Fm transmitter test overview& comparison 2022: the best fm transmitters

FM transmitters are perfect for when a car or. The car radio is not equipped with modern functions for playing music, because they simply transmit audio signals to the radio antenna. Smartphones, MP3 players and MP3 files on USB sticks or SD cards can be used to listen to music in any car with any car radio if you use the right FM transmitter. Some of these devices also provide hands-free functions. To help you decide which transmitter is right for your needs and preferences, we’ve compared current devices.

FM transmitter best list 2022

Last updated on: 30.01.2022

Clydek Bluetooth 5.0 car FM transmitter, car charger with QC3.0 and
  • 【QC3.0-fast charging and type-C charging】 the clydek bluetooth 5.0-FM-transmitter is equipped with 3 USB ports: QC3.0 + type-C + 5V / 1A.
  • 【crystal sound shells& EQ function】 the FM transmitter bluetooth features CVC noise cancellation technology. The sound quality is.

Cocoda Bluetooth FM Transmitter for Car, Blue Surrounding Light
  • ENVIRONMENTAL LIGHT AND LED INDICATOR: when the power is on, the surrounding light glows blue, making it easier to use in dark places.
  • Dual USB CONNECTORS AND SAFE CHARGING: supports charging 2 devices at the same time with overcharging protection. One USB port (5V/1A) with.

AINOPE FM Bluetooth Adapter Car, Bluetooth Transmitter Car PD3.0 &
  • &BLUETOOTH V5.0 PAIR IN SECONDS: the bluetooth 5.0 establishes an extremely secure connection between your phone and the bluetooth adapter car.
  • &CRYSTAL MUSIC STREAMING: AINOPE bluetooth adapter car supports 16K high definition audio and bluetooth 5.0-transmission is not distorted.

NULAXY Bluetooth FM Transmitter for Car, Bluetooth Adapter Car with
  • 【fast charging 3.0 and dual USB port】: the nulaxy NX09 car bluetooth FM transmitter comes with a QC3.0 charging port supplied. He.
  • 【7-color LED backlight】: NX09 has 7 colors led backlight, including.

Latest FM transmitter Bluetooth 5.0, SONRU Bluetooth car radio
  • 【bluetooth V5.0 and crystal clear sound】newest bluetooth V5.0, our 2020 newest FM transmitter, features a more stable connection and a.
  • 【PD3.0 type C fast charging and two USB ports】 3 charging ports support charging 3 devices at the same time.

Bluetooth 5.0 FM Transmitter, SONRU Car Bluetooth Radio Adapter
  • 【bluetooth 5.0& three music playback modes】 the SONRU bluetooth FM transmitter uses the latest bluetooth 5.0 chip set. It supports.
  • 【2 smart USB ports – 5V/2.4A + QC 3.0】 the bluetooth FM transmitter is connected to the cigarette lighter. It has 2.

Which FM transmitter is the right one for me??

GOgroove FlexSMART X2 in the test

In principle, you need to be clear about the following points: in what form is my music available?? Do I have a rather large or rather small music compilation? Do I mainly drive long distances or shorter distances? Do I share the car with my partner, use it more alone or carpool?? Do I need the hands-free function? How important is the sound to me. And: what "can" at all my car or. Car radio?

Connection possibilities in the car

Does the car or. car radio supports an AUX input, so you don’t necessarily need an FM transmitter, there are also music / hands-free extensions for this connection. Devices that have both radio and AUX output for direct connection are also available, if you plan to change cars in the near future, or often drive your partner’s car.
Also important is the location or. The number of on-board power sockets, also called cigarette lighter sockets. If these are too far away from the driver, you should use an FM transmitter with a cable, and not one that plugs "directly" into the socket. Also whether you might want to charge a smartphone on the side, with only one jack available, is important, because there are FM transmitters with charging options, and those without.

How do I listen to my music??

Very important: is the music on the USB stick, the smartphone, the MP3 player or on a SD card available? Some FM transmitters have audio inputs to which you can connect devices such as smartphones or MP3 players, as confirmed by most tests. Others have slots for SD cards and USB sticks and thus have their own playback function, which can be more or less extensive and convenient. There are devices with remote control, with different good shuffle function or restrictions on the number of files and size of the storage medium. It depends on how much music you have, and whether it might be worth it to get a more expensive device, or not.
FM transmitters that connect to smartphones via bluetooth are also available. Here the control works mostly in both directions, so that you can z.B. Play a track list on the cell phone, but pause it when a call comes in and then switch the call to the car’s speakers, or switch between calls and music yourself on the FM transmitter.

How am I on the road?

Belkin CarAudio Connect in the test

If you drive for longer, you usually need a larger music selection and therefore more space and options. For those who drive short distances, it is important that the smartphone also always connects sovereign with the transmitter, and that the device also remembers which track you last listened to, which also shows the best FM transmitter test and comparison portals such as z.B. Foundation warentest. Turning off and sharing functions can also be important. If you have z.B. Often park the car, but do not always want to take out the transmitter. Or if you are traveling in a group and want to connect several phones at the same time. Or if you share the car with your partner, and the device should remember both smartphones.

The hands-free function

It depends on whether you make a lot of calls on long journeys, or perhaps you need to be reachable at all times on short journeys. If this is the case, you should take a close look at the hands-free functions of an FM transmitter.

The thing with frequencies

FM transmitters send their signal directly to the antenna of the car radio. If you drive in an area with many radio stations, this could be a problem, because you hardly find free frequencies, or only those with interference. This should also be a consideration when making a purchase decision. But there are also devices that find free frequencies or frequencies that are well suited for transmission independently.

The question of sound

Due to the technology of analog radio transmission itself, all FM transmitters can have background noise and interfering signals. You have to be clear about that. But even here you should look closely at which device achieves better results, and which otherwise still has special features or weaknesses in the sound quality. Ultimately, it is always the subjective feeling that decides how important the sound quality is to one, or. When the sound is qualitatively good for you personally – because quality is also a question of your own requirements and their fulfillment, as shown by leading tests.

Conclusion: a more expensive or cheaper device?

If you have to fall back on the FM transmitter in the long term, because you don’t have a new car or a new car with a new transmitter, you will need a new FM transmitter. If a car radio with the desired functions is in sight, one should perhaps reach for a more expensive device. However, it is important first and foremost to take a close look at the individual criteria and then decide which device best suits your own requirements and preferences. Because the highest quality device is of no use if it doesn’t recognize my smartphone and can’t be connected properly in my car.

Well-known and affordable manufacturers

In the field of FM transmitters, there are only a limited number of well-known manufacturers. Nevertheless, a comparison is useful.

The german accessories manufacturer hama manufactures products from pretty much all areas of electronics. The range also includes some FM transmitters. Most of them concentrate on the essentials and convince with consistently good test results. A big advantage is the wide availability of these devices. While some models from other manufacturers are often only available from specific retailers, hama FM transmitters can be found in almost all major electronics stores and in numerous online stores.



Belkin only has a fairly small selection of FM transmitters, but those devices have what it takes. These are high-quality devices, some with an enormous range of functions. The American company therefore does not have to shy away from a comparison with test winners. Who is looking for FM-transmitters from the highend-berech is at the right address with belkin. It’s not exactly cheap, but for some users the additional investment can be well worth it.


similar to hama, mumbi also offers a wide range of electronic accessories, including various models of FM transmitters. Despite the favorable prices in many cases, users receive a very high quality here and the equipment is also usually convincing. In addition, there are more models from mumbi than from most other manufacturers, so that there is something for every taste here. However, mumbi relies more on proven technology, innovations are very rare to find. But of course not everyone needs them.

No-name manufacturer

A special mention should be made at this point of the no-name manufacturer find. These are to be found in the area of the FM transmitters particularly numerous and by far not always is to be advised against such devices. On the contrary, even without branding, many devices are able to connect in the car test to convince. Scepticism is only appropriate if a device is significantly cheaper than comparable models at a lower price Buy is. We expose inferior devices in any case, whether with or without brand name.

Advantages and disadvantages


Technaxx FMT 400 FM in test

  • Works with almost everyone car radio
  • Other radios are also compatible
  • easy charging via adapter to cigarette lighter or via USB
  • Can be used with smartphones, MP3 players and other devices
  • Extremely high flexibility for the user
  • Mostly good sound quality


  • Sound transmission only, no tags or album cover
  • No digital transmission

Where to find cheap FM transmitters?

FM transmitter buy best online. Because here you will find not only the largest selection of models from the current best list, prices are also not uncommon significantly cheaper than in the retail trade. If you still prefer to go to a store, you can find suitable devices in large electronics markets as well as in specialty stores in principle. However, experience shows that due to the comparatively low demand, there are often only a few models in stock. As a result, customers are then dependent on the existing devices and, due to a lack of comparison, more or less have to buy the cat in the bag. But many sellers are also accommodating enough to allow you to try out the FM transmitter before you buy it. in principle, there is nothing to be said against stationary retail, but especially in this product category, only very few retailers can hold a candle to the offers on the internet. In addition, price comparisons are a good way to always get the best offer to find for a specific model. Tip: a FM transmitter test winner from test portals like z.B. Stiftung warentest helps you with your purchase decision.

Checklist for buying an FM transmitter

– what connections does my car have?
– do i use the car alone or with a partner, or. of a group?
– should the music come from MP3 player, smartphone, SD card or USB stick?
– how important is sound to me?
– what additional features could be useful for me?
– do i need a hands-free function, and if so, how intensively?
– will the FM function work well enough in my area?

TestOverview (test winner 2022)

TEST MAGAZINE:currently passes a test?Test winner from the year:
foundation warentest no, no test available yet 2022
OKO TEST no, not yet. 2022
ETM testmagazine NO YET. 2022

We will of course update the table.

Cocoda bluetooth FM transmitter for car, blue ambient light wireless radio car receiver.

Zealife bluetooth FM transmitter, auto radio transmitter QC 3.0 car wireless bluetooth FM radio.

ORIA bluetooth FM transmitter, wireless radio adapter with microphone& 2 USB charging, universal.

Bluetooth 5.0 FM transmitter, SONRU car bluetooth radio adapter handsfree car MP3.

Newest FM transmitter bluetooth 5.0, SONRU bluetooth car radio adapter handsfree.

SONRU bluetooth FM transmitter for car, FM bluetooth adapter car QC3.0& PD3.0 20W dual USB.

Bluetooth FM transmitter – RAXFLY FM transmitter for car charger bluetooth transmitter receiver.

Clydek FM transmitter car, bluetooth 5.0 wireless car radio adapter with QC3.0& 5V / 2.4A dual.

Bluetooth FM transmitter, hotchy bluetooth car radio transmitter handsfree, car.

Clydek bluetooth 5.0 car FM transmitter, car charger with QC3.0 and fast charge type C.

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