreement according to § 8a SGB VIII between the AfJFB and sponsors of youth welfare and the stipulations of the Leipzig network for early help and child protection,
  • Examination of child welfare risk and taking into care with the participation / consent of the legal guardians,
  • if necessary, appeal to the family court,
  • in the event of a corresponding decision, the custody of the guardian is enforced if the legal guardians are not involved,
  • Appeals to the bailiff and / or the police to implement the judicial decision to take into care,
  • Placement of the minor under care in a suitable facility.

3. Admission of unaccompanied minor foreigners (umA):
The KJND is a refuge and refuge for unaccompanied minor foreigners (umA). After the flight from the home country, it offers the children / young people peace, security and security during the clearing process and the opportunity to recover from the physically and psychologically stressful experiences. This is done by creating a manageable childcare framework with a clear everyday structure and by building a reliable relationship between the young people and the educational staff.

The life situation of unaccompanied minor foreigners (umA) has been shaped from the outset by an open future perspective. As part of the pedagogical support, they must therefore be prepared both for remaining in the appropriate form of living and for returning to their country of origin.


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