Europcar car rental: the right car for every situation

What to consider when booking with europcar

At Europcar car rental you have a wide choice of vehicles to rent

With europcar car rental, you have a wide choice of vehicles to rent.

In certain situations vehicle simply practical, maybe even indispensablewhether it is for a camping vacation with the family, a winter sports weekend trip with your partner or the move to your first own apartment.

But if you only need a car in certain situations, you won’t buy your own right away. Therefore, car seekers can choose car rental like europcar rent a car of your choice at any time for the required period of time.

Which vehicles are available for rent at europcar car rental, which requirements you meet for a rental car with which cost you have to calculate and what you have to pay in general for the booking of a rental car via europcar, you should consider, you will learn in this guidebook.

FAQ: europcar car rental

You can book a rental car either directly at a station, on the website or via the europcar app. you just have to specify the place and time, choose a suitable vehicle, add protection options or extras if necessary, pay and pick up the car.

The cost of a rental car always depends on the vehicle class, the rental period, the driver’s age, the rental station and the desired extras. More information about booking a europcar rental car and the rental costs you can find here.

the rental prices at europcar car rental already include free kilometers. The number of vehicles you can rent always depends on the rental period. If you need a car only for a few days, you usually have unlimited free mileage. However, if the number of kilometers is limited and you would like to drive more, you can add additional kilometers during the booking process. Likewise, additional drivers and further extras such as a navigation system or child seats can be booked as well.

Conditions at the car rental europcar at a glance

conditions at europcar
old driver 18 years of age
additional drivers yes
driving license 1 or. 3 years
availability immediately
locations worldwide
private/business both
app available yes
additional services additional insurance, additional driver, navigation system, emergency management service abroad
tank regulation full tank regulation or full tank option
free mileage 900 km/rental up to unlimited
vehicle classes small cars (mini, economy, compact, compact elite, intermediate, intermediate elite), large cars (intermediate, fullsize, premium, luxury), minibuses (fullsize, standard, special), vans, transporters, trucks
payment methods credit card, girocard, voucher or cash payment
insurance services liability insurance
→ to the provider

How to book a europcar rental

When young drivers rent a car from Europcar, they have to pay an additional fee

When renting a car from europcar, young drivers have to pay an additional fee.

If you rental car if you want to rent a car from europcar, you first have to decide, from when and how long you need the rental car and where you want to pick it up and bring it back. It should be noted that for one-way trips – if you return the car to a different station than you picked it up – an additional fee a charge of 32 € for one way rentals within germany or 22 € for one way rentals within a city is levied.

Moreover, at the very beginning of the car rental search on the page of the europcar car rental company, you have to select your age specify because europcar for young drivers between 18 and 22 years an extra fee of 10 € per day or a maximum of 50 € per rental is charged. Further the age is relevant, because europcar has a age limit for some vehicle classes. from the age of 25 and a valid driver’s license for at least 3 years, you can rent all vehicles without hesitation.

Longer rentals are worthwhile! With the car rental company europcar the prices of course from several factors like the vehicle class, the rental period, the driver age and the rental station from. you can get a small car for less than 60 € for one day. However, if you rent the car for a week, for example, the rental price is reduced to less than 25 € per day. In addition, europcar has long term rental offers, similar to a car subscription – if you wanted to drive a rental car for more than one month.

Europcar: what classes of car are on offer??

You can also rent vans and trucks from Europcar

you can also rent vans and trucks from europcar.

car rental companies always have a wide range of vehicles to choose from. Besides ordinary city cars you can rent at europcar sprinter, transporter or TRUCK rent. It is important to know that when renting a car, usually only a vehicle class booked and therefore no specific model can be guaranteed. In the following list you can see the car classes offered by europcar car rental:

  • small car: mini, economy, compact, compact elite, intermediate, intermediate elite
  • Large vehicle classes: intermediate, fullsize, premium, luxury
  • minibuses: fullsize, standard, special
  • vans, van & TRUCK

On the website you will always be immediately shown example models, but which model you get in the end is not certain. The europcar car rental also offers the category "desired model on which you can book a particular model, if it is available. The rental prices for desired models are of course a bit higher than for the other europcar cars.

insurance coverage for europcar car rental

All vehicles are basically comprehensive and third party liability insurance as well as theft protected. The liability insurance, theft protection and a liability reduction in case of damage are already included as a basic protection package included in the europcar rental price. For many drivers, however, this is not enough as insurance cover. After all, an accident can always happen and, in the worst case, you will have to pay for it yourself amount of deductible volume.

The car rental company europcar offers two additional insurances on, either the medium protection package or the premium protection package. The medium protection costs 19,01 € per day, the premium protection 29,24 €. Similar to the rental price, the insurance costs also become cheaper the longer you keep the car. In the table below, we show you the differences between the two packages:

medium protection packagepremium protection package
amount of the deductible 450,00 € 0,00 €
passenger accident protection yes yes
tire and windshield protection (rims excluded) yes yes
protection for personal belongings no yes

However, customers can also choose to have their car serviced at any time, regardless of the protection package passenger accident protection or the tire and windscreen protection book it separately for an extra charge. In the same way you can add to your booking the roadside assistance or the roadside assistance express add support for self-inflicted breakdowns such as loss of keys, misfuelling, being locked out of the vehicle or being stranded with an empty tank guaranteed. This way, every driver can get the protection he or she feels most comfortable with at europcar car rental.

In addition to the additional protection products, you can also get other extras from europcar car rental, such as additional driver, one navigation system, baby seats, child seats or more free mileage to your rental car.

Payment options with europcar car rental

You can book a rental car with Europcar without a credit card

you can book a rental car with europcar even without a credit card.

If you want to rent a car, you must of course also pay the rent pay. renters have different payment options. You can book with europcar immediately online – which is the cheapest option – or first later at pickup pay. in order to pay online, you must have a valid credit card. you have to present it when you pick up.

If you pay only at the rental station, you can rent a car with europcar also by without credit card bookings, at least within germany. The payment method is up to fullsize vehicle class possible, and all they need is an ordinary EC card. The advantage of this payment option, even if it’s the more expensive one, is that you can reservation anytime change or rebook.

When you pick up your car, you also always have to pay a deposit deposit, which is either blocked on your credit card or debited from your account when paying with a debit card. Europcar retains a deposit in the amount of 300 € a.

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