Holidays with children in Corsica

Corsica is an ideal destination for family holidays with children: The whole island with its gently sloping beaches, limestone caves and nature reserves, rivers and swimming pools, forests and climbing rocks is a huge adventure park! Nature in Corsica offers exciting experiences for young and old children of all ages. And for those who want it even more exciting, Corsica offers, in addition to the classic excursion destinations, all suitable and interesting for children, numerous other attractions, such as a turtle park, aquariums, aquaparks with giant slides and several adventure parks with climbing courses for all ages. For a relaxing family holiday in Corsica, you can choose between holiday apartments and holiday homes, as most of them have their own swimming pool and are very well prepared for younger visitors. Holiday villages are also particularly recommended, where special programmes are offered for children and the little ones always find like-minded people to play in.

Corsicans love children

The Corsicans – like most inhabitants of the Mediterranean area – are very uncomplicated in dealing with children and thus contribute significantly to a relaxed family holiday. The little ones are also welcome in the restaurants and cafés, mostly there are their own children’s menus and also otherwise the wishes of the little ones are gladly responded to. The Corsican’s appreciative attitude towards children is certainly due to the family’s still important function in Corsican society.

Child-friendly beaches

With the exception of the beaches on the west coast, which quickly become deep in the sea and where the winds can whip up high waves, all beaches on Corsica are suitable for children. The sandy beaches of Porto Vecchio, the beach in the bay of Calvi and the kilometre-long sandy beach on the east coast are particularly child-friendly. On all these beaches there are also numerous holiday apartments for families with children.

Trips for families with children in Corsica

Because of the narrow and curvy roads in Corsica, one usually only makes slow progress on excursions, one should not underestimate the distances when driving with children. Especially in the summer heat, a drive of several hours can be a test of patience for the whole family. Sensitive stomachs should be soothed beforehand. The offspring can be rewarded with a jump into the cool water for a longer journey on almost every route.

Attractions for children

  • Boat trips from practically all ports, e.g. to the caves of Bonifacio, to the Iles Sanguinaires near Ajaccio or to the peninsula La Scandola of Calviaus.
  • Turtle park A Cupulattadirekt at the road near Vero in the Gravonatal, approx. 21 km from Ajaccio; here, more than 170 different types of turtles can be admired.
  • aquariums
  • Aquarium of Bonifacioin 13 seawater-fed basins, the secrets of the underwater world can be explored, in addition to a great variety of marine fish, there are also amphibians and crustaceans
  • Aquarium de la Poudrière in Portoin near the harbour of Porto, housed in the renovated former powder magazine (hence the name “Poudrière”); modern, very well built but small aquarium with cross section through the underwater flora and fauna.
  • For horse-loving children, there are riding stables and ranches with ponies, mules and horses everywhere, where you can ride in guided tours on the beach or through the Macchia, e.g. in Calvi near U Cavallu or in Propriano near “La Hacienda”.
  • And of course the kids can be carried not only by horses but also by one of Corsica’s most typical animals: the donkey. Especially in the interior there are small, mostly mobile donkey stations, where you can “borrow” a donkey and go on your own for a little hike, e.g. at Albertacce in Nebbio or directly on the beach of Calvi.
  • Adventure parks in Corsica (Parcours Aventure)In the meantime, there are also numerous high ropes courses in Corsica, where you can climb from tree to tree using steel ropes or wooden beams, cross streams at dizzying heights on suspension bridges, etc… Most climbing courses are divided into several levels of difficulty and there is always a course for the little ones, so that an excursion to an adventure park is always an experience for the whole family. Here is a small selection of well-known parks:

    • Calvid Directly in the pine forest behind the beach of Calvi, one of the first high ropes courses of Corsica.
    • Veroca. 20 km outside Ajaccio; one of the largest parks in Corsica.
    • Col de Vizzavonaan the N193 south of Corte and Ajaccio; very varied park
    • Ghisonizwischen Ghisoni and Ghisonaccia on the D344, with 250 m long cableway
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