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A promise that demands the highest standards in all areas of furniture manufacturing is “premium”. At interlübke, this means a perfect combination of functionality, innovation, highest quality, ergonomics, haptics and ecology. This design requirement requires strong partnerships that become visible and tangible in every single piece of furniture.

interlübke stands for quality, design and functionality.

interlübke acts as an internationally distributed furniture brand in the premium segment with clear quality concepts and the highest standards. After all, “we manufacture furniture for discerning end customers who live in a design-oriented way,” says Leo Lübke, explaining the high priority that quality has for him and his 237 employees in all areas. The living room and bedroom furniture of the traditional company from Rheda-Wiedenbrück, which has been owner-managed since its founding in 1937 and produces exclusively in Germany, speak a distinctive and clear language of forms and are carefully coordinated with each other in every detail. The manufacturing and coating qualities for durable, architecture-oriented system furniture are exemplary.

Cooperation with qualified suppliers

The individual and system furniture individually and precisely tailored to the customer or architect’s wishes interprets the design concept holistically. Function and precision are always in focus, so interlübke cooperates with qualified suppliers “with whom we share common values. They offer security, reliability and thus also competitive advantages. The cooperation creates many synergies that benefit our customers. «

Each drawer can be equipped with a matching interior division.

Hasenkopf Industrie Manufaktur has been producing drawers with an MDF core since the beginning of 2000. The choice of décors and dimensions has been tailored to the particular furniture program. It also includes flocked and foiled inserts, frame rails and Corian table tops and inserts. “We were looking for a particularly qualified partner who would ideally complement us,” recalls Leo Lübke, “and today we have been working together successfully for 14 years in a spirit of partnership. Hasenkopf contributes to our innovations, the high level of competence and the continuous quality give us security. “For the individual programs, Hasenkopf is usually the only supplier and therefore bears a great responsibility in terms of delivery reliability. In partnership, competent and service-oriented, the Hasenkopf team produces drawers to order and has the right solution for every requirement.

By flocking the interior division, the high-quality content is protected.

A special highlight is the flocking of the interior. Finest material on the bottom and walls of the drawers protects cutlery, jewelry or other high-quality content from scratches and damage. The soft flocking is available for cutlery, utensils, knife, spice or dish drawers and can be individually adjusted in color. The design freedom of the interlübke designers has no limits. Whether English trains in individual shapes or freely selectable radii of the curved front pieces – also in terms of functionality, the scope in the future are enormous.

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