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I am in pocket fever

A woman can never have enough pockets and when I saw the pattern, it was of course immediately clear that I had to sew it.
Such a nice big shopper with no frills, that’s what inspired me.

At stick and style I discovered the great golden decorative fabric and the matching golden synthetic leather, there is also the belt in taupe. I am always happy when everything fits together so well and you don’t always have to find the right material search got to.
The pattern is also very well described and illustrated and if you look at and read all of them well, you can’t go wrong.

I particularly liked sewing the detail on the webbing a strip of synthetic leather, something different and it is easy to implement.

I also find the combination of synthetic leather and fabric very exciting, not new, but always nice.

You could also turn the bag, then you would have the inside pocket with a zipper on the outside, also a nice idea. With the great outer fabric, it will probably always remain in this version.
As I said, a large pocket with a zipper is sewn inside and a small carabiner for the key. Because in such large bags you always have to look for your key forever, which is annoying.

Now my bag only has to prove itself in practice.

Cut: Shopper LIZZ from Everything for DIY
Fabrics: decorative fabric, synthetic leather, webbing, zipper – stick and style


A beautiful simple shape and super effective materials – looks great!
Yes, pocket fever – is almost with me chronic :-)
LG Judy

This bag is a great success, a real gem.

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