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The Harz at a glance

Between hiking and winter sports

No matter whether the sun is shining or the snow turns everything into a wonderful winter landscape – a family holiday in the Harz is always worthwhile! If you decide for the warmer months, you can expect a lot: the wonderful natural landscape can be wonderfully explored on extensive cycling and hiking tours.

In 2006 the entire Harz region was declared a nature park and thus a landscape that must be preserved due to its unique beauty. If you want to spend the holidays with your children in the midst of a fascinating and varied nature, there is hardly a more suitable place than the Harz.

If you only want to spend a short vacation with your children in the Harz Mountains and still don’t want to miss anything, you should head to the miniature park in Wernigerode – here you can marvel at the highlights of the region in 1:25 scale.

A legendary region

You can climb the 1,141 meter high Brocken, the highest mountain in Saxony-Anhalt. In summer you can hike comfortably up here and in winter you whiz down the slopes. Cross-country skiing is also very popular in the region! Let the area work its magic on you: it is so enchanted here that since the Middle Ages many legends and uncanny myths have grown up around the Harz Mountains.

Selected family hotels in the Harz Mountains

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Unforgettable family vacation in the low mountain range

Harz, Germany Harz culture- & Congress hotel Wernigerode

Hiking vacation in the beautiful Harz

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Active vacation in the Harz Mountains!

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Popular ski areas in the Harz Mountains

Family vacation at the Braunlage-Wurmberg ski area

Family vacation ski area Bocksberg-Hahnenklee

Come on, let’s discover the Harz Mountains!

Regardless of whether you spend a short vacation with your children in the Harz Mountains or make the slopes unsafe for a week in winter – a family vacation in the German low mountain range is always a good idea. After all, there is so much to experience here that all large and small family members will surely remember for a long time.

Beautiful natural landscapes

You can marvel at the Harz in all its beauty in three nature parks and in the Karstlandschaft Südharz biosphere reserve – even if you are just spending a short holiday with the family in the German low mountain range, you should not miss this! Those who prefer to see the whole thing in a more compact format are in good hands in the Wernigerode miniature park. Sights such as Falkenstein Castle, the Brocken and Wernigerode Castle can be seen here on a scale of 1:25.

Immerse yourself in another world

Your children can feel like knights and damsels at the castle ruins on the sandstone cliffs in Blankenburg. Here the Regenstein counts once built their living rooms and the castle chapel directly into the rock. Knight games and medieval festivals take place here regularly.

You can also immerse yourself in another world in Pullmann City. It is a complete western town with a saloon, sheriff’s office, buffalo grill and much more. There are even gold miners and Indians here – Howdy!

From a different perspective

If you spend your vacation with the children in the Harz, you should not miss a visit to the Iberger stalactite cave. A cave was discovered where a coral reef was about 385 million years ago.

The Rammelsberg visitor mine, one of the most outstanding industrial monuments in Europe, is also underground. The mine was closed in 1988 and today you can take part in family tours.

It goes high!

In the air, on the other hand, it is on the Harz treetop path in Bad Harzburg. From here you and the children can experience the national park from a completely new perspective. The approximately one kilometer long path is at a height of approximately 20 meters and offers 18 platforms with different experience elements.

It will also be exciting in the Krodoland amusement park, which is also located in Bad Harzburg. From your hotel or apartment in the Harz Mountains you can go there and experience numerous adventures. While the small Adults can let off steam in the adventure tree house, the climbing wall or the play barn at Swingolf and Pit-Pat.

An excursion to the imperial city

If you are planning a short trip with the children to the Harz Mountains and do not want to do without a little urban hustle and bustle, it will take you to the millennial city of Goslar. With its historical flair and cultural treasures, the imperial city has a lot to offer. Stroll she with Your loved one through the narrow medieval streets and then make yourself comfortable in the market square in one of the cafés.

Let’s roll!

Is your family vacation in the Harz taking place in the winter months? Even then there is a lot to experience here: cross-country skiing on the well-groomed trails in the national park is a very special winter pleasure. A total of 200 km of ski hiking trails and cross-country trails are spread across the winter wonderland with the family-friendly ski areas Bocksberg-Hahnenklee and Bad Lauterberg. Also a ride with the Sleigh rides are a great experience for young and old!


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