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Being a dentist means taking care of yourself teeth and the people take care of.

We consider a thorough examination, a detailed consultation in which we are happy to answer all your questions, as well as transparent therapy and cost planning as prerequisites for optimal treatment results. Our goal is to make your visit to us as pleasant as possible. Not only our adult patients feel this. Pediatric dental treatment is a task that we are dedicated to with a lot of patience and understanding.

For appointments and non-binding questions please call us: 040.407218. Or you can use our practical online appointment management.

Get an impression of what it is like when the highest technical standards meet cordial cooperation. We have prepared a small compilation of our everyday life for you. Dental appointments can be relaxed.

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You will notice it immediately when you enter our practice in Eimsbüttel: the friendly atmosphere and the attention towards you as a patient contribute to your relaxation. All of our employees are characterized by a high level of competence in their field and are always up to date in terms of technical expertise.

Over time, you will surely meet familiar faces – most of our employees have been loyal to us for many years. The trust of our patients is our incentive. You can be sure that you are in good hands with us.

Dr. med. dent. Elena Tasei

Dr. Med. Dent. Eva Wischmann

Sarina Witt-Hanas

Sahel Salmakey

Annett Strehle

Sara Tostmann

Melanie Reixelo Barbosa

Pia Heinze

Eveline Guist

Sonia Cuadrado Bosch

Flori Serban


Am Weiher 23
20255 Hamburg
phone 040.407218
fax 040.43214439
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We recommend getting there
with the public

Office hours

Monday to Friday
8 a.m. to 7 p.m.


Friendly and competent

Miss Dr. In my view, Tasei is a very competent doctor. She has already carried out several treatments for me and from my point of view works very conscientiously and precisely. In the event of an emergency, I was given an ad hoc appointment on the second attempt – after the lady tried to put me off on the phone for days later. She also transfers to specialists.
I only have to complain about the anesthetic method. Unfortunately, the treatment was not painless, and often had to be injected again (after which the effects were not long in coming). I think that there are more modern anesthesia methods (e.g. computer-controlled local anesthesia). Some assistants are a bit rough."

Evaluation from 16.01.2019

Very friendly and competent, highly recommended!

Dr. Tasei and her team have been the “safe haven” for my family and me for years. The children are even happy when they go to the dentist again. I know that differently from my childhood. I have Dr. Tasei experienced as very friendly and competent at all times. Even with complicated treatments close to the root canal, Dr. Tasei regularly to calm a rather worried patient (like me) and still save the tooth."

Rating from 11.11.2018, age: 30 to 50

Recommended, great practice!

I love going to the dentist here!
I feel well advised and looked after here. Ms. Tasei and her team are very qualified, well organized and always friendly."

Rating from 05.09.2018, legally insured, ages: 30 to 50

In practice for over 10 years

I have been in practice for over 10 years and I am very satisfied. I had everything from implant to root canal and was very satisfied."

Evaluation from 04/11/2018

No more fear of the dentist

Really a great practice! I have been there as a patient for years, and both teeth cleaning as well "real" Treatments are as pleasant as a visit to the dentist can be. I have had veneers and amalgam removal done there, neither of which are treatments to look forward to, but Dr. Tasei and her super nice team managed this very pleasantly and completely painlessly. Of course it also looks good! I send everyone there who asks me about a dentist and so far has only received good feedback!"

Rating from 03.08.2017, privately insured, ages: 30 to 50

Very friendly and service-oriented practice with a super nice team!

I felt right at home when I came in, as far as the dentist goes ;-)). The practice is bright and very nicely decorated and you can also find a bright green wall and great pictures on the walls.
I was then greeted warmly and received. Everything is very modern, but gets nice help with the iPads and how it all works. And then it began. Miss Dr. Tasei was very nice and friendly and immediately took away my slight nervousness.
I can recommend this practice and above all Dr. Highly recommend Tasei."

Rating from 26.07.2017, legally insured, ages: 30 to 50

Great practice team, competent and friendly!

Miss Dr. Tasei treats our entire family, and both children have been with her in preventive care and treatment since very young days. We all have great trust in her and always feel very comfortable in practice. The whole team is very competent and friendly. The practice is very modern, and also really nicely designed."

Rating from 09.05.2017, legally insured, age: 30 to 50

We recommend.

Very careful and accurate dentist who takes time for you. The dentures fit perfectly, look great and cause no complaints. No waiting times. Good practice atmosphere and very nice helpers."

Rating from 17.02.2017, privately insured, ages: 30 to 50

Great doctor

Trusted dentists are hard to find and I tried a lot after my arrival in Hamburg. With Dr. Tasei I ended up in the emergency service at Christmas 2007 and stayed there, although the journey is very far. It is great, works perfectly in terms of craftsmanship (I have been confirmed by an oral surgeon that it can fill roots that are impossible to fill, as the filling "work of art" designated) and takes time for the patient."

Rating from 09.08.2016, legally insured, ages: 30 to 50

Exactly my practice

"Great practice. Super nice team, I feel in very good hands. My needs are addressed. Highly recommended."

Rating from 28.08.2017, age: 30 to 50

Very competent and sensitive doctor.

“I feel in good hands in this practice. I would always be given competent advice and treatment. ”

Evaluation from 13.11.2017

Competent and friendly practice.

“Modern practice in the residential area with a friendly and nice team.
Miss Dr. Tasei is empathetic and responds to the patients."

Evaluation from 30.08.2017

Friendly, competent and very sensitive.

"With Dr. I immediately felt very comfortable with Tasei. It is a very pleasant family atmosphere in practice. A very nice team. I came on recommendation and I will pass it on. "

Rating from 12.09.2017, age: 30 to 50

Very friendly medical assistants, competent doctors, good and detailed advice, pleasant atmosphere, almost to feel good, it would not be about dental treatment .

"Have some through with mean Teeth, whether root canal treatment, crowns or just a tooth cleaning. I am extremely satisfied with all treatments. If the next dental problem arises, I’m glad to have this practice!"

Evaluation from 12.10.2017

Highly recommended: very good treatment options, modern dental practice.

“We have been patients in Dr.’s dental practice for over 10 years Tasei. She is very competent and works very thoroughly. Modern practice and a nice, well-organized team complete the picture. We can only recommend this dental practice."

Evaluation from 26.10.2017

Very nice, competent dentist and team.

“I have been in the practice for treatment and tooth cleaning for years. I can only report good things, I feel in good hands with my 4 year old daughter. ”

Evaluation from 10.11.2017

Pleasant atmosphere, friendly open-minded practice team, very good professional advice and treatment

"I have felt in good hands here for many years and would recommend the practice to others at any time."

Evaluation from 15.11.2017


To make an appointment, you can use our online appointment management here or simply enter the desired date here and send it off. You are also welcome to use this form for questions and suggestions. We are looking forward to your message.


Am Weiher 23
20255 Hamburg
phone 040.407218
fax 040.43214439
e-mail This email address is being protected from spam bots! To display JavaScript must be turned on!


We recommend getting there
with the public


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