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Common sense is often very helpful. But sometimes we have to realize that our knowledge and skills are finite. Has everything really become more difficult these days? We do not believe. But different, that’s fine. Do not worry! Expert advice does not have to be expensive – just look around here. We have found experts who have exciting topics and questions for example about health & Nutrition, family & Education or law & Just explain precaution and answer it understandably. Here you will find advice topics that help you in everyday life as a person, as a grandmother or grandfather or as a parent on. We capture the needs of grandparents and deliver the right colorful theme world!


That’s why the maternal grandmother is so important

Grandparents are important for children. The grandchildren not only learn from them tolerance and respect for the elderly, but also from the experiences of the grandparents. Continue reading


Lonely old: what can you do about it??

There are several reasons why a person lives alone. Sometimes the beloved spouse dies. Sometimes it is your own decision that you want to live alone. But in the high. Continue reading

family & education

Childless in old age: no cause for sadness

Every fifth person over 50 years in Germany is childless – and there are more each year. Not only are there more and more singles in old age, but also couples who are consciously against children. Continue reading

family & education

Five tricks children can use to clean up

It is always a struggle at home with children to keep order. While playing, the toys are distributed all over the floor. Children love the chaos and never have. Continue reading

health and nutrition

Home remedies for menopausal symptoms

At the beginning of the 50s, Fauen enter their menopause. Sweats, mood swings, sleep disorders and no desire for sex are then part of the daily routine. About 60 percent of. Continue reading

health and nutrition

Back pain in old age – causes and tips

Back pain in old age are not uncommon and make the well-deserved time in the pension often to a tedious agony. Where did the complaints come from? So that you are effective against the pain. Continue reading

Leihoma at home- & foreign countries

Loaning grandparents: The way to a fulfilled retirement

Above all, there are two things that plague many people as they grow older: financial worries and the fear of loneliness. Maybe you are single and your own children live. Continue reading

Movie & watch TV

Leihoma in America: Ursula Struwe has gone this way

The theme of Leihoma and going abroad as a grandmother is a perennial favorite at Very recently, the television has taken up this topic. See a post about one here. Continue reading

Law & prevention

When grandparents take care of their own parents – concrete help for caregivers

Since the 1960s, life expectancy in Germany has risen from 70 to almost 81 years. For the first time grandparents, Germans are today at an average of about 53 years. Often it comes to that. Continue reading

Care in old age

Grade 5: Severe impairment with special requirements

After much discussion, the long-awaited care reform came into force in 2017. In order to be able to consider mental limitations as well as physical ones, a new rating system was developed. Continue reading

technology & communication

Cash Back Systems: How To Get Money Back With Gifts For The Grandsons

Almost everyone knows cashback systems. Only the term may still be unknown to many. Many consumers own at least one plastic card in credit card format, with. Continue reading

technology & communication

Analog Photography: This will make your grandson happy

Analogue photography is back in fashion today with young people. The analogue camera was actually declared dead. He is definitely not. Do you still have old ones? Continue reading

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