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Our MOO community came across gold and we can’t get enough of these fantastic designs – our customers are creative, inventive and easy ingenious.

This month we would like to introduce three women entrepreneurs whose designs with gold foil give us heart-shaped eyes. From branding to knitwear to event planning – read the stories behind their unique companies and breathtaking designs.

Wild Within

Steph Zangeneh Azam, owner of the Wild Within studio, specializes in graphic design and brand photography for women who do cool things. It helps them to define their brand vision, to realize their dreams and to express their personal magic, the “wild inside”.

Steph explains: “In the beginning, I accepted every project that was offered to me indiscriminately. But as my business grew, I yearned for more … it wasn’t about finding a niche or filling a void. I just wanted to work with women who had the same business difficulties as I did. ”

When she designed her business cards, Steph wanted the recipient to “feel like they just received something special, like a magic key.” The message is clear and the design is simple – with its logo on the front and the slogan and your contact details on the back.

Steph chose MOO’s gold foil finish against a matte black background. "It gives the cards the touch of magic I was looking for. I love how they look and feel. It was the first time I tried the gold foil and it did not disappoint me. The cards are solidly processed and of high quality. ”Steph is proud to hand over their cards. As she tells us, the typical reaction is: “WOW! Cool cards, I love how they look feel!"

fount & raised

Rachel founded Born & Raised in spring 2015 in Melbourne, Australia. After graduating from Parsons New School for Design in 2014, Rachel saw a huge niche in the market for affordable, contemporary and stylish knitwear for the whole family. Initially specializing in baby and children’s fashion, B&R quickly became a full-fledged lifestyle label, known for its stylish knitwear that is durable, luxurious and incredibly sweet!

B&R is a brand that has come a lot in recent years. Because of her passion for travel, Rachel ran her business on the go: she designed and produced her goods, while she traveled the globe.

Now that she has settled in LA and all Born products & Raised to be made in the US, the brand needed a makeover. Her old business cards no longer reflected the brand’s aesthetics and Rachel wanted to emphasize that her products are now made in the United States. "I have my favorite knitwear from B&R printed on the cards – in itself it was such a nice, slim design! Then I overlaid my logo with gold foil to set contrasts. "

Rachel’s Born & Raised business cards are square – she believes that the format “underlines the aesthetics of their brand” and that the cards “have an incredibly soft feel and a nice finish”.

Rachel adds: “I get so many comments on the cards, the response is really positive. When you order printed products online, you take a risk and sometimes run the risk that they will not turn out exactly as you had imagined. Fortunately, my business cards turned out even better than expected! I love showing my MOO cards in promo pictures of my work because they have become really perfect and go hand in hand with my designs. ”

Wonderlust events

Holly is the founder and owner of Wonderlust Events. It is her passion to host events and make people happy. And with her experience in both social and corporate worlds, there is nothing more satisfying for her than turning dreams into reality, as she tells us: “Whether people come to us with an idea or without the slightest inspiration, we take them with us Hand and stand by them at every turn. "

Wonderlust means being in a constant state of wonder, and Holly’s goal is to make her customers’ miracles come true. The Wonderlust logo was designed by the very talented Gabriella Croci, who came from Holly’s inspiration and added her own imagination and magic. When it came time to design their business cards, Holly and Gabriella wanted to present the stunning logo in gold foil on a dark background and convey elegance. On the other hand, they wanted to demonstrate simplicity and limited themselves to the essential data that people want to get from a business card.

Holly adds: “I love the flair of my business cards and the gold foil really shows off my logo. Everyone mentions the quality of the cards, how different they are and how much they love the logo. ”

Bring your company shine with business cards with gold foil.


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