Children’s house on the tree instead of a playground

Well what a quality Relaxation in the country! In the fresh country air, far from the hustle and bustle of a big city, you can also work outdoors and relax in the shade of a pavilion.

Everyone is interested in employment through interest, except maybe children. This deposedam boringly dug in the beds, and the playground is already well known and pale. So that they don’t hang you with a bunch and don’t bother you as mass entertainers, they will have to go on with something. And what if you build a children’s house in the country? This can be an excellent solution to the problem of children’s leisure activities and not for one season.

How relevant is the playhouse?

Children’s house made of wood, specially built for the child will be guaranteed by the popular villa object, since they can not only be available as an ordinary box with holes, windows, as well as a complete and even quite residential complex. It’s easy to turn it into an original gaming center.

The most interesting in this regard will look like a wooden wooden house on a tree. The building is easy to imagine as multifunctional and the children will never be bored. Make a tree house for children bright and attractive on the outside. Equip it with spiral slides, a rope, a hanging ladder and other interesting attractions. Believe me, all of this will "with a bang!"

House on the tree like every child

The approach to the question of such a zone can be varied. The easiest way is, of course, to buy a finished design, but if you want to give your children a really fascinating world – build a children’s wooden house with your own hands. It is noteworthy that you do not need the help of an architect. Your child will tell you what type of construction he would like to have available.

House on the tree can be made by your own hands

Work on the project, place the child next to you and ask how he sees a children’s house in the country: color, size, location. Whether he’s in that corner additional Wants to have conversations, such as ladders, tables, a swing, or he will be quite satisfied with an interesting interior of a children’s house on a tree or in a garden. You can show him different possibilities for architectural solutions from the Internet, maybe something will attract him. By the way, you will find many seductive ideas yourself to create a children’s corner.

Offer the child some sketches of the future house

Types of children’s homes in the country

Sure, the house for children’s games will be built in accordance with the imaginations of the future owner, but it will likely still be one of the popular strains.

House Hut

This is the simplest wooden house for kids that has only one window and a couple of benches. The design attracts with ease of installation and unpretentious dimensions. The house hut is most often found in the suburban areas of small areas.

Simple house hut on the tree

Green house

The property will delight lovers of organic architecture. Unlike the house on a tree for the children, it is built at no cost: just install the mesh frame and get the right selection of greenery that will open it up, become a living roof and the walls. Green House becomes the subject of your pride and an object of neighbors’ envy.

The original twig cottage


A miniature model of a real village hut. A wooden children’s house is built, sometimes even for a forest that is similar to the original, from a log house. The variant is not very complicated, but it is very interesting for schoolchildren, because it gives a feeling of adulthood and full independence.

Cottage for children on a tree

Two story house

This is already a complaint not just a game zone, but an application for your own little world. The lower level of the self-made wooden house is assigned to the kitchen or for learning, the upper level is set up for games. A remarkable step will be the combination of construction with a sports corner. For example, let the child choose how to get to the top of the house:

1. Traditionally climb the stairs.

2. Climb the rope.

3. Climbing over a sloping cell floor, etc.

Near the children’s wooden house, you can dig an additional beam with a prop and hang a swing.

Children’s play center on the tree

Fairy Tale house

In this category of children’s houses in the huts includes all forms of non-standard design: built-boats, missiles, locks, interpretation Hobbit apartments, Baba Yaga, gnomes, etc.

A fabulous hobbit house on a tree

Children’s house on the tree

It may not be so easy to build a house on a tree, but this decision usually causes the greatest joy for the children. That is where the vastness of the imagination! Most of the games of chance are organized here. When deciding to do something like this, it is better to involve a professional to rethink things and fix them safely. A wooden house for children is an object of increased danger, therefore during its construction it will be necessary to provide a number of nuances, there will be no trifles among them.

Children’s house made of wood or .

Of what a playhouse should build – a question that is no less important than in what form. The building material can be anything:

  • modern plastic;
  • branches;
  • can not;
  • Board;
  • Plywood;
  • Stone;
  • improvised material.


"Plastic house for children on the tree should not be reinforced, even for a very large request"

Such a children’s home with their own hands is only collected. Finished disassembled structures are bought in shops and simply installed in the dacha. Plastic houses attracted to trauma safety, hygiene, colorful solutions, light weight. Often – these are mobile buildings, filmed for the winter. They are interesting for children. They can be placed in the garden, but a plastic house for children on the tree should not be attached, even for a very large request. The variant is rather fragile and difficult to refine, so it is better not to philosophize.

Plastic house set at a low height


With this lightweight cheap material, it will not even be possible to work professionals, so it is often chosen to work on a wooden house with your own hands. However, you can’t do complex plywood projects, but it’s a worthy playground for preschoolers – quite.

Building a plywood house won’t be very difficult

In this category of construction of wood of any quality processing or without it. The latter is acceptable to organize a zone of games for children of conscious age. The branches build similarity between huts and huts. Cut beams make it possible to build a more solid rural child’s house that most closely resembles a real apartment, with internal planning, perhaps even heating and heating.

Children’s wooden house is environmentally friendly and very durable. You can’t worry about it being ruined when you play kids. In addition, staying in a coniferous house will have a positive impact on children’s health.

Children’s house made of wood is characterized by high strength

A full house with elaborate decoration and decoration, becomes a place for the development of games, helps the child to feel himself. Another plus of the capital city’s wooden houses should be considered that you can play them in any weather.

Can there be a wooden wooden house on the tree? Definitely! This is another weighty argument to look at the material.

Well, in the end it should be noted that as children grow, the need for a home as a playground will eventually go away and the building can be re-qualified as an auxiliary farm.

The same applies to the stone children’s house in the country house, but they only have to be built with a bricklayer, and the stone children’s house cannot be placed on a tree.

Children’s wooden house with their own hands

As with any work on a construction project, the construction of a playhouse begins with the development of the project. What is worth thinking about?

1. About the installation method. Stationarity or mobility is the question. The choice affects the size of the building and the actual technology of its construction.

2. About the number of windows. They have to be made at least two. Above all, it will be possible to illuminate a children’s house from a tree, and secondly, there will be the possibility to control what is happening inside.

Several windows allow you to control what is happening in the house

3. About the height of the openings. The windows are raised at least half a meter above the floor. The finished frame elements add height centimeters easily by 20 – 30 more than the growth of the child, if you are constructing a children’s wooden house with your own hands, you can adjust it to its growth, because for sure you will not be invited to visit again, and interior work how it has to be produced.

4. About the shape of the roof. This part should not be flattened so as not to get the children to climb on it.

What are we building from??

To build a simple wooden wooden house, you need to buy:

1. Plywood panels in a quantity of 4 pieces with the dimensions of 1.7 x 2 m.

2. Bars two and a half meters long and section 250 x 250 mm. Of the 13 pieces, 8 would have to sharpen one end with a stake.

3. Poles with a similar cross-section, but with a length of 35 cm, you need 8 pieces. You will support gender.

4. 17 two-meter boards of section 5 x 15 cm are elements of a horizontal clip and floor.

5. Roof material for roof coverings You can choose anything that fits the eco products.

7. Paint and varnish.

8. Self-tapping screws.

Tools for making a children’s home

Layout of a place for a children’s wooden house

The playhouse is a personal space for the child, but that doesn’t mean you can leave it there unattended, so if you’re looking for a place to build it, stop at the well-seen places.

After you pick up the website, treat it with their markup. To skip this moment, it is only possible for children to build a small house on a tree. Take pens and rope in your hands and protect the platform in the required size and shape. Now you deal with its alignment and ramming.

Digging the pillars of the future house

At the corners or the diameter of the base obtained, dig holes with a 20 cm gap into which short rods fall and which are buried. The height of the above-ground part of the beam should be 20 cm, the work being carried out at a height so that the future children’s wooden house is not distorted.

The next step is to attach it to the beams of 4 boards that will later serve as flooring.

Fastening boards to beams

Make the wall

Work on them begins with the assembly of blanks. To fix the panels of the chipboard in height on a pointed beam, pretend that the top flat edge is level with the plywood edge, and the sharp bottom protrudes beyond its limits. A plywood sheet with plywood = a wall.

Assemble the walls of a children’s home

In each element, according to the plan, we make an opening under a window or door. The "manufacture" Walls are brought in close to the finished floor covering with a sledgehammer. When building a children’s wooden house with your own hands, this should be done so that the wall is tight on the floor "sat".

Don’t forget to leave openings for windows

Fix the corners and screws between the panels and make sure that there are no cracks or gaps.

We have put the roof

Let’s start with the form. The skates can be made steep and flat. For a high roof, it is necessary to mount a frame made of the same long braced half-surfaces and to connect them at right angles and to fix the cladding to improvised rafters. In a children’s house on a tree with the realization of such an idea, difficulties can arise, so that roofs are often laid gently.

We make a sloping roof

Connection angles are taken from two sides at the metal corner. This is necessary to maintain good rigidity and to increase the strength of the scaffold. You can use plywood, laminate, slate, rail, even linoleum pieces as a coating. Empty corners from the front and back of the house are sewn with plywood. It can be decorated with carving, burning, an original listening window.

The roof must be securely attached to the house

Children’s home decor in the cottage

"Children should not be allowed to decorate a house on a tree with their own hands"

Here in this part of the job it is to actively connect the child. Feel free to give him paints and brushes. Let him work on decorating the walls and doors.

What options can there be? Yes, everything: from colorful drawings to blatant blots. You can suggest the idea of ​​decorating the walls with fingerprints. Children usually enjoy this job. Girls can try to paint surfaces with flowers, a rainbow, bows. Do not allow children to decorate the tree house with their own hands. It can be dangerous.

Final work on the decoration of the house

Simple wooden house

Fortunately, children are often used for personal use, not for landscape gardens, but for wild wigwams or huts. Do not be without such a pleasure, especially if the dacha has enough building material. Light wooden children’s house, more precisely from its branches, can be collected in a few hours. Set the fireplace space before construction. It can be an improvisation or a fully functioning element. Inside the wigwam bed, homemade carpet, and dig around a trench so that the rainwater does not flood the architectural improvisation.

An example of a simple children’s hut

Tree house for children

Modern life is so practical that it has no place for a fairy tale. But it has to be in the childhood phase. If you are unable to reserve space for the children’s playground due to the time spent on a summer house, you can set up a children’s tree house for children. The simplest implementation of this idea will be for those who have a multi-stemmed tree in the garden. Below them, the structure will stand firm and actually look. Collect a children’s house on the tree with your own hands or entrust it to a specialist – you decide. The result is important here and not the satisfaction of your own ambitions, because the play area should above all be reliable, but preferably also adapted to life. The child should be able to fully rest in it, maybe even take a nap.

A wooden house for children can become a chic landscape element. Just imagine a dacha, in the depths of which the garden shows an exact copy of the main house. At least it will be interesting.

A tree house will decorate your website

If you are building a children’s house on the tree with your own hands, do not forget that you have to do this from light materials. The construction of a brick just breaks down under its own weight.

When deciding what the house will be, you rely on the role assigned to it. If this is just a place for children’s games, you can treat it in any form. If you want to make a universal tree house for children and for evening gatherings of adults, take care of the peculiarities of the interior.

How to make a house on the tree

Yes, in fact in every interpretation. It can be presented as a modest building with an attached wooden staircase to climb up or its cable analog, or it can be transformed into an entire entertaining city. A house in the form of a ship deck, a castle or a grotto will be attractive for the baby.

House – pirate ship on a tree

Building a children’s home in a country house can be a spreading tree or a slender pine tree. It can be hidden in the branches or built around the trunk. To create a large-scale project, you can use nearby trees in that case, connect them to the house and to each other by cable cars, with horizontal bars, swings, ropes and slides.

What is inside?

In the capital children’s house on the tree, as well as standing on the floor, it is very important to perform zoning. With enough space in them, you should organize a place to work, sleep, and eat. Maybe you can even reserve a living room, which will surely delight the little owner. After all, he can now comfortably accept friends and practice as a hospitable host.

Interior of a tree house

Design a tree house for children with your own hands, try to make it a porch or balcony. On the veranda you can hang up a hammock and set up a balcony as a place for creative activities.

A house on a tree with a cozy balcony

It is good to put a mini-sofa, wicker armchairs and a table in a children’s house. If possible, organize a fireplace and conduct electricity. If there are no such conditions or the moving object, put lanterns in it. It turns out to be too interesting and mysterious.

If possible, light the house

A children’s hut in the dacha can have a reading area. It is surrounded by a shelf and a comfortable chair. You can hang transparent curtains on the windows. In general, if desired, the interior of the building can be done in any style, especially that it corresponds to the child’s visions.

Organization of the space inside the house on the tree

General recommendations for setting up children’s homes with your own hands

Make the room of the house closed to make it more comfortable. Floors can be lined with something soft like an old blanket or mat.

There should always be light in the orphanage, preferably dim. This will create the most pleasant atmosphere. A flashlight is required in the evening.

Cozy interior of a house on a tree

Blankets should not go beyond the clouds. Your optimal height – no more than half a meter from the child’s growth. This is the best confirmation that you really built your own wooden house and will not enter it without an invitation.

Fill the situation with all sorts of things the child knows in real life. If it’s a pirate’s den – it should have a bottle to seal the news, a treasure chest, and a naturally matching flag. In the boudoir of the princess you need a mirror, an old phone, other glamorous things. The ship cannot do without the radio. In general, give the kids everything that can be interesting and what they will do with it themselves.

Decoration of a house on a tree

Security – in the first place

"If you are working on a wooden house with your own hands, screw the screws in properly: your hats and pointed ends should not protrude above the surfaces."

Children’s wooden house should be safe. This can be ensured through the correct approach to the choice of materials and the construction process.

Children’s houses on the dacha should not be in the sun or in a thick shadow. In the first case it will be hot and the child may get a sunstroke, in the second it will be damp and the place of the games will smell like mold.

Place a playground on a flat plot or attach a children’s house to a tree with mighty branches. The design has to be reliable. Not shaky and not falling. The child will run, jump in and this should not be reflected in any way on the condition of the house.

Make sure that the construction of the house is reliable

Check the quality of the building material. Planks and bars should be well peppered so that the child does not get splinters.

If you are working on a wooden house with your own hands, tighten the screws properly: your hats and pointed ends should not protrude above the surfaces.

When decorating the roof, especially in small houses, use flexible and flexible materials such as polycarbonate. Ordinary slates or metals have sharp edges and can injure playing children.


A country house for children is an irreplaceable object. He will really love and will be an excellent stimulation of the child for self-development.


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