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In the subject area Integration, inclusion & migration you have access to specialist articles on early childhood education subjects Integration of refugee children, children and parents with a migration background, inclusion of disabled children in daycare, kindergarten, day care center, crèche and day care.

Education & care, support

Created by Anita Meyer 08/20/2019

Poverty affects us all!

Poverty in daycare is a relevant topic for educational professionals. In this article, the – admittedly – somewhat bulky expression is meant.

Education & care, support

Created by Sahar El-Qasem 3/15/2019

Intercultural competence – be open to other views

Intercultural competence is a key qualification in today’s work environment. This is especially true for social professions where the.

Integration, inclusion & migration

Created by Dr. Anke Buschmann & Sarah Kröber 10/22/2018

Face the challenging behavior

Tantrums, beating or biting other children, motor restlessness and problems concentrating: these types of behavior require pedagogical specialists.

Integration, inclusion & migration

Created by Miriam Nadimi Amin 07/30/2018

Everyday racism in daycare?

When we speak of racism, it sounds bad to some. Many of us find this term very negative and judgmental and pointy.

Created by Miriam Morgan 6/18/2018

Successfully integrate intercultural learning into day-to-day daycare

Understanding diversity as normal: "Intercultural learning" and "intercultural competence" are important educational goals in our multicultural and globalized world. But what do these terms actually mean? And what can be done in practice to promote intercultural learning?

Created by Angela Löffler Jun 4, 2018

Value and strengthening of family language

Languages ​​are as diverse as the world, but language acquisition is always the same. The article clarifies the basic mechanisms of child language acquisition, shows, how important the family factor is part of this and provides information on how pedagogical staff can support the cultivation of family language.

Created by Marlies Knoops May 28th, 2018

Taking in and caring for children with refugee experience – just a matter of attitude?

Integrating children from families with refugee experience into the daycare center and enabling them to participate equally in education and upbringing requires a qualified daycare team with an open attitude. What does it take to properly equip specialists for this challenging work so that the challenge can become an enrichment?

Created by Stephan Sallat on 02/21/2018

Music in everyday daycare: fun or encouragement?

In the educational plans of the federal states, musical education in general and music in particular are identified as areas that should receive special attention. In addition, there have been numerous findings from neuro- and music psychology as well as from music pedagogy in recent years, which show transfer effects of music on different development and processing areas. But where is.

Created by Sarah Dionisius 1/10/2018

Rainbow families – (no) a topic for day care centers?

Daycare centers play a key role in empowering children from rainbow families. In a heterocentric world, they often experience foreignness in social groups. Specialists can counteract this with information and appreciation and promote children’s resilience.

Created by Andreas Guhl & Susanne Beucher 05.09.2017

What do children need who have had traumatic experiences?

If children have experiences that shake their foundations and that they cannot understand and classify, they often suffer trauma. This often leads to symptoms and behaviors that laypeople have difficulty understanding and classifying. If educators know what is associated with trauma, they can do a lot to help affected girls and women Boys to stabilize.

Created by Stephan Sallat 8/27/2017

Interdisciplinary intervention for language development disorders

Linguistic education, language support, speech therapy, language diagnostics – these disciplines are a common task of very different specialists and occupational groups. They come from the pedagogical, curative and special education as well as from the medical-therapeutic area. This is associated with a difficult to understand and not uniformly regulated responsibility.

Created by Elke Schlösser 08.08.2017

In contact with parents … through the good conversation

Elementary education teachers hold a large number of important conversations. They do this in the various forms of contact through which they cooperate with parents. To be able to use enhanced security in the use of their communicative competence, it is necessary to deal with strategies of non-verbal and verbal communication between adults.

Created by Anna Maria Hoffmann April 26th, 2017

Children with refugee experience in day care centers: everyday life together

Every child brings their own personality and life story with them when they visit the daycare center. Children with refugee experience in particular are shaped by the impressions of their previous lives and are burdened in many ways. It is therefore the task of the daycare center to enable them to have a "normal" everyday life and to strengthen them for their future lives.

Created by Claudia Nürnberg, Maria Schmidt 01/15/2017

Inclusive thinking and prejudiced upbringing

The inclusive approach as an educational opportunity. Lisa is two and a half years old and prefers to tell stories, Ahmed is five years old and has just fled Lebanon with his family, he goes to a kindergarten for the first time and does not speak German, Paul is four years old and cannot walk, Jakob is six years old and his parents cannot pay the cinema fee. inclusive.


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