Features and price: jura j6 fully automatic coffee machine in comparison jura j6 fully automatic coffee machine test overview: stiftung warentest winner

A high-quality stainless steel front panel and TFT display the jura J6 fully automatic coffee maker has a lot to offer even at first glance. The range of functions is also excellent. the manufacturer promises an aroma grinder that grinds quickly and gently, a plus extraction process that produces particularly aromatic espresso, and fine foam technology for first-class milk foam. In addition, the jura J6 is contemporary controllable via app. Our test overview reveals why it was the winner of sieger warentest and how the jura J6 performed with other testers and private users.

  • David wulf
  • 19.11.2018

Jura J6 was recommended as the best fully automatic coffee machine by Stiftung Warentest in issue 12/2017

  • These different jura J6 variants are available
  • Features and functions of the jura J6 fully automatic coffee machine
  • Installation and commissioning: jura J6 fully automatic coffee machine
  • Advantages of the jura J6 fully automatic coffee maker
  • Disadvantages of the jura J6 coffee machine
  • TestOverview jura J6: ratings and experiences in comparison
  • Conclusion on the jura J6 fully automatic coffee machine in the testOverview
  • Jura J6 at a glance: price and availability
  • Jura J6 in testOverview: technical data
  • Further tests and comparisons of fully automatic coffee machines

These different jura J6 variants are available

The jura J6 fully automatic coffee machine is available in brilliant silver, piano white and a limited edition in carbon. The product line consists only of the jura J6. However, it can be compared with the jura F9, which is in the same price range. The F9 cannot be controlled via app and does not have an automatic rinse for the milk foam system. In contrast to the jura J6, the machine has a combined spout.

Fully automatic coffee machine with TFT display, Rotary Selection, hot water function, 1,450 watts of power and T&U V-certified hygiene

Jura J6 combines elegant design with sophisticated technology

The renowned swiss manufacturer jura has combined in its J6 all that makes a good fully automatic coffee machine. The jura J6 has a very appealing design that looks sophisticated and well thought-out. In addition, the fully automatic coffee machine has been equipped with extensive features, a large TFT display and intuitive controls. Those who like it smart can also have their cappuccino prepared via app.

Features and functions of the jura J6 automatic coffee maker

The interior of the Jura J6 fully automatic coffee machine uses fine foam technology to deliver extremely fine milk foam with a pleasant consistency. Also worth mentioning is the accessory compartment for the replaceable milk spout and milk hose. This allows both elements to be stored in a practical and hygienic way, and at the same time they are always at hand.

In terms of preparation time and aroma, the jura J6 is one of the best machines on the market. The fully automatic coffee machine has an aromag3 grinder that grinds the coffee beans particularly quickly and at the same time is gentle on the aroma. The pulse extraction process also ensures that the coffee is brewed very quickly and with the highest level of quality is prepared with aroma.

For coffee lovers, the machine offers a wide selection of different options. The following beverages can be prepared with the jura J6:

  • Coffee
  • Espresso
  • Latte macchiato
  • Cappuccino
  • Flat white
  • Ristretto
  • Espresso macchiato
  • Milk
  • Hot water

Parameters such as water quantity, water and brewing temperature, and coffee strength can always be fine-tuned. Particularly noteworthy is the coffee strength, which is programmable in 10 steps. So here everyone should get his money’s worth.

The operation of the fully automatic coffee maker is as simple and intuitive as possible. Next to the color TFT display, there are three buttons on the left and right that can be used to quickly select the desired coffee specialty. On the top of the device is also a rotary switch in blue crystal design. ÜThis button makes it easy to navigate through the menus and select the desired settings for the coffee selection. Furthermore, the jura J6 has an "intelligent water system", which automatically recognizes the water filter thanks to RFID technology.

The display offers many setting options, but it is not completely intuitive to use

Jura J6 is designed for 2.098,99 EUR available at amazon (as of: 24.01.2022)

Optional app control of jura J6

Those who prefer to control their fully automatic coffee machine via smartphone or tablet can do so in the case of the jura J6 via the "JURA operating experience app" do. In addition, the individual coffee types can be freely named, illustrated and stored here. However, it should be noted that the fully automatic coffee maker unfortunately does not have bluetooth integrated from the outset. For this purpose, the bluetooth receiver "smart connect", which is available separately, must be included can be purchased.

The fully automatic coffee machine is equipped with several hygiene functions for maintenance at the touch of a button. It has an integrated rinse, clean and descale program, a milk foam system cleaning program and an automatic milk rinse program. Also a filter cartridge "CLARIS" against limescale is included. Thanks to the maintenance status display, you can always see how clean the machine is.

Jura J6 in tEStubeoverview: scope of delivery and accessories
in addition to the jura J6 fully automatic coffee machine, the scope of delivery includes a dosing spoon, a milk system cleaning container, a cleaning set, the user manual and the warranty booklet. A matching bluetooth adapter called "smart connect is available separately.

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