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Prescription earache

Earache is particularly excruciating and can take your nerves off your shoulders.
Ear pain in the child causes the child to cry frequently and is particularly uncomfortable and uncomfortable.

So you can tell if your child earache Has:

You press with the finger and with increasing pressure carefully on the tragus. The tragus is the small cartilage at the entrance to the ear canal.

This slowly closes the ear canal.
The pressure to the middle ear will increase and the child will show pain reactions.
Please always test both ears.

You can counteract earache in children with a little cotton wool in your ear and a hat.
This protects the affected ear from drafts.

Ear pain is often accompanied by a cold.
A stuffy nose is an ideal pioneer for earache.
Take care, that the nose remains free.
You can use nasal spray with physiological saline (from a pharmacy).
This is particularly recommended for children and infants,
since physiological saline has no side effects and can be sprayed into the nose as often as required.
This protects the sensitive mucous membranes and leaves the nose free.

Ear candles (with an intact eardrum) can also be used for larger children and adults.
You can get ear candles in pharmacies and on the Internet.
Observe the enclosed instructions for use. It can never hurt to stock up on a small supply,
because children often react with earache. So you always have them at hand.

A good Home remedies for ear jokes in children and adults there is an onion bag.

The ingredients of the onion have a germicidal, analgesic effect and promote the healing of the earache.

For one onion bag do you need:

thin cotton or kitchen towel (not printed)

Hat or headband

So is one onion bag manufactured and used:

Peel the onion and then cut it into small cubes.

Lightly heat the onion cubes at a very low temperature in a clean, dry pan without fat.
Place the warm onion cubes on the thin cotton cloth (kitchen towel) and tie a small bag out of it.

Place the onion sachet on the affected ear.
Fix the whole thing with a headband or a cap and let the onion bag work for over 2 hours.

If your child wants, it can be additional with the affected ear on one
place a warm hot water bottle. Here, however, every now and then
Water should be changed so that it stays nice and warm.

Fresh onions must be used for each new application.

You see, such an onion topping is quick and cheap to make.
Therefore, the house prescription should be used for earache onion bag never missing, no matter if
in the child or in the adult.

Warm foot baths also have a positive effect on ear pain and should therefore be carried out several times a day.

However, if the earache does not subside, do not hesitate with one
Visit to the Doctor.

A tip at Earache in infants:
Breastfeed your baby as upright as possible. This reduces the pressure on the ear.
Don’t forget to measure the fever, but don’t use an ear thermometer this time.
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