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Franconia and the Fichtelgebirge at a glance

Off on an adventure!

In Franconia you spend unforgettable holidays all year round: hikes, bike trips or boat tours in summer, skiing, Christmas market visits and wellness in winter. In addition, climbing gardens, amusement parks and zoos – a dream for families!

Enjoyment, nature and down-to-earth charm – that’s Franconia. The region is a dream especially for families. Discover the fascinating and original natural scenery of Franconia with your children and immerse yourself in the huge leisure landscape with action-packed amusement parks and great pools!

The big and worth seeing cities in Franconia are Nuremberg, Bamberg, Bayreuth and Würzburg. A short family vacation at one of the wonderful Christmas markets will be unforgettable. Franconia is also particularly known for its hearty but extremely tasty food. Children especially like the various sausages, which are often nicely packaged at small stands along the roadside "in the Weckla", can buy.

Legendary landscapes and pure family friendliness

The Fichtelgebirge nature park forms the northeastern part of Franconia. On vacation you will find nature in its purest and most beautiful form. No wonder that the most varied fairy tales, legends and legends have been around the Fichtelgebirge for centuries.

Many accommodations in the Fichtelgebirge are very family-friendly and have adapted to the young guests – regardless of whether you spend your vacation in a family hotel or in a beautiful holiday park! An above-average number of restaurants also place special value on their little visitors. This can not only be observed on the menus with special children’s menus, but above all on changing facilities and colorfully equipped play areas. This is how families in Franconia feel comfortable and in good hands.

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Great play, sport and adventure areas for children!

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Come on, let’s discover Franconia and the Fichtel Mountains!

Climbing, hiking or winter sports – the list of activities on a family holiday in Franconia and in the Fichtel Mountains is long and varied. It will not be difficult for you to find the right job for you and your loved ones. The best thing to do is get started right away – there is so much to discover and experience here!

It goes high!

Entertainment is very important here! Small and large climbing maxes get their money’s worth in the Oxenkopf climbing forest. This climbing park at the foot of the Ochsenkopf offers climbing routes for all levels and levels of difficulty – the right thing for all family members. In Hof an der Saale in Upper Franconia, even more adventures await you in the climbing park on the Untreusee. The routes with Tarzan jumps, climbing tunnels and hill ladders are particularly varied here. Welcome to the jungle!

In summer, a visit to the outdoor pool is of course a good idea when the heat is high. Inquire at your holiday destination where the nearest bath is. Almost all of them have very spacious beds and are located in the middle of the most beautiful nature. An unforgettable excursion will surely also be brought to you in LEGOLAND Germany – immerse yourself in a world made of over 50 million LEGO bricks!

The animal parks in this region are also impressive! In the Fichtelgebirge you pay great attention to the conservation of species in the local flora and fauna. If you If you go to Franconia with children, you will find numerous game reserves and zoos that are worth a visit. Deer, goats, deer, wild boar and horses, all at arm’s length in their natural environment – a great experience!

You can get to know more than the local wildlife on the numerous nature trails in the area. Among all the educational paths, there are three that are particularly convincing: the Erzberg geological hiking tour gives you a lot to learn about the earth’s history and rock formations. Children become conscientious geologists on this route. The quarry is located in Kirchenlamitz. On the edge of the approximately 2.5-hour hike, the granite extraction is shown from the start. A special destination is the potato adventure trail, which is just around the corner. Knolli, the funny potato, accompanies the family on tablets along the seven-kilometer route through the former potato villages of Großschloppen, Reicholdsgrün and Raumetengrün. This tour is also great for a bike trip. Then you can also tackle the three-kilometer detour to the Epprechtstein castle ruins.

Winter fun guaranteed

When you think about skiing in Bavaria, most people immediately think of the Alps. The slopes in the Fichtelgebirge are beautiful and mostly less crowded. Forest hikes in the Fichtel Mountains, in Franconia in general, impressively show, especially in the early morning and at dusk, how so many legends, myths and fairy tales could develop around this region. The mystical is almost palpable. Get a booklet with the imaginative stories and get to the bottom of them with your children while hiking through the enchanting landscapes. Berg then descends rapidly on the summer toboggan run Pottenstein!

A family vacation in Franconia and in the Fichtelgebirge in particular creates a short distance from everyday life at home. It almost seems that time is ticking a little bit slower here. This is a wonderful relaxing holiday with small action deposits.


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