Children’s consultation – children’s dentist – dental treatment for children, dentist ravensburg dres

Children's consultation - children's dentist - dental treatment for children, dentist ravensburg dres

Dental treatment in children

In the following we want to ask all parents important questions on the topic Dental treatment in children answer. Of course you can also contact us personally in our dental practice in Three-country house Ravensburg speak to.

When should I go to the dentist with my child??

From the breakthrough of the first milk teeth.

The widespread but wrong opinion is that milk teeth do not need to be given special attention because they will be replaced by permanent teeth in the foreseeable future. A healthy milk dentition is already an important basis for a healthy permanent dentition.

We recommend dental check-ups, Similar to the pediatric checkups for toddlers:

  • The first appointment should take place in the 6th to 8th month of life, after the first milk teeth have broken through.
  • The second appointment in the 16th to 18th month of life, after the breakthrough of the first milk molars.
  • The third check-up date is around the 30th month of life after the milk dentition is complete.
  • From then on, we recommend regular, quarterly to half-yearly checks.

How can I take away my child’s fear of going to the dentist??

Visiting the dentist should be a positive experience for your child. Children unconsciously pick up on their parents’ fears. The following tips can help your child understand the Fear of visiting the dentist to take:

Preparation for the visit to the pediatric dentist:

  • Radiate calm and security and, if you have had bad experiences at the dentist, keep them to yourself.
  • Avoid the classic phrases "it doesn’t hurt" or "you don’t have to be afraid". Children hear "it might hurt".
  • Please do not promise any rewards after treatment. Your child feels that they have to earn the reward, which increases the pressure enormously. Rather praise it after the treatment.
  • Let us take the lead. Children can hardly adjust to the parent and the treating dentist at the same time. Tell us a little bit about your child, then the child should be the center of attention and answer yourself.
  • You can prepare your child for the dentist appointment by reading children’s books about the visit to the dentist or e.g. play how your favorite stuffed animal or doll goes to the dentist. Your child is welcome to bring the soft toy to the appointment and also their own toothbrush.
  • It is particularly important for small children that the appointment with the dentist does not confuse the normal daily routine. It is best to choose morning appointments. At this time, the little ones are most receptive and well rested. Times are unfavorable when the child e.g. usually takes an afternoon nap.

Our special services for children:

Our dental practice is particularly child-friendly. It is very important to us that our little patients feel comfortable with the dentist right from the start.

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