Dental supplementary insurance prophylaxis, test winner 2020

Dental supplementary insurance prophylaxis, test winner 2020

Dental supplement insurance including prophylaxis: Top 10 tariffs in comparison & test

Those who think about taking out private dental insurance usually want to protect themselves against high costs for dentures and expensive dental treatments. Often underestimated, however, dental prophylaxis is also an important benefit of private dental supplementary insurance. In the field of dental prophylaxis, statutory health insurers provide little or no benefits. In contrast, more and more private dental insurance companies also provide preventive measures, such as professional tooth cleaning, in their scope of services. Accordingly, when choosing a tariff, it is worth taking a closer look at the services in the area of ​​dental prophylaxis.

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The top 5 dental supplements for prophylaxis

The following table shows the top five tariffs that focus primarily on the prophylaxis service segment. In addition to the services for individual prophylaxis, such as professional tooth cleaning (PZR), many of these tariffs also cover services for dental treatment measures – such as root and periodontal treatments. The individual columns therefore show not only the reimbursement rate for prophylaxis but also that for dental treatment. In addition, an exemplary monthly contribution is shown in the last column, using the example of a 30-year-old insured person. There is no waiting period for prophylaxis measures for all five tariffs. Services from this area can therefore be used immediately after the start of insurance.

Table 1: Dental supplement insurance for prophylaxis – Top 5 tariffs

collective name Prophylaxis services Service for dental care. monthly fee
ERGO Direct ZBB + ZBE 100% (unlimited) 100% € 12.80
Hallesche Smart Dent 100% (max. 160 € p.a.) 100% * € 10.90
DKV KDBE 100% (max. € 150 p.a.) * 100% € 9.84
Barmenia Prophy 100% (max. € 60 p.a.) 100% € 9.90
ERGO Direct ZBB 100% (max. € 50 p.a.) 100% * € 7.90

For all reimbursement rates marked with (*), the reimbursement rate shown only applies to some of the treatment measures we examined in this service category. In the area of ​​prophylactic measures, we examined the tariff safeguards for the professional tooth cleaning (PZR) treatments, fissure sealing, fluoridation of the teeth, carrying out a caries risk diagnosis and the preparation of an oral hygiene status. In the area of ​​dental treatment, we have analyzed the tariff safeguards for the treatment measures of supplying a carious tooth with plastic fillings, periodontal and root canal treatment, mucosal transplantation, root tip resection and root length measurements. The exact services of the individual tariffs can be found on the respective tariff pages. These are linked as follows:

The top 5 premium tariffs including prophylaxis

The following table shows the top five premium dental supplementary insurance policies which, in addition to very comprehensive services for dentures and dental treatment, also cover very good benefits in the area of ​​prophylaxis / tooth cleaning. In addition to the level of performance for prophylaxis measures, the individual columns also show the general level of performance for reimbursements in the field of dental treatment and dentures. With this type of tariff, the monthly contribution for a 30-year-old person to be insured is shown in the last column.

Table 2: The top 5 premium tariffs including prophylaxis

collective name Performance f. prophylaxis General services Monthly contribution
Exclusive German family insurance for dental protection 100% (max. € 200 p.a.) 100% € 24.00
The Bavarian ZAHN Prestige 100% (max. € 200 p.a.) 100% € 25.00
ERGO Direct Premium (ZAB + ZAE + ZBB + ZBE) 100% (unlimited) 90-100% € 21.20
Munich Association 571 + 572 + 573 + 574 100% (max. 170 € p.a.) 90-100% € 24.32
Württemberg ZE90 + ZBE 100% (max. € 150 p.a.) 90-100% € 34.37

The two tariffs of Deutsche Familienversicherung and Die Bayerische Versicherung are also the Stiftung Warentest winner, with a top grade of 0.5 very good. All services per tariff at a glance can be found on the corresponding tariff pages. These are linked as follows:

What exactly does "dental prophylaxis" mean??

Dental prophylaxis includes all measures that serve to maintain dental health and prevent tooth and gum disease. This includes the early detection of dental diseases, which enables timely treatment.

In the center of attention are caries, gingivitis and periodontitis, a bacterial inflammation of the tooth structure.

In addition to personal dental hygiene, the annual check-ups at the dentist and professional tooth cleaning, which is recommended every 6 to 12 months, are an important part of successful dental care. The teeth are cleaned more thoroughly than at home dental care and dental plaque is removed. This lowers the risk of tooth decay and gingivitis. In addition, other measures such as sealing fissures or fluoridating teeth are possible.

Why does a tariff for dental prophylaxis make sense??

Since important dental prophylaxis measures are not covered by the statutory health insurance, they must be paid by the insured themselves. This applies above all to professional tooth cleaning. The prices for professional tooth cleaning are on average 70 to 90 euros, but can vary considerably depending on the region and dentist. This means that a statutory insured person who regularly uses this benefit costs around 140 to 180 euros per year.

In addition to the statutory health insurance, many private dental insurance companies provide for the reimbursement of the costs of professional tooth cleaning in their scope of services. Insured persons with such a tariff can therefore expect an at least partial reimbursement of these "pre-programmed" costs. In addition, your risk of developing a dental disease and having to make additional co-payments is reduced.

There are disadvantages to a tariff for dental prophylaxis?

Because the insurance incurs regular annual costs for the reimbursement of professional tooth cleaning, dental insurance, which also includes dental prophylaxis, is usually associated with higher monthly premiums. However, these can vary considerably depending on the tariff and the other scope of services. Therefore, when taking out private dental insurance, individual claims should be taken into account. For example, those who place great value on dental care and go to professional tooth cleaning twice a year are more likely to benefit from a tariff with dental prophylaxis than insureds who only use this service every few years.

What are the limits of dental supplement insurance for dental prophylaxis??

In the area of ​​private dental insurance, too, the reimbursement of dental care costs is often subject to certain limits. Not infrequently, for example, there remains a small own contribution (e.g. 15 percent at Barmenia ZGU +) or the maximum reimbursement amount per year is limited (e.g. 120 euros per year at Allianz DentalBest). The number of professional teeth cleaning operations is almost always limited to two per year.

With most tariffs, professional tooth cleaning can be used before the waiting period expires. However, this should also be checked before taking out dental insurance.

There are special tariffs for dental prophylaxis for children?

In addition to orthodontic treatments, dental prophylaxis is the most important area of ​​additional dental insurance for children. The statutory health insurance company also provides increased dental care measures in childhood. However, restrictions also apply here. For example, the teeth are only sealed in the molar area. Special dental insurance for children offers more extensive services in the field of dental prophylaxis and reimburses the sealing of tooth fissures, the fluoridation of the teeth, professional tooth cleaning and a number of special services.

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